November 8, 2008


The start of housework.

Oh noes.


November 7, 2008

Another update

Good morning again. It's 1.24 AM, now.

I'm currently playing World of Kung Fu. Just having lots of fun chatting with my guild and it just makes me feel welcomed and happy! At least, not everyone in my guild is ignorant. I'm so glad to find a group of friendly acquiantances in an underrated online game.

My maid is leaving for a 2 week break back to her hometown in Manila, Phillipines. I'm officially the new "maid" now! Heh, I wonder it feels like to be in charge of all household chores and groceries.. Gonna be tough I guess.

Anyway.. Up till this day, I still have people talking behind my back. Sigh, I really wish those people to be more open-minded and at least, voice out their opinions. It's not like I'm gonna transform into a troll and screw the shit outta you. Be more honest, people. Honesty is the best policy.


Ignorance is bliss. NOT.

Ever felt that.. you wanted to talk with some people and they ignore you? Ever felt that.. a friend of yours treated a stranger way better than you, furthermore, a friend? Ever felt.. unfairly treated?

Judging from my experience.. Ignorance is hated by everyone. Nobody wants to be ignored, we want to be recognized for what we do, what we are and what we live for. Well, take me for example. I'm practically ignored most of the time, because I'm a lone wolf. That's why I always wait for people to talk to me, and not me to initiate a conversation with them. My friends should know this, for instance, in MSN. Heh.

Back to the topic. Ignorance just wanna make a person cry. It gives the person a sense of uselessness. It's true. That's why.. never ignore anyone, unless they are annoying.

Try to give everyone a chance to express themselves. I experienced a situation while playing World of Kung Fu, when a new member joined my guild. He's a cheerful guy and easy-going. He said "Hi everyone! *with the smile emoticon*", but nobody replies to him. Next, a new female member joined the guild and when she says "Hi (One word only, lol)", most of the guys said hi back to her. She could be a guy for all they know. But yes, I feel that this is really unfair to that new member that joined earlier. The time gap when the male member joins and the female member likewise, is only 2 minutes.

This is what we all know as.. bias. Agree?

I can't help it but to encourage the new guy to stay on, and he agreed :)

So conclusion? Don't ignore people, unless it's a stranger coming up to you and offering sweets (We all learnt that in Primary school, didn't we.) or some annoying freak.

So remember. Ignorance is never bliss. It's a mental catastrophe :(

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

November 6, 2008

Sad ending.

Good morning everyone. Haven't been updating for a very long time, I know..

I.. just didn't have the mood to update. After all that had happened in the last week of school, I'm just feeling way down, man. This isn't cool at all. How I envy other classes.. Also, my class ain't going for prom night, which is just pure sadness. Maybe I wasn't a lucky guy after all. God, what am I saying.. I ain't lucky.

In fact, 2008 was the worst year I ever had. I lost my first, real friend (I'll never forget you, I swear). I lost a friendship bond. I lost my old friends. I lost my commitment in Scouts. I lost my determination in life. I lost my smile. I lost focus in everything.

I'm sure there are other people out there, who are suffering a worser fate than mine. You know, even though I'm so unlucky, I'm still moving on. Death awaits me someday, to take me away from the misery and sufferings I'm facing right now. Of course, I do not want it to arrive so quickly. I want to get married to a wife whom I can care and love wholeheartedly. I want to have 2 children, to make my life happier. That way, I can pass away peacefully, knowing that I have accomplished my goal in life.

Right now, I just want life to pass by quickly. Most of the time, I'm out in LAN shops with my own friends or Derrick and gang. Regularly, I'm down at the jogging track, exercising and preparing for the next, and crucial year ahead. I'm also learning life skills, such as cooking, ironing, washing of clothes, groceries. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a house husband or anything, it's supposed to guide me when I enter NS.

I'm not logging into MSN anymore, no reason though. It's actually more fun to chat through a phone. I have 4 chat buddies on the phone, and 1 great buddy on Skype. AND YEAH, I hate it when people don't use punctuations in MSN. It's so irritating! It just doesn't set the tone right and then, confuse the shit outta you. 40% of my contacts are typing that way, I can't take it. So sorry, I had over 500 contacts in MSN, and it just stresses me out totally.

Oh I can chat till 3 am in the morning, seriously. The longest chat time I had was 13 hours (Can't remember), was with Suying, my late buddy. Heh, those times were the best.

And lastly, Chungaik and Jasper (Someone try to remind him too, eh), remember that 11 and 12 November is the CLB examinations. It's a must COME! I'm sure Chinese is a mini-requirement to get into any school after secondary. I'll remind you guys again in SMS. Be sure to study too, all chapters are tested so just read the whole book.

PS: Don't look down on CLB people, you proud guys. Be glad that I did not flame you with my advanced English arsenal. Hohoho. And also.. I believe that since I did not compare my English with you guys, you guys should do likewise. It's fair and square. Don't be a fucking bully, otherwise I'll shove a credit card up your ass! HAHAHA!

Anyway, that's all for this morning. Gotta sleep now.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.