December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!


PS: I'm waiting for my Dell XPS 420 delivery, which seems to be freaking slow cus' Dell's customer service is pathetic. I called the customer service hotline and I was talking to an Indian guy. I don't understand him, and neither did he.

I even learned that Dell computers are being built in Malaysia, customer service in India.

3 letters - L . O . L

NOW, my God-sis (Who purchased the computer online with paypal for me) told me that the computer will be delivered by the 31st of December! WTF?!

By then, school will resume and I'll hardly have any time left for gaming! I ordered the computer at 19th of December, I seriously don't know how it would drag for 2 weeks.. The computers in Dell have a 7-day CPU build period, FYI. To add-on to the frustration, I heard bad customer feedback about Dell, some being "randomly canceled orders" or "replacing faulty parts with second hand parts".

I don't know when am I gonna get my computer.. 31st? Oh well, if that's the case, it's worth waiting for, but I'm damn impatient! Seriously, you could play Crysis at High Settings on Dell XPS 420 with 4GB RAM and nVidia GeForce 9800GT 512MB. That means, I can play Atlantica Online, Granado Espada, Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare, Half Life 2 etc in HIGH SETTINGS!

Conclusion.. You can't blame me for being impatient :)

..and it has a pretty good offer too. A FREE upgrade to 4GB RAM, that's all. Christmas offer I guess..


I'm finished.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

December 20, 2008


Hai, good morning!

Well, finally I'm back to blogging after days of crazy gaming. Yeah, I closed my blog temporarily because I couldn't update and play at the same time.

I got back my N level results and I wasn't expecting to get a pass for Combined Humanities. (Seriously!)

English - 2 (I was expecting this, since I'm much better in English)
Maths - 3 (Might be my biggest improvement thus far)
Science - 4 (Need to buck up.. I can own in Physics, but not in Chemistry..)
Humanities - 5 (YEAH, I was expecting a fail.. I was like "WOW")
D&T - 2 (Yep, yep, been there, done there)

I'm promoted to Secondary 5! Congratulations to everyone who got promoted!

I have 16 points in total, and 7 points for L1R2. But if it's O levels, the difference is really huge. I had like 36 points after the prediction, which couldn't get me to anywhere. Secondary 5 is gonna be a tough road, like what Ms Chia said on the 19th December.. To add-on, we must start work already, although the holidays are still present. To be honest, all that gaming spree had gotten me more stupid than ever. I better start reading up all the textbooks and stuff.

I really hope next year would be a better one.. I don't really like people saying that combined classes are worst than before. I would do anything for the class to be united and rocking. That way, the graduation night for us next year would be merry and cheerful! Oh well, *crosses fingers and hope all is well*

A really awesome Granado Espada music video that my guild mate shared with me..

Well, that's all for today..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

Suying, I granted your wish. Now rest in peace, thanks for everything : )

December 19, 2008

Good afternoon.

Hello. Finally re-opened my blog, but I'm unable to find any skins that I like. Thus, using this default blogger skin. Anyway, I need to sleep. More updates tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting and may God bless you.

November 8, 2008


The start of housework.

Oh noes.


November 7, 2008

Another update

Good morning again. It's 1.24 AM, now.

I'm currently playing World of Kung Fu. Just having lots of fun chatting with my guild and it just makes me feel welcomed and happy! At least, not everyone in my guild is ignorant. I'm so glad to find a group of friendly acquiantances in an underrated online game.

My maid is leaving for a 2 week break back to her hometown in Manila, Phillipines. I'm officially the new "maid" now! Heh, I wonder it feels like to be in charge of all household chores and groceries.. Gonna be tough I guess.

Anyway.. Up till this day, I still have people talking behind my back. Sigh, I really wish those people to be more open-minded and at least, voice out their opinions. It's not like I'm gonna transform into a troll and screw the shit outta you. Be more honest, people. Honesty is the best policy.


Ignorance is bliss. NOT.

Ever felt that.. you wanted to talk with some people and they ignore you? Ever felt that.. a friend of yours treated a stranger way better than you, furthermore, a friend? Ever felt.. unfairly treated?

Judging from my experience.. Ignorance is hated by everyone. Nobody wants to be ignored, we want to be recognized for what we do, what we are and what we live for. Well, take me for example. I'm practically ignored most of the time, because I'm a lone wolf. That's why I always wait for people to talk to me, and not me to initiate a conversation with them. My friends should know this, for instance, in MSN. Heh.

