August 31, 2007

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Amanda : I guess it's Dickson's blog. Well, you were pretty easy to find though. xD
Zhengyee : Omg, true arh? If that's the case, LOL!
Shuting : That would be like decades LOL! I still don't understand most of the tutorials..
Jiemin : Woah, badminton racket as steely? Badminton racket got so sharp one arh? Can pierce one LMAO!


I enjoyed the performances and the class theme parade.

I didn't enjoy the dedication cards in making and writing.
But still, i want to thank all these wonderful guys,
Mengci, Lingling, Jiemin, Calvin, Hock Zheng, Kenneth, Shan Yang, Kai Jie, Boon Keat and Swee Hong for helping out in folding the origami and writing dedications.
(If your name isn't here, maybe i didn't saw you doing it or i was busy. Sorry!)
If weren't for you guys, Swee Hong would be in deep shit then.
And yeah, once again. Thanks!
*If i had money, maybe i'll buy some chocolate bars to reward you. xD

I did not go back to my Primary school for a few reasons.
1) I got retained
2) Not much friends
3) I don't really like schools that change their name but the feeling of the old name is there.
4) And lastly, 3/4 of my favorite teachers retired. So really no point.
5) Don't have much unity with my P6 class.

A few thank you(s) again!
I wanna thank..
..Miss Pang for being our wonderful form coach! Rock ya!

..Miss Wong for being our buddy form! Rock ya too!

..Mr Ng for the English and enduring our class' disobedience!

..Mr Tiah for the humorous and fun Chemistry lessons! Good luck to you!

..Miss Chee for enduring our class' behavior and still continued to teach! Thanks for the chocolates and good luck to you too!

..Miss Foo for the History and Social Studies lessons!

..Mr Kwan for the slacking but hardworking D&T lessons!

..Mr Teo for letting us play badminton and basketball for all lessons!

..the Chinese teacher whom i think is Mr Guan, for praising me in Chinese lessons although i don't take Chinese! And please, don't get carried away by haunted visualizers! xD

and finally..

..Mr KUNG for the awesome Maths lessons! If weren't for you at all, my Maths would not have improved until this extent! I know that 3C and 3D loves you a lot! Sooo.. Rock on! \m_ _m/

And good luck to Mr Tiah and Miss Chee, hope you guys will teach us again! (NOT!)

Okay, that's all for today!
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August 30, 2007

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Jiemin : LOL. Why suddenly got such pledge!
Zhengyee : Wah you more sick then me liao leh!
Justin : Yer da RUGGAMUFFIN! Square ass..
Boonkeat : Holiday you also sian. LOL SPEECHLESS..
Jiemin : J Rocks! Throw racket seh.. You think this is PK mode arh!
Chungaik : Deh, i buying not only for Jiemin leh, still got like 3 others the birthday! I really damn stressed..
Kimberly : Omg, buck up man!

Don't feel like blogging today..
Tomorrow i'm wearing a blue shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans.
So don't ask me already!!

Guys, please enjoy tomorrow man!
And yeah, Miss Chee!
On behalf of the class, i would like to wish you all the best and please remember us although we are all very naughty students. xD

Anyway, that's all..
Short update.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 29, 2007

make haste!

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Zhengyee : Hi! Btw, i don't take Biology. And what's up with you and kicking balls? LOL!
Juihao : Actually, i wanted to make the tagboard bigger.. But the skin doesn't allow me to do so..
Jiemin : But, it's so embarrassing to see other people ride it except me.. Kinda like outcast.. I did try to learn cycling with my friends, but with many failed attempts.. =.=
Chungaik : Yes! So clever!

Woke up at 5am today. Damn early please! Bathed and ate breakfast. Still left like 20 minutes till the bus comes, so i played my Playstation! xD

After that, went down only to see that the bus just arrived. I ran like mad otherwise i would have to wait for another 5-10 minutes before the next bus arrives. At least i reached school in time. Omg, imagine having stress just coming to school alone..

Had a swift flag raising ceremony and went up to class to take my D&T materials. Finally finished my catapult. But somehow, it acts like a slingshot instead of a catapult. It doesn't shoot high, but it shoots low. Mr Kwan is using my catapult to whack students. It kinda hurts when struck on the head. Did it to Chengjun once, and he got angry! Sorry! =P

Had PE. The basketball court was fully filled with 3F students. In the end, me and Beng Shiang played together, after a while, Dennis and me played. Kinda boring though, i really need an experienced badminton player to play with so that i can hone my skills at the same time..

Had English in GMC. Did a so-called test. It consists of a cloze passage and a summary. It doesn't really seem as a proper test though. Well, i just did it anyway..

Recess was next. Nothing much though, played Medal Of Honor in Danial's PSP.

Chinese was next. I was surprised to see Donny and Yongyang in the class! They kept on disturbing the teacher like hell. I don't know what's up with the teacher man. He kept on praising me, damn embarrassing! I was red like tomato!

Had Maths. Dang normal. Period.

English was next. Did a random composition created by Mr Ng. He said that the most creative script will be awarded something and 6 merit points. Well, i do not exactly think that he honor his words. There was a time where he said that he will award me, Jasper and Jiemin something for getting the tops in class. Maybe he got STM? Just did it anyway..

Had Chemistry re-test today. Man, Mr Tiah was humorous lol. He kept on disturbing all those who did not study. Especially Syed LOL! Kept on saying that Syed will retain and stuff. LOL. Anyway, finished the paper in time and rushed to the library for the CLB oral and LC.

Did the LC first and then oral second. Went home after that..


I'm going to buy a Blue or Orange Crumpler bag on the first day of the holiday, since they are my favorite colors. As well as to buy a birthday gift for someone. LOL. Man, buying birthday gifts is so darn stressing, especially if you don't know that person too well. *sigh*

Anyway, that's all for today.
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August 28, 2007

word of the day : ruggamuffin

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Kimberly : Yay OMG! Good luck! Just don't screw up on the parking part. xD
Justin : Come to think of it, i actually did slept for 24 hours once. After a camp?
Chungaik : GOD! Why must you enjoy such luxury! I was like having my fat ass flattened..
Jiemin : LOL. Never see him for 1 month already. Then i spam his blog 3 time only, he come! xDD
Weeleng : Wah, also not as if i use auto clicker! If i use ah, happy cleaning your tagboard! =P

Hey all. Good evening to you guys! Today was such an eventful day that i must blog today! Just to start it off, that cat which shrieked yesterday, guess what? It meowed today! Wasn't too scared for now but it's funny because it reminded me of someone. xD

Chinese was the first period of the day. And yeah, nothing beats sweeping the floor for the royal highness to start the brand new day. Swept the floor for awhile and it was mildly clean, but after a while, it revert to its original state again.. When i finished sweeping, the royal highness praised me. OMG, so touched. Even Kenneth clapped for me. =P

English was next. Nothing eventful about the lesson. It's just kinda awkward seeing almost everyone sleeping while me and some others were not. I was listening to the teacher's every word and the rest was sleeping. Kinda like listening to an old man telling a story.

