May 27, 2008

I'm happy at last.

Suying, finally you emailed me. I was so worried for you, for at least a week. I didn't have the mood to even play games, because everything.. seems incomplete without you around. I couldn't raise my spirits after the day you were gone. I just couldn't stop loving you. I missed every single day we spent together, as great buddies. I would like to say.. thanks for making my days worthwhile. I was pessimistic then, till you arrived from nowhere and still remember my face after all these years.. Whenever I had troubles, you were there to be my listening ear. And.. I'll never forget all the times we had during pre-examination tuition, tickle you, pat you and all sorts. Never-ending laughter..

I hope you are doing well in the USA, it's gonna be hard adapting without you, but it's okay. Study hard and I'll study hard too. I will pursue my dreams and goals in life. Suying, before I end this.. I always wanted to say this.. After all, I have been saying this phrase almost everyday after my birthday.

I love you.. Suying.
Take care of yourself.


Happy Birthday Mum!

You are the best mum anyone could ask for! Sorry for scoring so badly for the Mid Year examinations.. I really regretted it, but because of some personal matters, yeah. Right now, you're my one and only, kin. I'll take care of you, get a good job and give you a good life after your retirement. It's gonna be hard, I know. We faced hardships before, right? This would be nothing!

I love you, my precious mother!


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May 24, 2008

Springcleaning for the holidays!

Today's really a busy day.
Too bad.. It's only PART 1 of springcleaning. There's tomorrow too.

Reason for springcleaning.. Is to freshen up my studying environment for the rest of the holidays. So I arranged my tables and other things in a rather comfortable manner. I have not done the in-depth cleaning yet, that will be tomorrow.. After tomorrow, then I'll be free to do whatever I want.. But of course, main priority is to do intensive revision and then play.

Well, gotta read up my History book again..

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May 23, 2008

Last day of school

It's the last day of school today.. But, I'm kinda missing it now. Rofl, can you believe it?

Anyway, everyday, starting from today will be a busy day..

Some lame checklist I wrote today..
1) Getting my Fujin character to 105 ASAP.
2) Exercise one hour a day, from 6am to 7am.
3) Finish all my mock exams.
4) Go out at least once. Hopefully to be occupied the whole day! Need to chill..
5) Extreme revision for Physics. (Cos of the mock exam Mr Chan's gonna give after the holidays)
6) Finishing my D&T folio for N level marking, artifact and presentation boards, during the second week of June.
7) Revamp my room.
8) Revise for other subjects, i.e Maths, Science and English.

Not a long one, but it's possible to finish all of it.

Well, I'll be reading up my History book now.
Gotta sacrifice a lot for the N levels..

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May 22, 2008

Finally it rained!

It's the second last day of school today, and it rained! Finally, the heat from the surroundings are cooled down.. Seriously, it's been way too hot during the past few days!

David Cook won the American Idol 2008! WOOT! Go rockstars~
Manchester United won the Champions League finals!


Since January 1 till now.. Everything has changed. Lots of people changed, some still remained the way they are, more mature or more immature. There's been lots of obstacles for 4D to face. And this year also marks the first time I initiate a relationship with probably the only person I'm missing now, Suying. It's been tough, tolerating extreme criticism and lots of stupid accusations from people, saying how I'm inferior to Suying in terms of education level and wealth, especially her goddamn ill-hearted father. I know, I know, wealth and education level is important to you, still, nothing beats the true feelings of each other. And now that you forced your own daughter to travel overseas with you, you're nothing but trash. Learn to give your daughter freedom, she's not a kid anymore and she can decide on her own.

