August 11, 2007

Reply of tags.
Kimberly; Omg thanks. First time you acted so emotional? You were usually always rough..
Zhengyee; You also LAH! Must pass N-levels!
Fengying; Thanks! Somehow, i will deliver the message to my father too! xD
Chungaik; Eh! Joking also got limit ok? Yeahyeah, don't call me bangala please..
Justin; Hey thanks!
Juihao; I will! Btw, did you quit blogging again?
Kimberly; Hey chill.. I know that you are trying to help me. Thanks!
Jiemin; Wah the game damn crazy LOL. I only until 15+.. So noob..
Shunhui; Hey thanks. Btw, writing a journal is much more worthwhile than having a blog you know? I actually have a secret journal too.. Shhh.

Hi Saturday! Today is like soooo boring! The sun is damn hot and really have no mood to play Flyff. I will only have my grinding spree back when the air conditioner is turned on. xD

I don't why SOOOO many of my friends asked me to play back Maple..
Flyff is soooo much better than Maple in many ways. I already told them that i given away all my accounts. But hell, they do not believe and continued to spam my SMSes and in MSN. For god's sake, i also need a life out of Maple.. So please, stop disturbing me.


Hahaha! I met this fucking spammer in Flyff today.

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He kept on spamming "FUCK YOU NIGGA!" like 100-150 times until the GM came and banned his ass. LMAO! I guess the reason why he spammed is because someone took his shop spot away. Man, can't he just another spot?

Anyway, that's all for today. Nothing much really.
Just a new Techno blog song.
Anyone want the song, please approach me in school or SMS me at 93612279.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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