PE was next. Played badminton with Mun Tat and soon after, Beng Shiang. The wind, once again, for fuck's sake, kept on blowing the shuttercocks to the opposite direction. Kinda reminds me of playing Gunbound. Back shots, high angle shots, direct shots. LMAO, why did i even remember Gunbound..

Physics was next. Can obviously tell that Ms Chee kinda washed her hands off 3D already. Well, the fact is she can't control the class and everytime she says "Quiet", nobody really cares though. If i were her, i would've slammed my book on the table and walk out like nobody's business. That's me, i would not continue if nobody is even listening to me because it's pointless.

Recess was next. Why do Hock Zheng and Colambus love touching each other so much..? I mean, we are boys and like to touch? Eww.. Played Danial's Medal of Honor : Heroes in his PSP. It's uber cool but the controling sucks, compared to computers.

Chemistry was next. Mr Tiah was revising all possible questions that may come out this Thursday. I got 8/20 for my Chemistry test. Kinda disheartening though, since i passed Chemistry most of the time last year. The only reason for me not passing Science is because of my Physics.. xD

Maths was next. Straightforward yeah and i do not really need to explain much..

TPI next. Need to prepare the consent form and $5 for the class camp. It looks like the class camp is gotta be fun! Looking at the two workshops, Interacting With Material and Notetaking, maybe these workshops pretty well affect us in our studies. Omg, thanks Miss Pang! And for cycling, to be honest, i don't know how to cycle. I didn't have time in the past to learn since my parents were both working. All the time, i only had my maid with me all the time. Whatever troubles i had, i always go to her. I can just imagine her gone and me all alone in the house, kinda like isolated..

That's all for today.
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August 27, 2007

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Justin ; LOL! Slacker's club? Hmmm, let me think about it.. xD
Zhengyee ; OMG, you are so evil man! Nobody survives a kick to the balls.
Mingxian ; Haha, i rather it to be a night trail around the school. OMG, that rocks!
Jiemin ; LOL, okay.. I love this skin!
Chungaik ; Well, you see.. The wall is FLAT. Erm, yeah. xDD
Shunhui ; Eh! Don't anyhow say! I don't have a PS3 man!

Hello to the first day of school!

Okay, enough of that! Didn't want to wake up today though, but if i ever skip school for no reason, it'll be so darn unusual for me eh. So far, i maintained almost full attendance since Secondary 1 and i'm proud of it. xD

Back to topic.

When i first reached school, i didn't feel comfortable. Of course, i always see Mr Kung's car parked near the side gate bus stop. I wonder what time does he comes to school. Guess what, a cat's shriek scared the daylights out of me. My heart almost stopped and i sat down at the arena with my heart thumping! Yeah, what a good start to my first day of the week.

Had the reading period in the arena again. I will emphasize on the word, "AGAIN". For the second time, i do not like crossing my legs and sitting at the hard ground. Seriously, i can't really position myself and read properly. I'm like always moving here and there, and when my leg gets numb, that's the shits man.

Finally, the reading period ended and Chemistry was up next. Mr Tiah got frustrated today because the whole class failed the Chemistry test. I guess that 3 hours of revision got wasted eh. Anyway, it's the first time i seen him raising his voice and spoke words of truth. As for me, i got surprised too. I had confidence on passing, but now, nah nah. Maybe next time, i'll just act paranoid.

Social Studies next. Maybe Ms Foo should just add a bit of humor to the lecture. For every History or Social Studies lessons, i feel utterly bored and sleepy. I tried to sit upright and it didn't work. I mean, you can add jokes like, "Wah, you know ah, this Adolf Hitler ah. He only got one testicle you know?". That'll sure make some people laugh, at least.

CME was next. Ms Pang didn't came today since she had a course at MOE. So Ms Chee came to relief the class. As usual, the class really didn't kept quiet and just ignored her. Oh well, what can me and Danial do? It's not as if the Team Captain role has some authority or something..

Recess, slacked and walked around. Just plain bored.

Maths test was next. I feel that i'm going to fail my test AGAIN! I didn't know how to do the first question. The graphs were okay. I managed to do Question 3, 4 and 5. Those were the easy ones. Oh man, please! A 15/30 would be good too! *cries*

English was next. Pretty straightforward. Just some corrections and stuff..

History, refer to my Social Studies paragraph. =P

After school, went to the canteen and crapped with some friends. And then went home soon after that since they have their Chemistry lesson.

Well, that's all for today.
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August 26, 2007

Changed blogskin again!

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Jiemin - I've been spending a day just to learn how to make skins.. How crazy of me..
Kimberly - Huh? Cookies?
Justin - Yeah yeah, learning stuffs..
Juihao - Ok, linked.. Somehow, i got this feeling that you will delete your blog again..
Syahirah - Yeah, can tell from my email too!
Gary - Hi Gary!
Chungaik - Erm, mind elaborating on what you said?
Zhengyee - OMG, kick whose balls?
Justin - Yeah, it's busted..
Kimberly - Sure! No problem, you'll need to give me one too!
Shuting - Omg, thanks for website! The learning process takes place now..
Kimberly - I guess so? Why don't go check some website or something..
Justin - Yeah, but.. I like Abarai Renji and Zaraki Kenpachi. All the fierce assholes. xD

Today.. Is once again, the last day of week 5. 4 more weeks to the examinations. 4 weeks is going to finish real darn fast! And I only have the September holidays to mesmerize and enjoy myself before it starts.. I guess i'll be damn occupied during the holidays!

3-4 September - Jiemin's birthday chalet!
5-6 September - 3D study camp!
7 September - Dragon Scouts' gathered together in one campfire night!
8-9 September - The only days to chiong homework.. *fucks the wall*

Okay.. That isn't much at all though.. And the CCA break for examinations starts after the September holidays! Well, that's for Scouts and i'm not too sure about the other CCAs. I guess that will be like, 2 weeks to mug like mad for it!

