August 5, 2007

quitting maple

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Justin; Yeah, here's the update already!
Chungaik; Yeah, by saying the word BANGALA and in bold, you hereby allow me to pinch your nipples and shake your head thoroughly. LOL, wtf..
Gary; Why call me a noob?
Justin; Yesyesyes! I love classical techno for some apparent reason..
Jiemin; Here here. Lemme give you a hint. It's one of our Science teachers. xD

Yo guys. I've been searching for a Blogskin today for the whole freaking afternoon. I really can't find something that i like. It's either feminine or not scrollable. Personally, i hate click-to-view kind of skins. Anyone want to help me out here? A customizable scrollable template and i can host my own images in it. Thanks.

I decided to quit MapleSEA once and for all. I would rather slap myself infinite times than to buy A-Cash. The community in MapleSEA are mostly, fucked up, pardon me for my vulgarities. I've been playing Maple since July 2005. When it was released, all the Maplers were considerate and very kind. As time goes by, the good Maplers started to quit and all the bad Maplers came in. Seriously, i would rather play Flyff or other games than MapleSEA. In MapleSEA, you can't survive without mesos and A-Cash. Trust me, almost everyone in the Maple community bought A-Cash at least once, and it's fucking addictive, with addition to Gachapon.

Another issue to bring up is KS. Last week, i met with a KSer. All i can say is he wasn't right in the head. In other words, he is a retard. Imagine training in a map for 3 LONG hours and this retard comes in and KS you. He even scolded my family and wished them to die. I would swear he's a 10-year old kid (No offense to other kids) but the good thing is that he can type English, otherwise he wouldn't be human either.

Yes, i refused to leave the map. Guess what, he came with his DK and roared the whole fucking map. Heh, you got a Lvl 75 DK and i got a Lvl 80 DK. I came and owned him to the max. But still, entertaining such brats is a waste of my time. It's either, ''I come out my main, you die liao" or " You die liao, i come out all my Lvl 15ish to mass defame you". Ooo, my balls are shaking. Come defame me, boy. Who cares, -100 fame isn't going to make me angry. I'll just be at my screen laughing at your retarded acts. It's all because of your damn foolish acts that i can't even level up. This applies to other game spoilers.

IMO, what's the point of complaining at the MapleSEA forums? It's not as if the people there are gonna make any difference. People just post positive stuffs and go. Are the GMs or developers doing anything about it? Do you even know that this game can lead to fights, broken friendships etc. Man, that's it. I'm going back to Flyff. Anyone who wants my account, please approach me in school tomorrow. I don't even know why the fuck do i spent real life money at this game. Period.

Personally, Flyff makes me less mad. The people there are friendly, gives you free buffs and they do love to buddy you. The party system rocks and there's even a free shop. The graphics are much more beautiful compared to THAT.

To my friends in Maple,
Sorry if this is too sudden, but i did not play even for a month. Maybe i'll login just to chat yeah? Help you guys with the quests and stuff. But don't even ask me to participate in a KS war. I really find KS wars pointless. So, quit asking me to play Maple already. Bye guys, you rock!


Tomorrow is the last day to rehearse for NDP contingent marching. I'm so excited about this Wednesday! Me and the Scout contingent will be marching out in our smart uniforms, hopefully let our classmates "wow" at us! Have to agree with one thing, Scouts aren't entirely professionals in marching. But still, we kick ass!

Well, that's all for the update today.
Sorry if the Maple stuff above is too wordy, i'm just voicing out my troubles. It's just my style.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!
Goodbye to Sunday and hello to Monday!

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