August 6, 2007

maths test failed. wtf!

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Jiemin; LOL, same here. But i got forced to play back Maple. I already quit Maple since December already. I even swore to myself never to play again.. I kinda broke that..
Jiemin; You know? I just found out today that another teacher IS viewing our blogs. Omg, gotta watch our languages.. Flyff rules! I just don't understand why people favour Maple over Flyff..
Zhengyee; You too! N-Levels is around the corner!
Kimberly; Oh yeah, that ass bitch. He loves KS-ing in Red Drake maps. Just because he's an Ice Mage doesn't mean he rule the whole of the map. What a loser.. I mass defamed him 40 times and another 20 times during Christmas as a Christmas gift. xD
Shunhui; Yo, why quit blogging again..
Justin; Actually, i knew you wouldn't like this game. You are more to DotA, WoW these kinda games..

Just to start it off, i have already given away 2 of my MapleSEA accounts away. It's rather heart breaking but in order to stop me from playing it, it must be done. You know what? I actually found my life back to normal after i quit MapleSEA. The game must have some addictive "ingredient" or something inside.

Anyway, today's reading period was different. This time, we received Chinese newspapers. I was wishing it to be English ones since i'm terribly bad in Chinese. In the end, i have no choice but to decipher from the Chinese words..

First period was Chemistry. The teacher asked me, "Hey, i heard that you hate setting up laptop on the teacher's console?". I knew something was fishy. I did not tell anyone that i hate setting up laptops other than my blog. Haha! Now, i do know that other person is viewing my blog, and the others..

Social Studies up next. Today was 1/2 theory and 1/2 test taking. I did not study at all, so i had to count on my general knowledge to score well. It was quite okay, but rather hard in some sense..

CME up next. Today, the class drew mini posters to be pinned on the notice board at the back. Haha, it's been like ages since i drew. There was one poster which made me ROFL. A Singapore flag Red and BLACK! And Asha said that it's gothic Singapore! LMAO. At least for now, the notice board looks 1/5 more colorful than last time.

Recess was next. Chilled and disturb people.

Maths was next. This is the day i looking forward to. The Maths test results. Guess what? I got a 23/60 without using a calculator! That's like OMG! I was expecting a 15 or below. Miracle i guess.. I swore that i had used a calculator that time, i would at least get 30 or above! Maybe luck isn't on my side eh?

English was next. Mr Ng enlightened the class more about Muay Thai boxing. I can already feel the strength and the wrath of a Muay Thai boxer. A veteran Muay Thai boxer would have to go through hitting a coconut tree till it shows a dent or deeper. Then a tree, a metal rod etc. I can imagine a Muay Thai boxer kicking a metal rod, and it bends! Scary!

History up next. Another test today! Like WTF. At least it's much easier than the SS test. Hopefully i can score well for this since i did this test on my knowledge from last year's lessons, taught by Mr Gary Lam. Yeah, he kicks ass!

After that, went for the final rehearsal before NDP. We didn't screw up as much as we did last week. We did improved a bit. And we still kick ass.

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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