March 31, 2010

March is ending!

Hi there.

Well, March is ending in a few hours. Personally, March was so dull. Nothing interesting at all except this month have one of the most game releases. It rained almost every single day, and of course, sleeping during the bad weather was very comfortable! School's starting soon too. Whatever lies ahead of me, I'll dodge. Life in ITE might be very bad according to some people, but I'm sure I can find a shiny bright light within the midst of darkness. Probably a girl? Haha! Who knows.. Of course I would wish hard for that to happen.

I'm aiming to purchase an XBOX360 and the game, Rock Band 2 for myself. I just want to vent my anger on something difficult and stressful. Rhythm games are definitely for me! No more punching of walls and screaming at beaches. I might even invite people to have hours worth of drumming, strumming and singing! Haha, that would be the life. I really like to be a drummer some day, and of course receive training somehow. I don't want my life to be overwhelmed with purely games. Music and games seemed like a decent combination, isn't it? Haha!

Even ITE have CCAs, I wonder if Polytechnics have those as well. Sigh. I only have myself to blame for this outcome. I wasn't determined enough to study hard! Oh well, just have to suck it up once again. I can't figure out what CCA I wanted to join.. I wished there was drumming club or something. I definitely do not want to join a band. There's badminton too.. Hmm. Tough choices.. I'll see.

By the way, if you guys are looking for a comment button, it's on top of this post. The toothed hole with the number in it, that's the button. I'm begging you guys to comment, it keeps me and my blog alive. Do comment once in a while! The reactions too!

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

March 30, 2010

Sweet updates.

Hi there.

As you noticed, there's a huge change on this blog. The blandness is gone, and now, it comes with a little goodness. First of all, there's a search button on the top. No, it isn't a Google search, but it searches within my blog! Just type a word and you'll find all posts related to the word. Pretty nifty eh? Second, there's a RSS Feed subscriber button. Use it if you want to subscribe (Which I doubt many would) to my feeds aka posts or if you use Blogger's widget, "Blogroll". Lastly, if you don't want to comment, there's a reaction bar which shows the different reactions you can give to the post. It's sorta like a Like button in Facebook, just that there's a negative option.

That's just about it. Please visit my collaborated gaming blog with Erin on

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

March 28, 2010

A sad loss.

Hi there.

NO. No human died. Erin's laptop died! This is what you get for ignoring the instructions. Great, now I have to loan her my crappy desktop. Her hard-drive supposedly DAMAGED the graphic card, which ended up in stock colors appearing in the screen. It was a two-year old laptop, which its warranty ended ages ago. What a pity though.. Its integrated video card even supports World of Warcraft at Medium to High settings. Her hard-drive was SO CLUTTERED MAN! When I ran Diskeeper on her laptop, it was full of reds! It was 70% fragmented! Damn, take good care of your hard-drives, laptop owners.. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. Defrag the hard-drive every week to ensure its longevity. HARD DRIVES AIN'T CHEAP!

Spring-cleaning tomorrow.. Gonna be a hard one.

That's about it today.

Thanks for reading. Peace out.

March 27, 2010

Do you really feel a need to..

Hi there. Do note that if you have not read yesterday's post, it's at the bottom of this post.

As the title suggests.. Do you really feel a need to..


Yep. That. A few days ago, I was disturbed at my home by, probably, a class from a particular school, a class of boys. I didn't see any girls, so I'm assuming it's a boys' school. At 2pm in the afternoon, this class of boys started shouting and screaming in the neighborhood. When I was at the window, I wasn't the only one affected. About 80% of the neighborhood were at their windows, wondering what in the blue hell was going on. The loud and annoying noises lasted for 15 minutes, until a teacher eventually came and reprimanded. She sounded like someone who gets bullied every single time. She just screamed, "Shut up!" continuously, like that's going shut them up. It looked like they were going for CIP or something, because they were all carrying some plastic bags.

Back on topic. Do you really find a need to scream and shout in public?

Well, I found a common trait in people who loved to scream and shout. They do this when they're with their group of friends. Yes. When the person is with his friends, his ego get increased by a fuckload and his sense of right or wrong goes down to 0. When nobody is with him, his ego drains rapidly and eventually look retarded. Funny yet ironic.

All you need is backup and you can shoot your ego to as high as 1000 feet.

That's about it for today.

Thanks for reading. Peace out bitches.

March 26, 2010

Bucket of tears.

Hi there.

It wasn't a really good start this morning. I woke up scratching the hell out of my right leg, and found out that it felt bulgy all over. It was probably attacked by several mosquitoes.. Damn, no wonder, it rained so much for the past few days. Do mosquitoes breed that FAST? I need to research..

..and today, I resigned. Gonna start finding one soon straight after my ITE course starts. I'm just gonna force myself to look on a bright side to ITE..

So, you might be thinking. Why is my post title named, "Bucket of tears"?

As a man, I strongly admit, I cried a lot at the last few episodes of Cruel Temptations. To think that I forcefully detested Aeri and Gyo-bin since the beginning, and now I felt nothing but sympathy and respect for their decisions. It was WEIRD how they suddenly felt remorse and a need to repent just right at the end. To be frank, I felt that all these sudden personalities are forced together in a few episodes. Aeri, Gyo-bin and especially So-hee all changed personas way too quickly. Nevertheless, it was rather awesome for antagonists to be repentant after ALL they did and I loved how all they all lament on their past while repenting.

Mediacorp's torturing me for dragging the final two episodes all the way to Monday. Damn it. But hell, I must purchase a Cruel Temptation DVD.. Kudos to the makers of this drama series. If you have not watched this series yet, oh boy, you only have yourself to blame.

That's about it.

