May 30, 2007

Reply of tags as of 23th May 2007!
Kimberly; Ya, sick for 3 days. Now still feeling nauseous.
Justin; RAWKED! Check out the latest update below!
Zhengyee; Ya, she's okay! Btw, my camp RAWKED!
Jiemin; RAWKED for the third time!
Jiayi; Cheer up! =P
Juihao; Thanks! It's been a while ever since you tag my blog! Anyway, my daddy's okay, but he only called once..
Jiemin; LOL, they have the spammer's mouth. BLABLABLABLABLA!
Jiemin; Yeah sure! I MSN you one of t
Rhe days!

Woah, woah, woah. It's been 3 torturous days since the Year 3 camp. I got major sunburn, fever, flu, sprained left ankle and sore eyes and at last, i recovered! Thanks to my mum and my beloved aunt! Love ya!

Gosh! I got so much things to share during Year 3 camp! But unfortunately, i did not take any snapshots of it. Boredom! Okay, to start it off..

Day 1: 23th May
I went to school quite early. I reached the hall, and so few people from 3D came. Argh, disappointed but better than nothing. I was wearing one of my scouts orange tee to substitute for the freaking "L" camp tee! Man, i look weird with the camp tee over my back, acting like some hood or something. Soon after, they announced the chalet mates we will be staying with for 2 days. My chalet number was 24 and my mates are, Arthur, Beng Shiang, Zhao Hong, Hock Zheng and myself! I was like "OMG"! I'm the odd one out there and i remembered that Beng Shiang and Arthur fought not long ago, will there be a fight in the chalet? Well, that's for me to find out!

Went to the Tanjong Pagar train station. Kinda squeezy when all the classes are cramped together for other people to walk by. Waited quite long, feeling bored and missed home already! Can you believe that? Finally, when we board the train. I relaxed myself, getting ready for the super duper long ride!

It was super enough, 9 hours without sleep in the train is definitely tiring. I was sitting there, not moving a leg. I did not buy any tidbits as the people said that the canteen was super crowded. I hate crowded places..

Trying very hard to sleep but i can't. Too bad.. Finally, when i reached Jerantut, Pahang, it was pitch black. Kinda creepy but at least there's a motor car nearby playing some music to liven up the mood. Took a bus to Tekam Resort, sat with Jonathan and shared some creepy rumors.

Reached and took 2 hours rest in the chalet. The chalet was so-so, but there are lizards and very few flies. The air conditioner was super cold! So comfy lah, the bed even though i'm sleeping on the ground. xDD

Day 2: 24th May
Day 2 started no long after. The 2 hours sleep was definitely insufficient, but i'm quite filled with energy! I thought that there were 4 groups, suddenly reduced to 3 groups only. Well, it's better because lesser the people lesser the burden. And one last thing, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, SHADDUP PLEASE! (With a weird accent!) (SPAMSPAMSPAM!)

Today, group C went for cave exploration in Kota Gelanggi. It was eerie! But the fun is in the darkness, all the bats flying around. Luckily, my flashlight is powered by 9 LED bulbs, making it super bright! And yeah, the bird shit there is very fragrant!

There was one part in cave 2 which almost made me puke. There was a lot of this flat stuffs on the rock ceilings and they look like they had blood in it. Some said that they were dead bats, some said bat skins. Well, i don't know what. Suddenly, we were told to switch off our torchlights! All lights are gone, it was pitch black! The instructor said, "This is what happens, when you are dead." o.O

Cave 3 was filled with graffiti with weird languages. The instructor said that this cave 3 was formerly occupied by the WW2 Japanese soldiers. You can even see a nuclear rocket shape dent on the floor. Scary yeah, considering the fact that most of the soldiers died in this cave. There were a lot of rocks on the floor which made most of people trip, be careful!

That's it for Day 2! Unfortunately, we did not do the abseiling! Sobs! I never did abseiling on natural rocks before. I guess it was lack of time.. Went back to the chalet and ate dinner. Overall, the dinner is so-so. At least, we can have a second round! Team Building activity was next straight after dinner.

The activity was one of our class' weakness, that is working together as a class! In the end, we managed to get the crowd applauding for us! Our class logo was a butterfly, Danial kinda mixed the 3 "Ds" together until it formed a butterfly! Cool eh? Here's our class cheer!

