August 3, 2007

Reply of tags!
Chungaik; If you spam again, you watch out LOL! I really come all out to pinch your nipples!
Jiemin; People tell me Mr Tan say no need.. LOL, so twisted..
Zhengyee; Hi!

Today was NDP rehearsal day. Almost everyone brought their uniforms in a uniform cover. Well, except for me! I folded and placed my Scout's uniform in a plastic folder! Haha, because i did not have a cover and i don't really have much badges to show. So that's it. xD

There was a prize giving ceremony today too. The guys received their Bronze GSA. I doubt i'll be receiving a Silver GSA since i'm a retainee.. Maybe next year..

First period was Physics. The lesson was okay though. Dare not say anything since there is "someone" viewing our blogs. LMAO!

History was next. I'm beginning to hate setting up the laptop for the class. Me and BK rattled on it for quite while, until Dennis came, and the thing we've been working on is done within a minute or 2. I was stoked..

Chemistry was next. Just studying all the way..............

Recess. Slacked. Man, i love calling MLH boxer, fighter and so much more. BOXER HOCK!

English was next. My name seems to be frequently used in the test/examination papers, either in a bad or good way. It's like, why do i suddenly have a girlfriend named Julie? o.O

CME was next. Changed our seating plan again.. Actually, it doesn't really make much of a difference anyway. It's just a 8 x 8 plan. Bored.

Maths was next! Like eff la! I actually forgot that there is a test today on graphs. I'm predicting that i'll get it all wrong and get a scream from Mr Kung's mouth. Maybe it's already expected!

Went for NDP rehearsal. It was so hot today and the ground too. Stood there like a statue for damn long. I can actually feel my feet burning on the ground and i kept on fidgeting.. Something i like about the NDP contingent marching is the music from the GessBand. LOL, i admired them since Sec 1 and there was a time where they wore black sets of clothing and a colorful tie, man they really look damn suave! The beat of the drum is what keeps me moving. Anyway, i went home with countless patches of blisters on my feet. God, it hurts dammit..

Time to rest up for now..
Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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