Somehow, i feel that i'm guaranteed to promote to Sec 4. With my current results (Judging from Mid-Year), to be realistic, it's a sure-to-retain results. Maths and Humanities are my only hope now. As for D&T and English, i don't feel any difficulty passing them and for Science, i do need to beg for some extra lessons to go through the past topics. CLB is totally out of my league already, because of this damned subject, my total marks will be -100 marks. Why did i even take up CLB in the first place.. *fucks the wall for the second time*

Since yesterday, i've been sleeping in the afternoons and early nights. Maybe i'm really born as a slacker. But yesterday was different. I dream of friends changing their attitudes and so. From my experience, most students or should i say, friends, changes their outlook of life and so at the age of 15, Secondary 3. It's either friends grown matured or friends got new and cooler friends in their new class and then ditches their lifelong friends in one corner.

No doubt about it, people around me changes all the time. Some for the better and some for the worse. As for me, more of my friends changed for the worse. Bad for me huh? If such genuine friendship can last for a lifetime, that would be rare. There are only a handful of friendships that lasts from childhood all the way till 70 or 80+ years old. So the fact remains, if such friendship bond exists, you and partners are a perfect group of friends.

Well, i guess i'm the one who can't maintain friendships and so.

Talking about friends who betrayed you. My mum told me this, "If ever, one of my friends betrayed me in a way or two, i would erase all memories and things of that particular friend. And yeah, i wouldn't even acknowledge him as a friend". Seems a bit harsh? Seems a bit cruel? Think about it. She also added, "You don't have a best friend, no one do. Since the only person you can trust, is yourself."

Well, that's all for today.
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August 23, 2007

changed blogskin!

Reply of tags.
Boonkeat; Yeah, removed it already. But it's still on YouTube.
Chungaik; Lol, relax! After i changed my blogskin, i went to sleep already..
Jiemin; LMAO.
Mingxian; Yeah, you were like laughing the loudest LOL!
Zhengyee; Arm wrestling! LOL, cannot win PE teachers..
Kimberly and Justin; LOL! My tagboard is not MSN OKAY!

Yeah changed blogskin again. Can't really stick to one skin though, unless it's self-made by me. But i find the blogskin making tutorials very wordy and confusing. So i do need someone to summarize everything for me! xD

Anyway, back to topic.

It drizzled for a while, and it stopped. Got me excited for a while there.. Just stayed at the arena until friends came too. They finished their prelims and now preparing for the N levels! Good luck to them!

Maths was the first period. Pretty straightforward, and i'm loving graphs now man! Except for Algebra, the worst thing i had ever done.. Next Monday, there's a Maths test! Remember!

English up next. Man, my cloze passage is de-proving already. Actually, the English paper 1 is what pulled me up and passed. My Paper 1 is better than my Paper 2. Oh well, it's better to excel at both eh?

D&T was next! Finally finished my mini catapult! All's left is the installation of the rubber bands and a screw. Throughout the whole lesson, i slacked a lot.. And then went for an early recess!

Recess, it's high time i should go back to running at the arena again..

Went down for English lessons, had spelling and disturbing Tajinder all the time! xD

Physics was next. Nothing much though, just the class noisy as usual.. But i still can follow! xD

Chinese up next.. Slept for the whole lesson since Miss Pang couldn't make it today for the study group. What's worse is that, the whole is having a test and i can't do much than sleep.. After that, went home..

Ugh.. My post is getting lifeless day after day.. Maybe i'm quite worried about the examinations.. Well, who doesn't anyway?

That's all for today.
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August 22, 2007

2 thumbs up for my 200th post since March 2006!

To me, Wednesday is the slackest day of the school week! Why?
Because most of the hard subjects are not taught today! xD
Today's just D&T, PE, 2 periods of English, Chinese and Maths!
Now, you do get it eh?

Anyway, back to topic. Went to school early today and it started to rain. I was actually wishing the rain to pour during recess or later, because i want to have PE lessons. Too bad it rained before PE and we can't have it. Went up to class and read a story book which Miss Pang loan to me recently. After that, had to draw the classroom key from the general office. ONCE AGAIN, the auntie nagged at me. xD

D&T was next. Continued with our mechanism project! I was almost done, but my launcher did not have a hollow to occupy the marble. Some pictures below.

Image Hosted by

Parts of my catapult.

Image Hosted by

The finished job!

After that, went back to class and rushed to the toilet just to change into PE attire. Then Mr Teo came into the class and said that we can't have any PE lessons today. The class roared like expected and we can do our own stuffs. When we are getting bored, me and Mun Tat played arm wrestling and soon after more people came. Then the super hunk, Mr Teo, owned everyone. Some pictures below.

Image Hosted by

Mr Teo vs Boon Keat!

Image Hosted by

Mr Teo vs Beng Shiang!

Image Hosted by

Mr Teo vs Sheng Quan!

After that, went down to GMC for English lessons. Nothing much though, just a 12/24 for my spelling. xD

Recess was next! Cat abuse time! Videos uploaded!


Everything after recess is just normal! Lazy to update..

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

PS* BK! Don't bash meeee!

August 21, 2007

Reply of tags.
Jiemin; Sure! Can ask the others to come as well! As for the jersey, i need time to think about it..
Derrick; I don't mind having a friend friend jersey. xD
Jiemin; The more the merrier. Or does it mean more people get pierced. LOL! About the pierced thing, i read it somewhere. Just made me LMAO!
Chungaik; Yes yes, a "CLASS" jersey is totally meaningless already. In the first place, i already asked Danial to not even order class jerseys. He just didn't listen.. xD
Kimberly; LMAO! Missed the song? Hahaha!
Shunhui; Yer like getting squeezed..
Justin; Quite true eh. FUCK YOU!

Aw man, so many friends come up to me and said that the class jersey currently is too damn expensive. I'm also beginning to doubt that most of the people in the class even wants to buy it. Maybe i'll discuss it with Danial or something, since he already ordered it beforehand. And yeah, it's not easy being a team captain of 3D. I can't believe that me and Danial are getting stressed over class jerseys... *bangs wall and drop dead*

Anyway, back to topic.
The pledgetaker today was done nicely. Zhixun told me that her legs are shaking vigorously. It's quite obvious already but still she managed to say it loud and clear. Man, why can't i be like her.. I mean, like DAMN, that time i said the pledge, and screwed up most of the lines..

English was next. Every English lesson i attend, there are bound to be people sleeping. It's roughly about 3/4 of the class sleeping. Only a handful are listening to Mr Ng's lessons. Imagine if Mdm Foo teached, i think the whole class will sleep. Well from my experience, she talks more about her life than English itself. Correct me if i'm wrong, but she was my English teacher last year.

PE was next. Played badminton with Chungaik. He played quite well! Finally, i can play with someone who's good at it. But still, fuck the thorny bushes and the damn wind which keep on fucking up our badminton game. xD

Recess was next. Nothing much, just slacked..

