August 17, 2007

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Kimberly; Haha, it's alright already. Thanks for helping! xD
Derrick; Pro? HOHOHO!
Chungaik; Yeah, i'm relaxing.
Jiemin; I know what happen! Haha!

Today's just gotta be the worst day ever. Our whole class had to write a pink form, Miss Pang cried, almost havoc everywhere. When will there peace in 3D? My guess is. Never.

And yeah, PLEASE! PLEASE! FOR FUCK'S SAKE! Even if Shanyang did not mention the Physics Test incident, the teachers would know it sooner or later. IMO, no point bullying Shanyang when the incident is already spread even before he told Miss Pang. Efforts wasted on him. What's up with all that ruckus and talking-backs during CME? C'mon, Miss Pang is already fucking stressed up over you punks and you are just adding fuel to fire! Can't you guys just wake up your bloody idea? She's in the school for like 2 months at least and you are driving her mad to the maximum already. She's like the 4th teacher i see crying, don't you guys have any heart at all?

The class is like a rubbish dump! Everytime we clear your shit out of the classroom, they always fucking come back! What in the blue hell is this? Don't take our classroom for some dump site or something. This is OUR classroom! School's our second home! And what the fuck, you guys just screw it up over and over again. And the class always gets a D grade for cleanliness. Yeah yeah, you guys just "love" that right? Yeah, maintain the D grade. It fucking "rocks".

And during Mr Kung's lesson, you don't dare to make a noise? Oh, just because he screams and you guys got no balls already? C'mon, make a noise. It's your hobby right? Make NOISE! Oh yeah, i forgot. When Mr Kung screams, he does scream your balls off doesn't he? And what makes him different from other teachers? He's fierce?

And yeah, thanks to you guys. We got a lousy reputation in the school. We are the class which wreak havoc all the time, YEAH YEAH THAT'S UBER COOL MAN! We are the class which made Miss Pang cry, ALRIGHTY! THAT'S WAY COOL! We are the class that will retain in Sec 3 because only a few people passed English, WOAH ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE LAH! Yeah, thanks for the "titles", guys. We really appreciated it.

If you are not interested to study, just fucking leave the school please. Quit or something. You are just fucking wasting the school's resources. Period.

Pardon me for my sarcasm. I just needed to let it all out. It's been in my heart since February. Flame me if you must. Confront me if you must. I had enough. I don't want to fucking retain in Sec 3 again. You jolly well know how fucking embarrassing to even retain in Sec 3. I've seen teachers cry, students ain't changing their attitude and discipline management over and over again. What does it do? Hella nothing.

Discipline masters etc, all came to our class. Said all core values OVER AND OVER AGAIN! It didn't wake you all up, it just made it worse.

People who are against me, spam my tagboard if you must. My hotmail, My YahooMail anything. Just beware of your IP. It may just get fucking banned.

All I wish now, is for everything to be fixed PROPERLY, which is utterly FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE. But still, miracles do happen.

That's all for my fucking rant.
Thanks for visiting my fucking site and may God bless you.

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