October 1, 2007

english paper 2 and social studies!

Today's was the English Paper 2 and Social Studies exams!

English Paper 2!
The Paper 2 was rather difficult, but the passage and all were easy to understand. I was lucky though, cos i did not want history based passages. I used simple words to complete the comprehension cloze and lifted a lot in the comprehension passages. Oh man, i feel that i'm gonna get lesser than mid-year!

There was this question that bugs me a lot..
"In only 4 years, she and ______ Nathan Pratt... "
Yeah, that blank. Anyone got the answer?
Please put the answer in the tagbox, thanks!
* Btw, my answer is spouse. But it doesn't make any sense at all..

Social Studies!
The SBQs were darn easy, it's only the SEQs that were hard. I wrote like 4 pages filled with words. My hand was a bit pain before i went on doing the SEQs. So yeah, i did Question 2(a), the one on Healthcare. But i'm sure that i'm gonna get less marks for SEQ than on SBQ.

Tomorrow's paper is Maths Paper 1 and 2 and History!
Real hectic right?
3 papers in a day, i have never done it in my whole darn life!
Anyway, this 3rd October is my free day. xD

Happy mugging and good luck for tomorrow's papers!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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