I forgotten one part of the cheer! xD
????, ????, ???? like CHAMPIONS!
Fight, fight, fight like CHAMPIONS!
???? like CHAMPIONS!
Fight like CHAMPIONS!
We are!
Can't hear ya!

Sleeping with my chalet mates RAWKS! They were soooooo funny! It was vulgar yet hilarious! There was one part where we turn off the lights and leave the lamps switched on, one of my mates in a horny voice, "Hock Zheng~~~~". LOL!!!!! We were laughing our asses off seriously that night!

Day 3: 25th May
Woke up late today because the alarm didn't ring. We were kinda late, but Mr Mui didn't scold us. Maybe we were a few seconds late. Phew.

Had breakfast and head off for Taman Negara. I had a wonderful time at there! Firstly, we went for Canopy Walk. It was my first time man! Kinda scary, up there and looking down, imagine falling at that height! Beng Shiang was like moving left and right! Almost wanna bash him up after we reached the end! Muahahaha!

After that, we went for the Ear Cave exploration. I was like "FUCK!!!!". I did not brought along my torchlight. Had to rely on Colambus and Hock Zheng's source of light to navigate.. The Ear Cave was full of obstacles, had to squeeze through a lot of times. The student leaders helping there were very encouraging! Thanks! And yeah, who says i can't squeeze through? I made it out alive! Don't look down on me, haha!

After that, went for Rapid Shooting! This is by far, one of the most fun and exciting activity ever! We placed our hands on the water while the boat was speeding, and we splashed the ones behind us! I was sitting with Faris, Sirah and Danial at the front. When other boats came, we ATTACK!! Wahahahaha! Uber fun indeeeeeeeeeeeed! And no leeches!

Went back soaked and cool, haha. There was this girl named Denise who got her arm slashed by some zinc plate on top of the boat. The cut is fucking big please, she even had 7 stitches. Ow! She made it without crying at all! A big round of applause for her braveness! *claps*

Went back Tekam for dinner. The bus rides were freaking long, but ample time for us to sleep and rest! By the time we reached there, group A and D already finished eating! We had a fast de-brief by Mr Goh and went back to sleep.

Day 4: 26th May
The last of the camp! Many of us were like "WOOOOHOOOO!", some of us were like "WALAO EH! I WANT STAY LONGER!". As for me, i rather stay longer. Do more of the activities. They were freaking fun!

We had White Water Rafting Flying Fox and River Crossing! The rafting was DAMN FUN! It's almost like Rapid Shooting but with a twist. We can accelerate, muahahaha! We went to attack other enemy rafts. Some of them fell, but most survive! My raft team consist of three girls, Ros, Weili and Allison, Mr Pari and Mrs Tee, with me the only male student in the team. Flying For was next, and it's my first time! It's freaking high! I almost lost my breath, but at least there is water below. After that, we had to cross a high current river with a guide line across it. It's quite fun too! We were all muddy and soaked. I wished i can do all those again!!!

Went back Tekam to pack our bags for the train. As we kissed goodbye to Tekam, our memories will remain there! Went to a dinning hall and ate dinner. Then the prize giving session started. Group C emerged as the best overall group for the camp! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! Power! Every member of Group C receives a visor with an attached pair of shades! How cool is that! Went back to the buses and head for the train station.

Another super duper long ride till the next morning...

Day 5: 27th May
After we reach Tanjong Pagar, we went back home. Haha, i didn't feel like going home yet...

Well, that's all for the camp.
Tired now..
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

May 22, 2007

Reply of tags!
Yiren; Somehow, i need Mr Huang back again..
Jiemin; LOL, got another version? Haha, i go search.. Now everyone look at me and the first thing they say is.. "THE PLEDGE!".. t(-.-t)
Justin; LOL, your marks?
Kimberly; WOW! How nice of you!
Gary; Man, reciting the pledge isn't some easy job. Especially if you are the kind who is not exposed to this kind of shit. You can even see me sweating like mad over there.
Shuting; Aiyo! Lemme enlighten you. I retained and got into class 3D. Haha, i still remember when you first added me in friendster LOL.
Zhengyee; I haven got my PSP yet. Getting after the Year 3 camp. Wah.. Enough of the pledge lehhhhh!
Gary; Yah! Last man standing! GODLIKE!

Argh, got back my report book!
It really sucks man!
My class position is 14/28 and my level is 61/80. Zzz.
At least i got top for English eh. I wonder which are the top English students from the other classes.