Chemistry was next. Today's lesson was exceptionally quiet. It's usually mildly noisy. Maybe due to the fact that Ms Mah is behind? Well, got no idea.. But it's a good thing anyway.. xD

Maths was next. I'm beginning to fall in love with graphs. I'm doing it with smooth curves and such. I have a good feeling that i'll promote to Sec 4 next year. xDD

After that, went home for my final tuition.

That's all for today.
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August 20, 2007

Reply of tags.
Jiemin; LOL. Sure sure!
Derrick; DEH! You also call my mother name LOR! Bastaring siooooool.
Justin; Wow, i can't believe you actually did that! Yeah, i do feel that i'm using a lot of fucks nowadays..
Kimberly; TRUE! TRUE! TRUE!
Jiemin; LOL, Mr Tiah say one right! Yeah! Your character arh.. Wah, really "pro". Haha joking, don't bash me.
Zhengyee; Hey thanks! Btw, your preliminary examinations finished? 2 more weeks to N level!
Justin; Yeah, yer the freaking bastard! Stomp until the cushion flat..

Man, i know that $35 for a jersey is a hefty amount but you didn't have to shout and said that the jersey is made of vagina hair. It's absolutely unnecessary. If you don't want to buy it, just sit down and shut the fuck up. It doesn't matter whether you buy or not, because the jersey loses its purpose in making class united because of you guys. As for me, i want to buy it because i haven't had a class jersey in my whole damn Secondary life. I do feel that it's worth spending the extra money for the jersey. That's my opinion and no damn person is gonna change it.

Well back to school. Woke up pretty late today! Like around 5.45am or something but i hate the fact that 6am for me is damn late. I'm mostly punctual for Scout meetings and such. My Scout mates are the witnesses =P

Anyway, at least i did managed to catch the two buses and reach school in time. I love morning breeze, it's very cooling, just the thing to start your day! Chat with old friends and wishing them good luck for their A-Maths preliminary examination today!

After the assembly, we had our reading period in the arena. Man, i really hate sitting in the arena. It's kinda rough and crossing our legs makes it more uncomfortable. Well, at least for today, we are supposed to read an English article. I can see that some people given up on reading the article, maybe either their English isn't up to standard or lazy to read it. Likewise for me in Chinese!

Went back to class for Chemistry. While walking up, talked with Mr Tiah and he said that my 17th August post was solid. Thank you! Reached the classroom block and ended up waiting for Danial to come and unlock the classroom door. Please be punctual! Revised on Periodic Table and actually i can refer to last year's notes as they include more information than the textbook. Thanks Miss Chui!

Next was Social Studies. Pretty fucked up i would say. The only time when i had a quiet and peaceful Humanities lesson was History with Mr Gary Lam. He's the best Humanities i've ever met in my whole life. But why must he leave..

CME was next. Miss Pang decided to bury the hatchet and move on like normal. That was a good thing i guess. And then we watched a slideshow of some pencil. The slideshow was pretty meaningful, but i doubt that could change anyone of us. Nearing the end of the lesson, we are supposed to fill up a stress checklist. You know what, i checked the, "I feel nervous against the opposite sex". LMAO, don't "suan" me!

Recess up next. Miss Pang wanted to organize a class camp for a night. Straight away, i told her we've a birthday chalet of you-know-who (LOL). But it's good that she actually thought of a camp..

Had Maths after recess. I lost my Question 5 graph and i felt like punching someone. But hell, it isn't worth it. The lesson was pretty smooth and i'm able to understand most of the things Mr Kung taught.

English was next. Finally received back the test papers. Got a 18/30 for the composition and 17/20 for the comprehension. Needless to say, i'm the highest (YAYNESS!). Mr Ng also said that if we brought back the papers home for our parents to comment and sign, he would give an extra mark for the paper with a lower mark! I guessing everyone is begging their parents to sign it since it's counted for CA! Haha!

History was next. Sat with Kaijie and crapped about Flyff. I'm guessing that he wanted to play back Flyff ever since that day in my house when i showed them my Lvl 75 Billposter. But the thing is, he could not remember his password nor his ID. And yeah, i maybe posting a video of my Billposter giant hunting! xDD

Went home after that since all my old friends left home after their prelims.


Dragon Scouts! Please view Jinghui's photo blog for the 85th Anniversary post!

Image Hosted by

Onward Dragon

That's all for today. Changed my blog song to Skater Boy - Avril Lavigne. Someone might know this song, it relates to me in a way. Guess! xD

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

August 19, 2007

Reply of tags.
Kimberly; LOL! My chair didn't broke. It's a bit shaky already ever since that bastard Justin sat on last month. He's like spinning around like a top and stomping on it with his feet! Can you believe that?
Jiemin; I guess it's retribution. They did their bad things, and maybe the bad things will come upon them. LMAO, that Mun Tat! Kept on pushing down my chair! *should have taken a video.*
Derrick; It's not like the first time you know them. You do something bad to them, they give you a frustrated face and start calling you names.
Jiemin; It almost spoil.
Chungaik; LOL what?

Today's the last day of the week.. 6 more weeks to examinations!

Well, i do not know exactly what will happen tomorrow. Maybe someone will fight? Or maybe the 3D guys woke up and start revising for their future. If they want to be jobless for the rest of their life, so be it. I washed my hands off 3D too. I guessed that not much people read the 17th August post. I was expecting flamings and spams.

All i fucking wish for 3D is get up and start going forward, instead of backward. Enough of all the stupid titles, enough of all the disciplinary management, enough of teachers crying and enough of all the wasted resources. The table i'm sitting now is one big example. Papers stuffed inside and nobody cares.

Praising people for doing bad deeds is darn enough please. It'll just encourage them to do more. Everything in the class is backward.. Oh my God.

You only have one life. It's like playing an MMORPG (I don't why the fuck i relate games to this). The moment you screw up your stats, your whole character is screwed. You pumped the wrong skills, your whole build fails. You do bad things, people start to hate you bit by bit. You kill a player, someone will kill you one day.

For now, i do hope that my wish comes true.


Today Derrick, Mun Tat and Kaijie came to my house! And they came quite early too. Can't blame them, my house way more further than their's. Likewise for me too! Anyway, Derrick went to use my computer and the rest played with me, Suikoden 2.

We tried unlocking secrets and recruiting. Most of them are successful, some are not. *man, i hate mini-games that tests your luck. 3 boos for them!*

Then after that, we played Half-Life 2 on my computer. At least, they played in the day. They can't imagine me playing Half-Life 2 in the night with silence in my room. It's uber scary! With all the deformed humans groaning, my mum would definitely slap me!

They went home since Derrick had to go for tuition.