Alright.. Enough of that rant. Some people in the class just doesn't change. You know, the well-known absentees or latecomers happening practically everyday. Maybe a leopard cannot change its spots. And, love. Somehow, there's quite a lot of love in the class lately, speaking from my honest view. This question always invades my mind, "Why love if you can't love?". Meaning? You love for the sake of loving? You HAD 5-6 girlfriends before and none of them suits you at all? And those words of love are simply bullshit if you are only writing them to purely yourself. Why lie to yourself.. IN THE FIRST PLACE, why lie if you can't keep the lie to yourself forever? Haha, sorry, this topic is way too sensitive for me.

And pessimists.. You know who you are. Why picture life at such a sad outlook? If you do anticipate the worst, you WILL face the worst! Be optimistic, look forward to the next day and always, always feel happy. I know life's a bitch, but hey, if you hate life so much, why don't you kill yourself, instead of imbuing yourself with drama that definitely won't get you a Golden Horse award. Conclusion? To hell with pessimism and bring in the ever-so-cheerful optimism! Life's a bitch, but you can change it! All you need is your hands, and your clever brains to create your future. Remember, the future is yours to create, not some fictional.. fate or mother nature thingy whatsoever.

That's all for my long post.
Tomorrow's the last day of school and GESS Carnival! I maybe staying back for the carnival for awhile, to support Danial and his band in the Live Your Dream thingy!

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May 21, 2008

Still sick

Good evening!
As I'm still sick, I won't be updating much. But tomorrow, I'll post longer. It's tough typing and sneezing at the same time.. Zzz..

Yeah, tags will be replied tomorrow.. Don't tag so much, it's hard to reply all.

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May 17, 2008

Quick update..

Hey good morning!

Just a quick update of my examination results..
And.. There's nothing for me to be proud of, anyway.

English: *Overall Marks to be announced next Tuesday*
Maths: 55/100
Comb. Humanities: 16/100
Comb. Science: 32/100
D&T: 33/100

Yeah, I failed Mid Year. Kinda discouraging, but I'll have to sacrifice a lot of my holidays to catch up with others. Take note that I did not study for the Mid Year, honestly speaking, if I did revise, the outcome would be different. Plain lazy, obviously. I can pretty much say that I'll pass only my English and Maths. English because of my Paper 1 and Oral, I passed Paper 1 and I gotten an A1 for Oral. Maths because I already passed it, ROFL. I unexpectedly failed D&T because I have yet to finish my project folio since it carries more marks in conversion rate than the theory paper, the theory paper is just nuts.

My two hopeless subjects, Humanities and Science, needs to be pumped with Nitrous Oxide (LOL, joking). I gotten a gist of how to answer in both SBQ and SEQ, thanks to Jieying. Right now, I have to capture a lot of stories and pointers from the SS and History books, during this holidays.

And lastly, for Science. I still have a hard time understanding Physics, but I know memorizing formulas and the definitions will help me out one way or another in the future examinations. For Chemistry, usually I have no problem in it, maybe for this case, since I did not study, flunked it totally.

Time for intensive studying during the holidays..
Updating more in the evening, and tags will be replied later on too.

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May 15, 2008

Republic Polytechnic open house!

After school today, me, Hock and Danial went to Republic Polytechnic for their open house! Omg, RP is so cool. The facilities are freaking awesome! And I met some of our old boys/girls from Gan Eng Seng inside! Overall, the place is really cool, they even have an XBOX room, library cum cafe and free laptop charging area! The whole campus is called, "Agora", I think. Kinda cool name.

Anyway, we received some stuffs from the school..

The "Stress" Ball. LUL.

Some paper handbag.

A shirt. (Obviously I need to slim down, to wear it..)
I love this kind of class t-shirts.. Free design and more better looking than jerseys..

Back. We went to RP Open House!

RP Lanyard.

My fate is decided. I'm aiming for RP man! Better work hard from now onwards!

I'm tired now. Will reply tags tomorrow.
Because, I walked home since its peak hour that time, and standing inside the bus for long hours kinda hurts.

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May 14, 2008

School resumes tomorrow..

Well, school is resuming tomorrow, and for another week and then it's the holidays!