Anyway, enough of that.
Daddy called at 3pm today!
His 2nd operation was a success!
Man, i was like "PHEW!"
After that, went to play Maximum Tune with Derrick and Danilo at Plaza Singapura.
First timer sia!
But of course, first timers played like freaking noobs.
Luckily, the people there didn't do anything to discourage me.
Played a lot of races, improving my skills in drifting.
I think i'm getting addicted to it already..

After that, went Pastamania with them.
Was totally broke after the race..
Seeing Derrick eat, makes me wanna steal his food and laugh!
Nah, i'm not so bad.
Went to PC Bunk with Derrick, Danilo had to go home..
LOL, Derrick helped me earn some Dens in Audition!
Thanks man! Maybe i'm quite near to my Lvl 9 License!
Seeing how Derrick play arh, i feel damn lowwwwww!
He's like 8k + Chancing, i'm like 4k all the wayyyyy!
Zzz, time to train on 8k.. But no chance yet, it's so mind-bulging.

Derrick wanted to play Maximum Tune again.
So we went there again, and the pros are still there looking for challengers.
Just earlier, me, Derrick and that pro were racing each other.
As a noob, it's a must to get last. =P
I guess he's too rich that he had to spend money everyday..
Went home after that.

I'm too lazy to pack my things now.
I guess i'll do it tomorrow..

Till then, i'm not gonna blog until Sunday when i reach back Singapore from Pahang.
If there's a computer in Pahang, maybe i'll blog ehh.

Gotta sleep now. Too damn tired.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

May 21, 2007

Reply of tags!
Kimberly; Really? Why didn't you say hi? o.O
Justin; Self-proclaimed huh? I feel like playing basketball again with your gang..
Shuting; Hello! Wah, you tag so early. 1230am. o.O
Jiemin; LOL, now he damn scared of the leeches reaching his butt..

My really final marks!
English : 65/100
Mathematics : 16/100
Science : 37/100
Humanities : 40/100 (Originally 20/50)
CLB : Passed, but don't know marks.
D&T : 57/100
Total marks : 215/500 (Awww, failed, with the exception of CLB)
Total passes : 3/6
Remarks : I think i need to
FUCKING work hard for this EOY!

Today's weather is kinda weird.
It was cool in the morning, the bus rides and the wind.
Then when i played my handphone for 10 mins, it started to rain!
And yeah, nobody wanted to take the pledge.
I did mine last week already and i'm not even supposed to recite the pledge.
Reciting the pledge is only meant for those who does not have a CCA, says Mr Mui.
I kinda placed myself on a spot..

It was reading period. Slack period!
I don't know why i like to whack Edwin nowadays..
He's like using that roll of paper and he struck it on my back!
Owww, it
hurts like hell..
Okay, i was sitting there whining like mad. OWW! OWW! OWW!
And yeah, almost won Edwin in arm wrestling.
Meaning that i'm still in his league!

PE was next.
I guess nobody is in the mood for PE right?
Continued crapping the whole period..

English was next..
The lesson is straight forward..
We do the close passages..
We mark the close passages..
We keep the close passages..
That's all..

Physics was next..
Ms Tay is a super police woman okayyyy!
She could easily handle two guys!
Maybe i'm exaggerating..
I guess we are lucky to have her as our Physics teacher eh..
Nobody likes a serious face i guess..
Just received the Year 3 camp T-Shirt..

I'm like
There are no XL size T-Shirts left?
Oh godammit, so you expect me to wear a L T-Shirt?
Trust me, i'll just rip the shirt into half in front of your face!
Very smart eh, there are so many S T-Shirts in the HOD room.
Why not purchase more Ls and XLs please..
You think we are still in Primary school

CME was next!
Went to the computer lab to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Took a while to fix up the computer..
Unfortunately, we can only watch for a period.

Maths was next..
The usual rack up of all maths solutions and stuff..
Almost felt like sleeping, damn tired..

After that, went for scouts..

Try this!