That's all for today i guess.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

August 18, 2007

best day of my life. 180807 <3

Reply of tags.
Jiemin; Thanks. This matter had been stuck in my heart for a long time. Finally i released it all out!
Derrick; What you said is true. But their actions alone can harm the whole class. Like last week, the whole class wrote pink forms..
Shunhui; Hey thanks! But i doubt it'll end, unless someone takes them out.
Zhengyee; Good morning! RISE AND SHINE!
Kimberly; A lot of bad things..
Justin; YEAH TRUE! I don't really find wreaking havoc fun at all..


Today's gotta be my favorite day! Lol, yesterday was the worst day, and today's the best. Weird..

Anyway, i got too excited in the morning. I kept on trying and testing out clothes to match my appearance. I finally settle for a green top, dark blue jeans and a jacket. Had to wear at least a green or a red since it's the school's colors. Looks cool!

Then went to Clarke Quay MRT station to meet up with my Scout peeps. Most of them came, even Tajinder and Zhao Liang came! We talked a lot of crap and more of them came. Finally, we went to this restaurant named Riverwalk Tandoor Restaurant.

OMG! The food there is UBER DELICIOUS, but darn spicy since it's Indian Cuisine. The curry rules, the prata rules and everything there rules man! The best was the Tandoori Chicken which tasted super nice! Then Lucky Draws came about, and i won a LED torchlight from the lucky draw! Then had a fastest SMS game where we had to type a certain message and send it to the specific number.

Me and PLC 06/07 cheered like the old days. Yeah, missed the old PLC days man.. Gotta love it. Then some videos of the leaders appreciation. Haha, lotsa them like pretty nerdy, some like a kuku. It's amazing how they changed from a nerd to a hella cool dude. And Prash Naidu.. Haha, people ask me to have him as an inspiration. From a fat ass, into a sexy guy <3

And then we went outside to have one of the largest photoshoots in history. After that, we cheered out hearts out in the public. Even though the police came, we still kept on cheering. Haha, hope they'll understand! Then one of the scouts brought the pack of balloons and released it in the air. What a beautiful sight! Too bad i did not take any pictures..

Then the guys started sucking in Helium and making funny noises! All "chao sia" to the max! Best "chao sia" one was Wen Li! Like a super gay LOL! "Suck you lah!".. HAHAHA!

Then went home by MRT..

Gotta love this day.
180807 <3

That's all.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

August 17, 2007

Reply of tags.
Kimberly; Haha, it's alright already. Thanks for helping! xD
Derrick; Pro? HOHOHO!
Chungaik; Yeah, i'm relaxing.
Jiemin; I know what happen! Haha!

Today's just gotta be the worst day ever. Our whole class had to write a pink form, Miss Pang cried, almost havoc everywhere. When will there peace in 3D? My guess is. Never.

And yeah, PLEASE! PLEASE! FOR FUCK'S SAKE! Even if Shanyang did not mention the Physics Test incident, the teachers would know it sooner or later. IMO, no point bullying Shanyang when the incident is already spread even before he told Miss Pang. Efforts wasted on him. What's up with all that ruckus and talking-backs during CME? C'mon, Miss Pang is already fucking stressed up over you punks and you are just adding fuel to fire! Can't you guys just wake up your bloody idea? She's in the school for like 2 months at least and you are driving her mad to the maximum already. She's like the 4th teacher i see crying, don't you guys have any heart at all?

The class is like a rubbish dump! Everytime we clear your shit out of the classroom, they always fucking come back! What in the blue hell is this? Don't take our classroom for some dump site or something. This is OUR classroom! School's our second home! And what the fuck, you guys just screw it up over and over again. And the class always gets a D grade for cleanliness. Yeah yeah, you guys just "love" that right? Yeah, maintain the D grade. It fucking "rocks".

And during Mr Kung's lesson, you don't dare to make a noise? Oh, just because he screams and you guys got no balls already? C'mon, make a noise. It's your hobby right? Make NOISE! Oh yeah, i forgot. When Mr Kung screams, he does scream your balls off doesn't he? And what makes him different from other teachers? He's fierce?

And yeah, thanks to you guys. We got a lousy reputation in the school. We are the class which wreak havoc all the time, YEAH YEAH THAT'S UBER COOL MAN! We are the class which made Miss Pang cry, ALRIGHTY! THAT'S WAY COOL! We are the class that will retain in Sec 3 because only a few people passed English, WOAH ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE LAH! Yeah, thanks for the "titles", guys. We really appreciated it.

If you are not interested to study, just fucking leave the school please. Quit or something. You are just fucking wasting the school's resources. Period.

Pardon me for my sarcasm. I just needed to let it all out. It's been in my heart since February. Flame me if you must. Confront me if you must. I had enough. I don't want to fucking retain in Sec 3 again. You jolly well know how fucking embarrassing to even retain in Sec 3. I've seen teachers cry, students ain't changing their attitude and discipline management over and over again. What does it do? Hella nothing.

Discipline masters etc, all came to our class. Said all core values OVER AND OVER AGAIN! It didn't wake you all up, it just made it worse.

People who are against me, spam my tagboard if you must. My hotmail, My YahooMail anything. Just beware of your IP. It may just get fucking banned.

All I wish now, is for everything to be fixed PROPERLY, which is utterly FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE. But still, miracles do happen.

That's all for my fucking rant.
Thanks for visiting my fucking site and may God bless you.

August 16, 2007

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Jiemin; Walao, so pro. I just reached 30+ yesterday! Play until headache. LOL!
Zhengyee; LMAO! Whose blog?
Derrick; Can you picture yourself driving that car? Omg, the car totally pwnz.
Kimberly; Hey thanks for helping me! I'm okay now, thanks to your first aid. xD
Huiying; Woah, who told you i got a gang? x.x
Chungaik; Relax sia!
Jiemin; Haha, i want do myself. Don't want answer. xD

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
Sorry everyone for the late update, i got kinda screwed up on my nails and got busy too during those few days. Just to you all, i'm okay now and my fingers are back to normal and fighting strong! Been playing Suikoden 2 like mad already and that's one of the reason why i never blog! I'm a RPG addict.

Anyway, back to topic. Today's first period was Maths. We learned about Cubic *something*. It's much, much easier than the usual curves we done. It's was smooth lesson indeed. xD

Then it was English. Mr Ng never came today so Ms Ong came to relief the class. After she came in, lotsa people laughed xD. Throughout the free period, just chit-chatted with Derrick and gang.

D&T was next. We are supposed to design a mechanism for the new project and i'm currently designing a portable catapult! It's gotta be cool, throwing marbles at people. Haha! The PoA pupils got an early recess. Derrick, Bk and Kaiz came to visit me and Mun Tat at the workshop. I was like, "Huh? Free period arh?". Then i realize their recess got replaced with PoA and they got an early recess. People around me were like "Walao! F*** you lah!".