But I thought that the June holidays are mainly for brushing up of subject skills and rectifying all mistakes for the preliminary and N level examinations. So, the June holidays had lost its purpose already, although there is time for work and play.

One of my plans for the holidays is to bring up my 12sky character to at least Level 105, do some exercises daily and finish my D&T project work when I'm in the school workshop. Hopefully there'll be some outings, so that my whole month of holiday won't be merely just staying at home to rot away. If there isn't, sigh, the holidays are gonna be boring.

And tomorrow, I'll be receiving the English, History and Maths paper, hopefully. Then till next week, the rest of the papers will be given out. Finally, I'll know where I stand.

To the people who think that they'll not make it.. Don't think so negatively! You are a lucky ass that the Mid-Year results aren't for the N level certificate, so take the chance to rectify existing mistakes! Don't give up!

That's all for today!
Won't be replying tags.. Just kinda troublesome.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

May 13, 2008

Examinations are officially over!

Can you say.. PARTY?!

Yay, my examinations are officially over. The attendance for 4D and 4E was awesome, 7 people for 4D and 3 people for 4E.. Anyway, heard from Robin that they are taking 3 papers today! I was like, "Oh my God, can you really handle the stress?". 4C is kinda like the express classes already, experiencing almost the same stress as them. Kudos to 4C!

Even if the examinations are over, the worst part is coming near. THE RESULTS..

Sorry to burst anyone's bubble or their mood, but but, the results are even more stressful than doing the paper itself. Tomorrow's the marking day, so teachers aren't getting any break from this. Just remember to give more marks! *big grin*

And and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOON KEAT. I bet he's celebrating with his friends or family, or maybe someone dear to him. Oh well..

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

Chungaik forced me to do this quiz. Grr..

1.when do you wish to get married?
After NS, hopefully.

2.what do you want the most,right now?
I want Suying.. I want my Mid Year results..

3.what do you want to be in your next life?
Have a good job, lead a happy life with a family of two =P you think you have confident?

5.if you can have 1 more dream to come true,what would it be?
To be happy forever.

6.what are you afraid to lose now?
I think I already lost it.

7.what do you want to do most now?
Stare at clouds.

8.if you meet someone that you love,would you confess to him/her?
If I had spent time with her for quite a while, and I developed feelings for her, hell yeah I will. would you spend 200 bucks?
I would $50 for myself and spend the rest with my family or friends or just go shopping. I will save the leftover money in my piggy bank.

10.what are the requirement(s) that you yearn from the other half?
I'm not too sure about this.. But I think the other half is your relationship partner? I would yearn for her to be happy at all times.

11.did someone change your life before?
My mother. She's the best mother you could ever ask for, seriously. you cherish every of your friendship?
I try to. I don't mix well with acquaintances though.. you have a girl/boyfriend?
Too confused to answer this.

14.what do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Being happy. Laughter is the best medicine. you find it a need for you to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
It's not neccessary to have one. But if that one person is committed to you and cares for you, I don't see a reason why you shouldn't have her/him as your life partner.

16.what do you want your friends to be like?
Happy.. and not showing glum faces all the times.. you believe that people appear to be what they are?
The phrase, "Never judge a book by its cover" is golden.

18.what is your favourite hobby?
Meddling with computer CPUs, online games, sports and slacking with style.

19.if you`re feeling low,who will you go to?
Flo Rida. Joking, perhaps my maid or my mother? would you spend your time,if today is your last day on Earth?
I'll try to appreciate everything that has happened on Earth, and just pass on.

-remove 1 question from above and add in your personal question,to make a total of 20 questions.
-list 8 people out at the end of this post.
-notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. whoever does the tag will have blessing from all.

Do it if you want. I hate quizzes anyway =P

May 12, 2008

Examinations over.. Except me.

Well, examinations are over for most people, except for the D&T students and maybe some other subjects that I have not heard of? Awww man, why can't we do the paper today! I have to go back to school for another 1 hour and 15 minutes. Zzz.

