August 22, 2007

2 thumbs up for my 200th post since March 2006!

To me, Wednesday is the slackest day of the school week! Why?
Because most of the hard subjects are not taught today! xD
Today's just D&T, PE, 2 periods of English, Chinese and Maths!
Now, you do get it eh?

Anyway, back to topic. Went to school early today and it started to rain. I was actually wishing the rain to pour during recess or later, because i want to have PE lessons. Too bad it rained before PE and we can't have it. Went up to class and read a story book which Miss Pang loan to me recently. After that, had to draw the classroom key from the general office. ONCE AGAIN, the auntie nagged at me. xD

D&T was next. Continued with our mechanism project! I was almost done, but my launcher did not have a hollow to occupy the marble. Some pictures below.

Image Hosted by

Parts of my catapult.

Image Hosted by

The finished job!

After that, went back to class and rushed to the toilet just to change into PE attire. Then Mr Teo came into the class and said that we can't have any PE lessons today. The class roared like expected and we can do our own stuffs. When we are getting bored, me and Mun Tat played arm wrestling and soon after more people came. Then the super hunk, Mr Teo, owned everyone. Some pictures below.

Image Hosted by

Mr Teo vs Boon Keat!

Image Hosted by

Mr Teo vs Beng Shiang!

Image Hosted by

Mr Teo vs Sheng Quan!

After that, went down to GMC for English lessons. Nothing much though, just a 12/24 for my spelling. xD

Recess was next! Cat abuse time! Videos uploaded!


Everything after recess is just normal! Lazy to update..

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

PS* BK! Don't bash meeee!

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