Went back to class with Danilo. Gosh, there are only two of us in the class. So bored. Then played Danilo's DJ Max on the PSP. Jasper and Hsien Jen were throwing bottles on the ceiling fan and it kinda turned into a war. x.x Me, Mun Tat and Danilo went outside to play Tekken.

Went for English in GMC. Dang, i really hate spelling nowadays. I kept on forgetting to memorize all the words and synonyms. Oh well, one life. Live it.

Physics was next. The class was DANG NOISY during the test! I kinda gave up on the paper because i studied the wrong chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chinese next. Went with Shanyang and Danilo to have a study group with Ms Pang. Danilo's Malay teacher did not come. We talked alot and know more about each other. Can feel that teachers, especially form teachers, are so freaking stressed over school.

Went home after that.

That's all for today.
There isn't much life in my post today. xD
Promise that i'll make it lively next time.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

August 12, 2007

last day of the week

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Jiemin; Just bored. It's been ages since anyone SMS-ed me. Omg, you got addicted to that game already! Can't imagine the duration for you to go from 1-70, LMAO.
Zhengyee; Yeah, thank you too!
Chungaik; Too bored. Teachers SMS-ed me too you know! C'mon man, you have not called me John at least thrice since the day you came to 3D. You have been calling bangala ever since.
Fengying; Omg, help me say thanks to your Mum too! Thanks for linking me too!
Shunhui; What the hell do you want? *fierce LOL*

Aww man, today is the last day of the long weekend!

Anyway, went out to play basketball with Justin and gang in the afternoon. Yeah, it was so damn hot then. We played our hearts out and Kimberly improved in her basketball too! Then suddenly, a group of 3 came into the community center. Immediately, they took our court and demand us to scram. What the fuck? We were like only using half of the basketball court and even the other half wasn't hot at all. It's not as if anyone died there or something. But still, if they wanted the court for some purpose, they could just asked nicely. They just gave us a "Siam Lah!" and expect us to give up the court to you guys. And they said, "Aiya, the other court cannot score mah!". Ooooo LOL. It doesn't even seem that they are scoring in our court as well. I guess it's just an excuse to shoo us away.


I wonder what part of our uniform attire is going to be checked next week. I do heard that socks, fingernails etc will be checked too. Mr Tan said that only GESS socks can be used. If i do recall something, the so called blue *school diary* they gave us, said that either WHITE socks or GESS socks can be used. No COLORED socks allowed. Yeah, that's it. Discriminating the school rules huh. Load of crap.


Fan of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2! WMMT3 has been the number 1 one racing game around already. I'm certain that no HD racing games could even defeat this awesome game. Below is a video gameplay in the new map, Hanshin Highway and the music is way cooler than ever before! Watch it!


That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

August 11, 2007

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Kimberly; Omg thanks. First time you acted so emotional? You were usually always rough..
Zhengyee; You also LAH! Must pass N-levels!
Fengying; Thanks! Somehow, i will deliver the message to my father too! xD
Chungaik; Eh! Joking also got limit ok? Yeahyeah, don't call me bangala please..
Justin; Hey thanks!
Juihao; I will! Btw, did you quit blogging again?
Kimberly; Hey chill.. I know that you are trying to help me. Thanks!
Jiemin; Wah the game damn crazy LOL. I only until 15+.. So noob..
Shunhui; Hey thanks. Btw, writing a journal is much more worthwhile than having a blog you know? I actually have a secret journal too.. Shhh.

Hi Saturday! Today is like soooo boring! The sun is damn hot and really have no mood to play Flyff. I will only have my grinding spree back when the air conditioner is turned on. xD

I don't why SOOOO many of my friends asked me to play back Maple..
Flyff is soooo much better than Maple in many ways. I already told them that i given away all my accounts. But hell, they do not believe and continued to spam my SMSes and in MSN. For god's sake, i also need a life out of Maple.. So please, stop disturbing me.


Hahaha! I met this fucking spammer in Flyff today.

Free Image Hosting at
He kept on spamming "FUCK YOU NIGGA!" like 100-150 times until the GM came and banned his ass. LMAO! I guess the reason why he spammed is because someone took his shop spot away. Man, can't he just another spot?

Anyway, that's all for today. Nothing much really.
Just a new Techno blog song.
Anyone want the song, please approach me in school or SMS me at 93612279.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

August 9, 2007

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Kimberly; Ok ok, please stop it. I guess he's only joking. I kinda punched him on the shoulder and he got angry i guess.
Justin; Hi ya!
Gary; Hi ya, Gary!
Chungaik; Heyhey, i do not know whether you said those in a moment of folly or what. But still, your shoulder pain is nothing compared to the 3 operations my Dad suffered. And please, stop calling me bangala. Just John is enough. Sorry for not playing pool with ya, it's just family first and then friends second.
Jiemin; Lol, relax ah. Don't later bash up the teacher in the end. Then if the teacher fail your NAPFA, i will laugh at your face!! @_@
Shunhui; PLC 05/06 rawks to the max! Missed the old days man. *palm squeaks*

Heh, visited my father today in Malaysia. Was damn shocked to see him.. He's almost bald and much more slimmer than me. In the past, he's way bigger and fatter than me. Hence the appearances xD. But he still looks stronger than ever since he's much slimmer. Cried when i saw him, can't imagine the pain he gone through during that 3 operations.

The trip to Malaysia was like hell. My cousin's car had to pack in 5 people. I was in the middle, being squeezed.. The whole trip took about an hour and another half. Sitting in the car that long would make my butt burst.

Anyway, my dad rented a resort house in Malaysia so that i can live with him during the December holidays. Don't worry! I'll still be in Singapore after that!


Watched the National Day concert in TV. What i like most about the concert was the marching in of the contingents and the performances. How i wish i was marching with them, maybe i have to wait 5-6 years or so. Man, marching in those white uniforms had to be way cool! I had never been in a G.O.H before though..

I just wanna march for Singapore, not shout out commands xD. Later "chao sia", then really die.

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

August 8, 2007

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Jonathan; Hello. I'm not going to give away my Asiasoft passport. I'm still playing games under the Asiasoft company, like Audition etc. Likewise, i still got my DK in it which i do not intend to give away. Hope you can understand! xD
Jiemin; Yeah, damn dangerous LOL. Later accidentally say bad thing about them, then come give us black face. LMAO, joking.. Teachers, please don't punish us!
Shunhui; LMAO. Private blog? WTH? Might as well go write a journal.. Don't know, just love pointing at you..
Chungaik; LOL big deal. Btw, it's a saw not a knife. If it's a knife, Mr Kung would have screamed..