Oh well, only 1 paper right. Just tahan lah.

That's all for today.

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May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Firstly.. Happy Mother's Day to every mother, working mother and single mother out there! You worked your butt off for your children, struggling to hang on even after they showed you no gratitude and tolerated the wants and don't-wants of your children! Our mother is the only who understands us the most, since they gave birth to us and took care of us! Be sure to express your love for your mother today, since it's Mother's Day, duh!

I'm gonna change the blogskin again.. The fonts are too small, and it's hurting my eyes. My previous skin's fonts were way too big. I'm now hunting for a perfect one, hopefully to last for eternity!

So yeah, it's been a boring day. If only there isn't a weekend break in between the examination period.. I already lost my mood for studying, and I can't concentrate.. And after Suying left for USA yesterday, I already hadn't got any mood at all. I can't imagine life without her, man.. I hope to find a partner soon.. *laughs* It's like an ugly beggar looking for girls. Eeww.

Off to study Chemistry now.

That's all for today! Tolerate for another 2-3 more papers and it's chilling time!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

May 9, 2008



Did you have to go so early..

It seems so near.. Yet so far.

I hope you're looking after me at your new home..

I'll pray for you everyday..


Take care.

May 8, 2008

3 more papers.

Well.. After tomorrow, I'll have 3 more papers left to do.

This is lifeless post, I know. I mean, who wouldn't be lifeless after studying for almost a whole day? Guess what, I didn't study Algebra. I got stubborn and went on improving my Geometry, Trigonometry and Mensuration skills. I just have this extreme grudge against Algebra, that's all. Oh and on the day when the results are released, I certainly hope that people won't be boasting their marks at me, or the whole class. Actually, by doing that, you're expressing yourself as a total wussy. I hate people who boasts..

The June holidays won't be like any other holidays, it's like schoolwork and revision had taken over the holidays. In short, the word, "Holiday" has lost it's meaning and purpose. I don't know, if people can literally study and revise for a solid month, they would be over the top, really. Of course, I'm not those kind of people, I'm the kind who finds time to slack and studies for 3-4 hours. Kudos to those who are uber hardworking.

Got bored today and went back to check the Playpark forums. It was truly "Singaporean" as usual. People with zero tolerance level and many more. Sigh, can't bothered anyway. So far, 12sky have the best community the world has to offer. Go 12sky!

Well, that's all for today. Gonna have a good night's sleep now.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

Did you have to go.. So soon already?

May 7, 2008

History and Physics papers.

Ugh.. I'm dead meat. I'm gonna flunk for both History and Physics. I studied the wrong topics for History and didn't expect that appeasement would come out.. Oh dear.

And Physics, I suck at memorizing formulas.. So there you go. It could be a straight zero for Paper 2, but I still see a bit of hope in the MCQ questions.

Well, anyway, I do not have a paper tomorrow, which means.. NO SCHOOL! But, good luck to all POA students. And this Friday, Maths Paper 2.. I had better get back to revision, although I'll be playing a bit of 12sky.

Though it's late, here's my May wallpaper.. Nothing interesting though, will post more pictures once I purchased a camera (Yes, I'm purchasing one!)

I'll be purchasing WindowBlinds as well, since my WindowBlinds expired and so much shit after that.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

I love you, Suying..

May 6, 2008


After walking around for at least half an hour, after having a long history tuition, after walking home from Farrer Park, after washing my clothes and after revising for Physics, I'm finally dead beat..

I'm gonna have an early sleep now.

Oh and thanks Jiemin's sister, Jieying for tutoring me and Derrick on essay and source based questions. The session really helped me a lot. And when I used to see no hope in passing History, I finally spotted a glimmer of hope in front of me. Thanks again!