Back to the topic. Ignorance just wanna make a person cry. It gives the person a sense of uselessness. It's true. That's why.. never ignore anyone, unless they are annoying.

Try to give everyone a chance to express themselves. I experienced a situation while playing World of Kung Fu, when a new member joined my guild. He's a cheerful guy and easy-going. He said "Hi everyone! *with the smile emoticon*", but nobody replies to him. Next, a new female member joined the guild and when she says "Hi (One word only, lol)", most of the guys said hi back to her. She could be a guy for all they know. But yes, I feel that this is really unfair to that new member that joined earlier. The time gap when the male member joins and the female member likewise, is only 2 minutes.

This is what we all know as.. bias. Agree?

I can't help it but to encourage the new guy to stay on, and he agreed :)

So conclusion? Don't ignore people, unless it's a stranger coming up to you and offering sweets (We all learnt that in Primary school, didn't we.) or some annoying freak.

So remember. Ignorance is never bliss. It's a mental catastrophe :(

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

November 6, 2008

Sad ending.

Good morning everyone. Haven't been updating for a very long time, I know..

I.. just didn't have the mood to update. After all that had happened in the last week of school, I'm just feeling way down, man. This isn't cool at all. How I envy other classes.. Also, my class ain't going for prom night, which is just pure sadness. Maybe I wasn't a lucky guy after all. God, what am I saying.. I ain't lucky.

In fact, 2008 was the worst year I ever had. I lost my first, real friend (I'll never forget you, I swear). I lost a friendship bond. I lost my old friends. I lost my commitment in Scouts. I lost my determination in life. I lost my smile. I lost focus in everything.

I'm sure there are other people out there, who are suffering a worser fate than mine. You know, even though I'm so unlucky, I'm still moving on. Death awaits me someday, to take me away from the misery and sufferings I'm facing right now. Of course, I do not want it to arrive so quickly. I want to get married to a wife whom I can care and love wholeheartedly. I want to have 2 children, to make my life happier. That way, I can pass away peacefully, knowing that I have accomplished my goal in life.

Right now, I just want life to pass by quickly. Most of the time, I'm out in LAN shops with my own friends or Derrick and gang. Regularly, I'm down at the jogging track, exercising and preparing for the next, and crucial year ahead. I'm also learning life skills, such as cooking, ironing, washing of clothes, groceries. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a house husband or anything, it's supposed to guide me when I enter NS.

I'm not logging into MSN anymore, no reason though. It's actually more fun to chat through a phone. I have 4 chat buddies on the phone, and 1 great buddy on Skype. AND YEAH, I hate it when people don't use punctuations in MSN. It's so irritating! It just doesn't set the tone right and then, confuse the shit outta you. 40% of my contacts are typing that way, I can't take it. So sorry, I had over 500 contacts in MSN, and it just stresses me out totally.

Oh I can chat till 3 am in the morning, seriously. The longest chat time I had was 13 hours (Can't remember), was with Suying, my late buddy. Heh, those times were the best.

And lastly, Chungaik and Jasper (Someone try to remind him too, eh), remember that 11 and 12 November is the CLB examinations. It's a must COME! I'm sure Chinese is a mini-requirement to get into any school after secondary. I'll remind you guys again in SMS. Be sure to study too, all chapters are tested so just read the whole book.

PS: Don't look down on CLB people, you proud guys. Be glad that I did not flame you with my advanced English arsenal. Hohoho. And also.. I believe that since I did not compare my English with you guys, you guys should do likewise. It's fair and square. Don't be a fucking bully, otherwise I'll shove a credit card up your ass! HAHAHA!

Anyway, that's all for this morning. Gotta sleep now.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

October 22, 2008

Halloween is drawing nearer.. and nearer..


October 21, 2008


Rainy days.

They are weird, alright.
Sometimes, rainy days help unfold a couple's love for each other.

I saw a couple, a fat guy and a pretty girl, sacrificing himself by getting drenched in the rain, while holding the umbrella to shelter her girl. Isn't that sweet?

I swear those two would turn out fine..

And it's an inspiration for me to look up to.



When they say that chocolates help one to calm down..

It wasn't a joke.

It's true, it's too fucking true.