Sorry for not blogging yesterday eh. Was busy polishing my boots and admiring my uniform. Haha!

Heh, today hella rawks man.
The marching was successful throughout! God knows why i like marching so much, the others didn't like it that much though. I guess i'm the odd one out. There was one thing in Scouts i have not accomplish, being the NDP's Guard of Honor. Actually, we are supposed to be the G.O.H for this year's. But the lack of contingent marchers denied us of the participation of G.O.H. Like WTF..

Anyway, the concert was so-so. We didn't do much Kallang Waves like last year. PLC 05/06 wasn't as enthusiastic as before. It doesn't mean that you are Ventures, you do not belong to Dragon Scouts. That's hella loads of fuck crap. But still, i did enjoyed myself at the concert.

My bond and friendship still remains in PLC 05/06. It's really hard to transfer the feelings and bond to another PLC. I guess this is reason why i don't have the interest of attending PLC now..


I'll be visiting my father tomorrow in Malaysia. My cousins told me that he already grew white hair and have a hunchback. Man, why must life be so unfair.

But still, it's hard meeting up with him after 5 long years of not seeing him. He left me when i was P5. The feeling for my father has vanished for the past 5 years, all memories of him was deemed as void.. Still, he's my father. I had better take some photos otherwise all memories of him, will be forgotten.

I love you, Dad.. Please live long, at least till i graduate.. I know your life has been full of suffering and stuff.. God, please bless him..


That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

August 6, 2007

maths test failed. wtf!

Reply of tags.
Jiemin; LOL, same here. But i got forced to play back Maple. I already quit Maple since December already. I even swore to myself never to play again.. I kinda broke that..
Jiemin; You know? I just found out today that another teacher IS viewing our blogs. Omg, gotta watch our languages.. Flyff rules! I just don't understand why people favour Maple over Flyff..
Zhengyee; You too! N-Levels is around the corner!
Kimberly; Oh yeah, that ass bitch. He loves KS-ing in Red Drake maps. Just because he's an Ice Mage doesn't mean he rule the whole of the map. What a loser.. I mass defamed him 40 times and another 20 times during Christmas as a Christmas gift. xD
Shunhui; Yo, why quit blogging again..
Justin; Actually, i knew you wouldn't like this game. You are more to DotA, WoW these kinda games..

Just to start it off, i have already given away 2 of my MapleSEA accounts away. It's rather heart breaking but in order to stop me from playing it, it must be done. You know what? I actually found my life back to normal after i quit MapleSEA. The game must have some addictive "ingredient" or something inside.

Anyway, today's reading period was different. This time, we received Chinese newspapers. I was wishing it to be English ones since i'm terribly bad in Chinese. In the end, i have no choice but to decipher from the Chinese words..

First period was Chemistry. The teacher asked me, "Hey, i heard that you hate setting up laptop on the teacher's console?". I knew something was fishy. I did not tell anyone that i hate setting up laptops other than my blog. Haha! Now, i do know that other person is viewing my blog, and the others..

Social Studies up next. Today was 1/2 theory and 1/2 test taking. I did not study at all, so i had to count on my general knowledge to score well. It was quite okay, but rather hard in some sense..

CME up next. Today, the class drew mini posters to be pinned on the notice board at the back. Haha, it's been like ages since i drew. There was one poster which made me ROFL. A Singapore flag Red and BLACK! And Asha said that it's gothic Singapore! LMAO. At least for now, the notice board looks 1/5 more colorful than last time.

Recess was next. Chilled and disturb people.

Maths was next. This is the day i looking forward to. The Maths test results. Guess what? I got a 23/60 without using a calculator! That's like OMG! I was expecting a 15 or below. Miracle i guess.. I swore that i had used a calculator that time, i would at least get 30 or above! Maybe luck isn't on my side eh?

English was next. Mr Ng enlightened the class more about Muay Thai boxing. I can already feel the strength and the wrath of a Muay Thai boxer. A veteran Muay Thai boxer would have to go through hitting a coconut tree till it shows a dent or deeper. Then a tree, a metal rod etc. I can imagine a Muay Thai boxer kicking a metal rod, and it bends! Scary!

History up next. Another test today! Like WTF. At least it's much easier than the SS test. Hopefully i can score well for this since i did this test on my knowledge from last year's lessons, taught by Mr Gary Lam. Yeah, he kicks ass!

After that, went for the final rehearsal before NDP. We didn't screw up as much as we did last week. We did improved a bit. And we still kick ass.

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

August 5, 2007

quitting maple

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Justin; Yeah, here's the update already!
Chungaik; Yeah, by saying the word BANGALA and in bold, you hereby allow me to pinch your nipples and shake your head thoroughly. LOL, wtf..
Gary; Why call me a noob?
Justin; Yesyesyes! I love classical techno for some apparent reason..
Jiemin; Here here. Lemme give you a hint. It's one of our Science teachers. xD

Yo guys. I've been searching for a Blogskin today for the whole freaking afternoon. I really can't find something that i like. It's either feminine or not scrollable. Personally, i hate click-to-view kind of skins. Anyone want to help me out here? A customizable scrollable template and i can host my own images in it. Thanks.

I decided to quit MapleSEA once and for all. I would rather slap myself infinite times than to buy A-Cash. The community in MapleSEA are mostly, fucked up, pardon me for my vulgarities. I've been playing Maple since July 2005. When it was released, all the Maplers were considerate and very kind. As time goes by, the good Maplers started to quit and all the bad Maplers came in. Seriously, i would rather play Flyff or other games than MapleSEA. In MapleSEA, you can't survive without mesos and A-Cash. Trust me, almost everyone in the Maple community bought A-Cash at least once, and it's fucking addictive, with addition to Gachapon.

Another issue to bring up is KS. Last week, i met with a KSer. All i can say is he wasn't right in the head. In other words, he is a retard. Imagine training in a map for 3 LONG hours and this retard comes in and KS you. He even scolded my family and wished them to die. I would swear he's a 10-year old kid (No offense to other kids) but the good thing is that he can type English, otherwise he wouldn't be human either.

Yes, i refused to leave the map. Guess what, he came with his DK and roared the whole fucking map. Heh, you got a Lvl 75 DK and i got a Lvl 80 DK. I came and owned him to the max. But still, entertaining such brats is a waste of my time. It's either, ''I come out my main, you die liao" or " You die liao, i come out all my Lvl 15ish to mass defame you". Ooo, my balls are shaking. Come defame me, boy. Who cares, -100 fame isn't going to make me angry. I'll just be at my screen laughing at your retarded acts. It's all because of your damn foolish acts that i can't even level up. This applies to other game spoilers.