That's for today.
Oh and I tolerated the busterings, not getting angry though, just hope you guys don't get the wrong idea, I was just too tired. I was too tired, too tired to even study a bit of Physics at Han's. It's pretty noisy in the afternoon..

Anyway, I'm gonna get a good night's sleep now. Hopefully the history paper tomorrow would be a breeze.. And possibly, my first ever pass in History..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

Thanks for reliving my mood again, Suying! I love you..

May 5, 2008

English Paper 2/CLB Paper2

Evening everyone!
Just a quick post about my examinations today!

Meh, English Paper 2 was one of the hardest I ever did in the past years. While doing the paper, I saw people putting their heads on the table, kinda like given up or something. Can't blame them though, even I find it hard, why not them? Just for people who are curious, here some of my answers..

Each passage has a question on "The word is.." right? The first passage, I put it as, "Shepherd". For the second one, I put it as, "Reignited".

Passage 2, there's a question on, "Give two words that describe the great task of women managing the house blabla". I put it as, "Burdens" and "Stress".

And and, the cloze passage.. Oh my Goodness, I should have read the book, "Struck By Lightning"! I never would have thought a passage would come out from the book, which is compulsory for us to purchase..

But overall, I find the paper pretty challenging. And summary, I got lucky once again and hit the 130 word mark. Phew..

After that, CLB.. C'mon, this was like pure cake. Can't be too over-confident!

Tomorrow's the SS and Maths Paper 1 examinations!

Guys! Revise for the night and do your best tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

I love you, Suying!

May 3, 2008

Out of ideas.

Studying as usual.. Boring shit, but hell, you need to study to get through the examinations.
*Like which ass doesn't know that..*

All of a sudden, I started reading the dictionary. I started finding words like bra, private, boob, lame, crazy, ass, fuck, girl and whatever dirty words you could think of. I was too bored, meh. Then I recalled some words from the video games! See, even video games help you in English!

Some of the words are..

I remembered this word from the game Xenogears. Calamity was a machine, with deep hatred, wanting to destroy everything. It was the first boss in the game, and it took quite a while. I restarted over 10 times, just to defeat the first boss of the game. Anyway, as it's name suggest, Calamity means destruction, disaster and domination. This word can be used as a synonym for destruction and disaster, not too sure for domination.

This word is a skill name from one of the many monsters in Final Fantasy 9. This skill lures a target from my party and yeah, it's in love with the monster (It's an ugly monster, btw) So this word means, lure, tempt or attract.

And there are still so many words!

I was having nostalgia from the days I played Final Fantasy 8. Oh my God, it was the most beautiful game ever made. The music, the storyline and the people.. Breathtaking. I even remember the ballroom dance, where Squall and Rinoa met, and the music, Waltz for the Moon, was so catchy..

And Final Fantasy 9, it has awesome graphics despite that it's under Playstation. All I remembered from the game was Garnet/Dagger humming that melody, Melodies of Life. It was a really sad but comforting tune. Sometimes when I hear this melody, it calms my soul down, makes me remember all the past events and wondering what I've done.. And like FF8, it's storyline is top-notch, likewise for music and graphics. I'm gonna put up the melody in my blog as well.. For a week maybe.

Well, that's all for today..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

I love you, Suying!

May 2, 2008

Enough of hotness..

Yeah, it had gotten less hotter for the past two days. Yeah, thank God..
Otherwise, my family would have roasted pig for dinner yesterday *ouch*

Since today's a cool day, it's time to change the song again yeah? LOL.
This time it's much nicer.. Enjoy!

Actually, I hadn't got the mood to blog today. No reason, no idea and no excuse. Maybe it's just the examination paranoia that's been spreading around me lately. Although it's just Mid-Year, it's still an examination, not some class test! It's normal for me to be rather nervous, and a bit of paranoia. I heard that the Mid-Year results isn't going to affect the N level results in any way, but I need someone to confirm this.

Two more days left..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

Suying! I love you!