May 22, 2008

Finally it rained!

It's the second last day of school today, and it rained! Finally, the heat from the surroundings are cooled down.. Seriously, it's been way too hot during the past few days!

David Cook won the American Idol 2008! WOOT! Go rockstars~
Manchester United won the Champions League finals!


Since January 1 till now.. Everything has changed. Lots of people changed, some still remained the way they are, more mature or more immature. There's been lots of obstacles for 4D to face. And this year also marks the first time I initiate a relationship with probably the only person I'm missing now, Suying. It's been tough, tolerating extreme criticism and lots of stupid accusations from people, saying how I'm inferior to Suying in terms of education level and wealth, especially her goddamn ill-hearted father. I know, I know, wealth and education level is important to you, still, nothing beats the true feelings of each other. And now that you forced your own daughter to travel overseas with you, you're nothing but trash. Learn to give your daughter freedom, she's not a kid anymore and she can decide on her own.

Alright.. Enough of that rant. Some people in the class just doesn't change. You know, the well-known absentees or latecomers happening practically everyday. Maybe a leopard cannot change its spots. And, love. Somehow, there's quite a lot of love in the class lately, speaking from my honest view. This question always invades my mind, "Why love if you can't love?". Meaning? You love for the sake of loving? You HAD 5-6 girlfriends before and none of them suits you at all? And those words of love are simply bullshit if you are only writing them to purely yourself. Why lie to yourself.. IN THE FIRST PLACE, why lie if you can't keep the lie to yourself forever? Haha, sorry, this topic is way too sensitive for me.

And pessimists.. You know who you are. Why picture life at such a sad outlook? If you do anticipate the worst, you WILL face the worst! Be optimistic, look forward to the next day and always, always feel happy. I know life's a bitch, but hey, if you hate life so much, why don't you kill yourself, instead of imbuing yourself with drama that definitely won't get you a Golden Horse award. Conclusion? To hell with pessimism and bring in the ever-so-cheerful optimism! Life's a bitch, but you can change it! All you need is your hands, and your clever brains to create your future. Remember, the future is yours to create, not some fictional.. fate or mother nature thingy whatsoever.

That's all for my long post.
Tomorrow's the last day of school and GESS Carnival! I maybe staying back for the carnival for awhile, to support Danial and his band in the Live Your Dream thingy!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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