IMO, what's the point of complaining at the MapleSEA forums? It's not as if the people there are gonna make any difference. People just post positive stuffs and go. Are the GMs or developers doing anything about it? Do you even know that this game can lead to fights, broken friendships etc. Man, that's it. I'm going back to Flyff. Anyone who wants my account, please approach me in school tomorrow. I don't even know why the fuck do i spent real life money at this game. Period.

Personally, Flyff makes me less mad. The people there are friendly, gives you free buffs and they do love to buddy you. The party system rocks and there's even a free shop. The graphics are much more beautiful compared to THAT.

To my friends in Maple,
Sorry if this is too sudden, but i did not play even for a month. Maybe i'll login just to chat yeah? Help you guys with the quests and stuff. But don't even ask me to participate in a KS war. I really find KS wars pointless. So, quit asking me to play Maple already. Bye guys, you rock!


Tomorrow is the last day to rehearse for NDP contingent marching. I'm so excited about this Wednesday! Me and the Scout contingent will be marching out in our smart uniforms, hopefully let our classmates "wow" at us! Have to agree with one thing, Scouts aren't entirely professionals in marching. But still, we kick ass!

Well, that's all for the update today.
Sorry if the Maple stuff above is too wordy, i'm just voicing out my troubles. It's just my style.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!
Goodbye to Sunday and hello to Monday!

August 3, 2007

Reply of tags!
Chungaik; If you spam again, you watch out LOL! I really come all out to pinch your nipples!
Jiemin; People tell me Mr Tan say no need.. LOL, so twisted..
Zhengyee; Hi!

Today was NDP rehearsal day. Almost everyone brought their uniforms in a uniform cover. Well, except for me! I folded and placed my Scout's uniform in a plastic folder! Haha, because i did not have a cover and i don't really have much badges to show. So that's it. xD

There was a prize giving ceremony today too. The guys received their Bronze GSA. I doubt i'll be receiving a Silver GSA since i'm a retainee.. Maybe next year..

First period was Physics. The lesson was okay though. Dare not say anything since there is "someone" viewing our blogs. LMAO!

History was next. I'm beginning to hate setting up the laptop for the class. Me and BK rattled on it for quite while, until Dennis came, and the thing we've been working on is done within a minute or 2. I was stoked..

Chemistry was next. Just studying all the way..............

Recess. Slacked. Man, i love calling MLH boxer, fighter and so much more. BOXER HOCK!

English was next. My name seems to be frequently used in the test/examination papers, either in a bad or good way. It's like, why do i suddenly have a girlfriend named Julie? o.O

CME was next. Changed our seating plan again.. Actually, it doesn't really make much of a difference anyway. It's just a 8 x 8 plan. Bored.

Maths was next! Like eff la! I actually forgot that there is a test today on graphs. I'm predicting that i'll get it all wrong and get a scream from Mr Kung's mouth. Maybe it's already expected!

Went for NDP rehearsal. It was so hot today and the ground too. Stood there like a statue for damn long. I can actually feel my feet burning on the ground and i kept on fidgeting.. Something i like about the NDP contingent marching is the music from the GessBand. LOL, i admired them since Sec 1 and there was a time where they wore black sets of clothing and a colorful tie, man they really look damn suave! The beat of the drum is what keeps me moving. Anyway, i went home with countless patches of blisters on my feet. God, it hurts dammit..

Time to rest up for now..
Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

August 2, 2007

Reply of tags:
Derrick; Deleted it. LOL, i understand your situation! I kena before lol.
Jiemin; Walao eh, today you all got 3 periods free.. *jealous*

You know what? Whenever i stop at the Sim Lim Square bus stop, there will always be a group of men there. The past few days, i was wondering why were there a lot of men always sitting at the bus stop looking at the window of the building. Then i noticed that there were a couple fucking each other. So like i thought, all the guys there were watching a "free show".

You guessed it right. It's a prostitute hostel.

Reached school, chit chat with old friends, went for assembly and went back to class.

First period was Maths. Once again, again, Mr Kung reminded us about the husband, wife and baby thing!! Mr Kung needs to go ROM badly!

Next was English. Did the comprehension close exercise today. Nothing interesting..

D&T was next. I have finished my presentation board today! Actually, there was a test today. Luckily, we whined like mad and Mr Kwan decided to postpone it to the week after National Day. OMG, i'm felt lucky all of a sudden. I never study at all since it was a last minute announcement.

Recess. Slacked. Soon after, i received news that the class must stay back after school because of some pupils who went down for "early recess". I was like "WTF?". Later, someone told me that we do not need to stay back. Zzz, totally twisted..

Went to GMC for English. I don't know why me and Syed kept on laughing. LMAO. Sorry Mrs Chua :( Anyway, spelling sucks and composition rules. HAWT!

Physics up next. When the lesson was ending soon, the class made a lot of noise. Compared to last few weeks, today maybe too much.. I was about to experience another teacher crying but maybe she calm herself down and continued.

Chinese next. Went out for study group with Ms Pang and Shan Yang. Talked about the class behaviours and stuff. When i went back to class, the teacher said something which i can't understand but judging from the class, it has to be something bad LOL. I scolded the teacher, ROFL.

Went back home after that.
That's all.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

August 1, 2007

Phew. Today was okay compared to yesterday!

First period was D&T. OMG, the POA students are so lucky today! Mrs Palan never came today and they all slacked in the classrooms! Like Zzz.. Anyway, continued with the presentation boards today. Mr Kwan screamed again! Then i suddenly remembered that Mr Kwan was formerly an officer of NPCC. That should explain his loud voice..

PE was next. I passed my shuttle run but it isn't gonna make any difference now. The only test now i failed is my horizontal bar pull up. I'm too heavy to even lift myself up.. Then Mr Teo said, at least you won't get a zero for your shuttle run! Played badminton with Mun Tat, BK and some express students.

English was next. Mrs Chua had to attend to some matters so that relief teacher came in. Soon after, Mr Mui came in to address us. He said many things about the school and blah blah.

Recess. Calvin and Colambus fought. WTH! Yesterday was Derrick and Colambus. Colambus looking for trouble or what?

Chinese up next. Today is the first time i had a study group during school hours.. CLB students, including me, studied with Ms Pang outside the classroom block and at the study tables. Then Mdm Zahara walked pass and said, 'Ms Pang, you really care for your class'. She was like blushing lol!

Maths. Redo-ed the graph again and again. This is one thing i hate about drawing graphs..

English up next. Can see that Mr Ng is quite pissed with our class. English marks not that high and many people may retain. OMG man! Almost all the teachers in our class are stressed out!

That's all for today.
Short update only.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!