Oh my gaming blog -> is deleted. I started a new gaming blog with Erin. It's still in development but do support it when it's up. The link is..

Thanks for reading. Peace out bitches.

March 25, 2010

Just another typical post.

Hi there.

No updates for today.. Except that, the internet is being gay on me. Seriously Starhub.

A horror/humor video!


That's about it.

Thanks for reading. Peace out bitches.

March 24, 2010

I quit!

Hi there.

I'm gonna quit my job this week, since school's starting in a few weeks time and the shop's getting a new helper soon. Working was fun, tiring and satisfying. Sharing gaming tips and opinions never been this fun. Anyway, I'm watching American Idol right now.. So to whom is concerned, here's my predictions for the NEXT American Idol..

Next Female Idol would be..

Siobhan Magnus!

Pretty despite imperfect teeth, energetic and with strong vocals, this girl have all the makings of a rockstar and an idol! Seriously, Siobhan is giving me a Hayley Williams vibe. So if the next American Idol is a female, it would have to be Siobhan! Btw, her name's pronounced as Sher-von, not Sio-bun. [Sounds like a Hokkien verse..]

Next Male Idol would be..

Andrew Garcia!

He's part of the YouTube family, and he have an account which features all his talent through cover songs, duets and more. He's done of the best Michael Jackson medleys with his duet partner, Kathy Nguyen, in my opinion. But so far, he isn't performing well.. With Big Mike outshining him every performance, though I feel that Big Mike might be the next Reuben Studdart who isn't popular at all. Still, keep working hard Andrew!

*crosses fingers*
Both contestants shall enter the finals!

That's about it! And damn, I still haven't received my ITE uniform. *shrugs*

Thanks for reading. Peace out bitches.

March 23, 2010

He's digusting.

Call of Cthulhu Screenshots. Just look at what he's saying!

Rats? Tasty? EWW.

Disturbing game indeed. The game isn't scary.. But the atmosphere is so creepy.

Anyway, hi there.

It was an awesome day. It rained. YEP! But when it's raining, we should be sleeping, NOT WORKING! Argh. Working on a rainy day, it sucks. Playing games as usual. And finding a new wallpaper for my current obsession.


Yes, Battlefield Bad Company 2. The game I played for 50 hours straight. It's so addictive. Limited Editions are still in stock, so get them while their hot!

I need to make an announcement. *why so serious?*

Nah, it's nothing serious. It's not harmful to my blog either. Just new updates. If you noticed, my tagboard ONCE AGAIN disappeared. No, it didn't ran away on its own. I took it out. I figured that most of my readers wouldn't tag it at all. All I see is two of my friends tagging over and over. It seemed really awkward though. So instead, compile a whole comment regarding my post and just post it then! It'll be the last time, so you won't be seeing another tagboard anymore.

In addition, I have a favorite blogs list on the left. I'll be adding blogs that I love to read. Of course, I won't be adding those who updates within a large time gap. Most of it will be gaming blogs, since I love it very much. Do check out It's done by a Singaporean and I love it. It's simple, yet amazing at the same time. Do check it out, and maybe carry out a treasure hunt by yourself!

That's about it for today.

Thanks for reading. Peace out bitches.

March 22, 2010


Hi there.

My current legit games, including Swee Hong's Diablo 2 [It's here anytime, so get it if you want]

I know I'm on hiatus for a long time. I've been trying to get myself together for these few months on my own. Nobody really helped though, since everyone were busy with stuff. In order to get myself back, I have TO BE myself. So, I played games almost forever. After getting back from work, I just start playing immediately. It's good that my workplace have a gaming display where I can play for people etc, but playing the same game for umpteen hours doesn't cut it. For a month, my head's overflowed with gaming. Gaming podcasts, gaming news, gaming stuff and everything else, gaming.

Long story short, I was unable to accept that I failed the O levels [Though I looked like I already accepted it]. I studied everyday, cranked my brain many times but I still can't squeeze everything into my head. Call me dumb, call me stupid but I did my best. I even ceased gaming for a month. Now, I was able to accept it and actually look on the bright side of me entering ITE [But during the ITE orientation, I met my first problem. No uniform sizes are suitable for me. Fucked up much?]. I'm immune to those who criticized and looked down on me, because I believe in karma. I'm not gonna start. I'm finally, gonna attend ITE with a clear mind, a clear goal and a new life regardless of obstacles. I was informed that I can take my O level certificate. Honestly, to me, it's worth nothing but trash. If I can get a job with those kind of qualifications, I'll do the death dance.

For a whole month, I've been sitting on my ass at work and at home. I did make some friends while working, but only acquainted. When the March holidays started, I wanted a sleepover gaming night with a group of friends. Initially, most of them agreed. At the final minute, some of them did not want to come and eventually left me and my friend to settle the problem. The feeling is easy to describe; I wanted to take a sledgehammer and smash a fucking brick wall. I felt betrayed and it was the past all over again. What can I do?

Some of you maybe thinking that I'm being dramatic and whatever. But this is MY blog, I rant when I want to, I celebrate when I want to and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

During this month, I learned many things. From games, from my seniors at work, from the skies and from the internet v-loggers. I became more fierce in my reply in forums and towards people, because a good friend told me, "You FUCK John, John FUCKS you.". Thanks Erin. I was too soft on myself and to other people. Honestly, I love my new personality. I feel awesome and people think twice before verbally abusing me. Thank goodness.

That's about it. It's a complete summary of my hiatus.

Thanks for reading. Peace out, bitches.

March 12, 2010

I wanna scream.

Dead By April - Promise Me (Album Version)

I just wanna scream! Gonna update soon.. So stay tuned.