October 19, 2008


Haha. All of a sudden, this word comes into mind.


All hail the great gratitude. Nowadays, I do not really expect gratitude from people. I had to close one eye every single time, and let them have their way. Yep, I'm channeling my frustration inside me. Frankly speaking, I'm just confused.

Right now, I just could not differentiate who are my friends and who are not. Once there was a group of students or.. should I say, a clique. They were so close, like blood siblings and one day, disaster strikes. They shared weal and woe together, and eventually, problems are solved. God knows why these problems just kept coming back. Some believe that it's destined that such a clique shouldn't have existed. Having knowing that, all members of the clique started to talk behind their friends or should I say, enemies' back.

Gradually, the clique fell. All hope was lost. There wasn't even a chance for amendments. Everyone acted rashly, starting fighting, promote criticism. Indeed, in my eyes, it's truly a bad sight. One day, there was this fat boy, who wanted to just piece everything back. He was an optimistic guy, but sadly enough, his optimism wasn't contagious. He thought hard, but to no avail, things are just getting worse. So he decided, why not let nature take its course?

However, nature was being evil. The members of the clique started to have problems of their own. Every single problem was one of its kind, which makes it difficult for comfort. This fat boy, started listening to everyone's problems, tries to solve them but still, it's the same outcome.

So he guessed that piecing back everything was a total failure. He finally understood that every single thing that happens in life is due to them, themselves and their manipulations. He even related it to a MMORPG, whereby the character you created, all depends on your hands and how you control it. It's like life, you control your life, you don't let fate, destiny or nature to operate it, they do not have hands.

So in the end, this fat boy decided that they should just live their life. Of course, he always hopes for them to have a life of joy, of optimism and of happiness. It's all up to them to decide.

Although some of his friends still make fun of him and not talking to him most of the time, at least, he knows how to enjoy a life of solitude, thanks to his childhood.


Heck, I do not know why I wrote that story (Some sort, lol). But I felt better after typing it out.

Please note that 4D is not going for Graduation Night anymore. I figured that $58 is a huge sum and moreover, my classmates are not even interested. Seriously, there's no point in going when the whole class isn't, right? Everyone is like, interconnected.

"If he doesn't go, I won't go."
"If they don't go, I also don't want to go."

Just come clean with me, and say that you are not going. Period.

I will return the Graduation Night registration papers as void, back to Mr Derek Tan. Sorry to those who intended to go, like Chungaik, Asharudeen and Danial. But yeah, it won't be fun if not even half the class is going. So yep, my 4D classmates, enjoy your holidays after next week. Go work, slim down or anything. Best wishes for everyone.

As for me, I'm gonna slim down for 2 months. Hopefully, I'll get stronger by the time I enter NS.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

October 16, 2008

ITE College East

Good evening people.

I went to the ITE College East, located at Simei.
Here's my review of the school.

There are a lot of courses in ITE. Most of the courses there require you to pass AT LEAST English and Mathematics. Yep, Mathematics is a must to pass now. The equipments and appliances in the school are advanced, definitely. Nothing much to say about the courses, they are all typical courses you can find in a Polytechnic, albeit you learn more in the Polytechnic than in an ITE. Overall, there are a wide range of courses for you to choose, and most of them doesn't need high requirements to get into. It's great.

The facilities are awesome. There's shops at the ground level, which includes clothings, food, stationery and much more. The amphi-theatre (Like our Arena) was beautifully designed. There are escalators and elevators to ease movement through the levels. Every room is air-conditioned, so that's another great thing. In short, ITE College East is like a shopping mall cum school.

This is the part which kills. I wouldn't say that looks can kill, but never judge a book by it's cover. I seen a group of ITE students who simply criticised the name of our school. Other than that, most of the students here don't look too friendly, reason maybe they are being anti-social or just the typical "leave me alone" attitude. You can see the trend in the school. Skinnies, huge sunglasses, dyed hair, long hair, PSPs everywhere and much more. If you are the kind who isn't trendy, you will have a bad time or a long time adapting to this school's style. Sometimes, it's best not to make eye contact, especially those in groups. It may start with a verbal war, and followed by a fight. In short, always try to mind your own business and hang out with friends who are in the same course as you or your external friends.

We didn't see much of the lecturers in the school, but I see students getting involved in group discussions, which is really GOOD. Proves that Technical students got what it takes to own. I willingly assumed that the lecturers here are really good.