A: Loves to flirt but in a way of joking
B:Popular with all types of people.
C: Weird
D: Has one of the best personalities ever
E: Freaking beautiful
F: People wild and crazy adore you.
G: Never let people tell you what to do
H: Easy to fall in love with
J: Freaking Rowdy
K: Really silly.
L: best smile
M: Makes dating fun
N: One of the best damn bf/gf anyone could ask for
O: Loved by everyone
P: Popular with all types of people.
Q: A hypocrite.
R: Good Gf/Bf
S: the best person anyone could have
T: great kisser
U: Gets hugs
V: Not judgmental
W: Very broad minded.
X: Never let people tell you what to do.
Y: Is a freak when it comes to parties
Z: Lives life for fun

J: Freaking Rowdy
O: Loved by everyone
H: Easy to fall in love with
N: One of the best damn bf/gf anyone could ask for

C: Weird
H: Easy to fall in love with
N: One of the best damn bf/gf anyone could ask for
G: Never let people tell you what to do

Haha! Kinda fun eh..

Gotta go now!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

May 20, 2007

the day of flashbacks

Hi all..!
Finally a post to cover the Maple post?
Haha! Whenever the Maple post loads, my computer lags!

Anyway, i have nothing to do today..
I already packed my camping stuffs inside a backpack..
Somehow, i feel that bringing a backpack will make me the odd one out!
I don't know why
Some of my friends are bringing luggages!
Well, they
DO know that i'm a scout!

But still, a scout will have things missing!
1. First Aid Kit (Mun Tat told me not to bring, as many others have it too!)
2. Sunscreen; buying this Monday.
3. Insect Repellent
4. 2 more black shirts (Eh, i don't mind showing my nipples! Joking!)
5. Disposable underwear? HELL NO!
6. Portable Head Torchlight (Sounds expensive)
7. Sanitary Pads?! (Can anyone enlighten me on this?)
8. Sweater/Windbreaker (I don't think i need it, i already got an "armor"!)

Feeling excited about next week's Year 3 camp.
I bet it's gonna be more fun and exciting than last year..
But i missed last year's camp for some reason..
That is, my friends..
We were, like so united!
We laughed, joked about dirty things, disturbed teachers and many more!
I really missed those days when we are together, as one!
And now, everything's changed..
Without friendship, there goes 2/4 of your life!

I was looking back at my past testimonials in Friendster..
Haha! I loved those days!
I even remembered how me and some of my friends compete each other by getting the most testimonials!
And now, i never received even one
GOOD testimonial for 3 months..
All i received is just a sentence, or even a word "Hi!".
Oh well..

I was also looking back at my blog entries in the past..
All the entries showed happiness inside them..
And that's the reason why i'm typing my post in this format..
It brought back many memories..
Every picture, every situation and every word..
Gave me a smile! =)

Maybe, friendship doesn't lasts long..
But still, it
CAN be restored!
It may not happen now..
It can happen anytime!

Btw, i won't scold if you failed my friend's test on the left!
It just shows how long we haven't been hanging out together!
And yeah, my 0/100 thing there, it's just for laughs!
But i really wish that more people will do it..
So that i know that the name "John" isn't erased from their minds..
The big guy eh? Haha!

Anyway, off to play my online games!
Seeya and may God bless you! xD

May 19, 2007


This post is all about MAPLE! Memories, and stuff..

My beloved accounts.. Both are in Aquila!
Image Hosted by
SinOfFury Lvl 78 Hermit

Image Hosted by
xCatastr0phe Lvl 48 Bandit

Forum siggies..
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
My first Pan Lid.. Lol, i was screaming like mad at that time!

Image Hosted by
First time at Sleepywood Dungeon!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
...but i died!

Image Hosted by
The Balrog invasion!

Image Hosted by
So many people!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Graveyard 1

Image Hosted by
Graveyard 2

Image Hosted by
Graveyard 3

Image Hosted by
Graveyard 4

Image Hosted by
Crazy attack!

Image Hosted by
While heading for El Nath, i have a "good surprise"!!

Image Hosted by
As usual, i died.. X.X

Image Hosted by
My SinOfFury and my friend!

Image Hosted by
Chio Bu!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
1st guild screenshot!

Image Hosted by
BrokenExile ; BrokenDreams!

Image Hosted by
OMG! Balrog broke loose! *Psst have to follow him..*

Image Hosted by
Muahaha, you have nowhere to run!

Image Hosted by
Errr.. We made a girl cry..

Image Hosted by
What a "nice" kage..

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Helping a girl..

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Scrolling session..

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
OMG. He cooked his dog?

Image Hosted by
It's true, it's damn true!

Image Hosted by
FM Graveyard!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Cute boy..

Image Hosted by
Kaijie in my shop!

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Air pollution!

Image Hosted by

That's all..
If i have a chance to play back..
I will..
But not now..