May 7, 2008

History and Physics papers.

Ugh.. I'm dead meat. I'm gonna flunk for both History and Physics. I studied the wrong topics for History and didn't expect that appeasement would come out.. Oh dear.

And Physics, I suck at memorizing formulas.. So there you go. It could be a straight zero for Paper 2, but I still see a bit of hope in the MCQ questions.

Well, anyway, I do not have a paper tomorrow, which means.. NO SCHOOL! But, good luck to all POA students. And this Friday, Maths Paper 2.. I had better get back to revision, although I'll be playing a bit of 12sky.

Though it's late, here's my May wallpaper.. Nothing interesting though, will post more pictures once I purchased a camera (Yes, I'm purchasing one!)

I'll be purchasing WindowBlinds as well, since my WindowBlinds expired and so much shit after that.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

I love you, Suying..

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