Frankly speaking, the location of ITE College East is really far. No doubt about it. So if you are living in Queenstown and in this school, be prepared for a long bus/MRT ride. The catered buses even took 1 hour to reach the school. But one thing is for sure, even Polytechnics are really far. So it's good to experience this early, get used to it and not complain about the long traveling route.

ITE College East is a good school. The bad thing about entering a new school is being able to adapt to it's community and environments. If you can't adapt, then you are screwed. If you want to be a lone wolf for 2 straight years, go ahead, but life sure sucks without friends. Courses are good, as I mentioned, there isn't a high requirement for all courses so you can get into your desired course quite easily. IF you must, change your wearing style and follow the trend in the school. People may despise you for using outdated styles. It's your choice, be yourself or follow the trend. Overall, ITE is a fairly good choice with a bit of setbacks. *smiles*


Aw, I can't decide. ITE College East is such a good school, I even have friends in there. I guess I'll just wait for the results then. If I get 10 points or below, I'll head for Secondary 5. 10 points and above (And no appealling), off to ITE College East!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

October 15, 2008

What a tiring day!

Good evening!

Today was really a tiring day.

A loose tongue is a source of evil.

Anyway, some pictures from today. Not much taken though, since I took pictures during the first half of the art museum visit. Oh yeah, we had an external teacher by the name of Melissa, as heard from one of her colleagues. Man, she was sophisticated and extremely fluent in her voice. She was hilarious as well, haha!

Is the grass greener on the other side?

Mountains.. Close up.

Some wooden carvings.

I can't zoom. So, this is the best I can take. Some sort of ET. LOL.

The table which I scribbled on.

One hundred years of solitude. Sounds like me, lol.

A swing, swinging by its own.. Got me startled at first, lol.

Anyway, that's all for today.
Tomorrow, I'll be visiting the ITE. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I can decide which path I should take. Just under a dilemma right now.. It's hard to choose between Secondary 5 and ITE.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

October 14, 2008

It's all.. weird

Seriously.. Srsly.

Today was the.. shit.

To many, it was pointless attending school since it's post-examination status now. The school have planned many activities, indoors or outdoors, and everyone seemed to complain about the $4 fee. I only have roughly 2 weeks of school left, and the worst part being not able to receive the N levels results, just sucks totally. While I envied other classes, my class was just a class, with 4 groups. No unity, no teamwork. I'm definitely not going to enjoy these few weeks of school. How am I going to consider this a graduation? I don't even know whether I can make a reunion party after we're like in our 30s. In short.. There's just a really huge gap in our class.. But, like anyone cares?

Now.. I know that I cannot graduate with a smile. Never.

If we can't even make these 2 weeks count and make it memorable, what's the point? The school is just wasting it's money. People are even complaining about the $4 and even said that they are not coming to school. How fucked up.

Yeah, keep on saying that coming to school now is pointless. Now, Miss Pang have to chase after those who planned on not coming to school anymore for a measly 4 bucks! Or maybe even pay for it using her own money. Great isn't it. The school assumed that it would be great to have post-examination activities and ended up, money issues, behavioral issues and attendance issues. It's really like adding fuel to fire.

Today, was the worst day. We came to class, spent 30 minutes cleaning up and the remaining 2 hours, we were restricted to drinking air, staring at other classes and looking around. Then after that, there was a fire drill. Then the bell ranged, like it's real spontaneous and then we went down. Imagine there was a fire, would people still be so calm as to just walk down? I bet people would be jumping over a window, havoc everywhere. And squatting down at the field was a bitch. I was putting my belly button injury to it's limit by pushing my weight into my legs and body. Eventually, I felt really weak. And then, Asha went to the canteen to eat and nobody bothered to stop him? So I was like, "Fuck yeah, I'm going down myself". I took the key, opened the door and my belly started to show stains. GREAT HUH. WHAT AN AWESOME DAY.

After that, Mr Kung came into class and started to talk so much. "This would be the future class next year". I was like, "You gotta be kidding right?". And the next statement he said was a contradiction, absentees won't be in next year's class? Man.. It's no surprise, since he did said that there will be one GESS teacher and several other school teachers in the N level examination hall, when it's the total opposite. Soon after, we headed into the IT room to hear Mr Giam's speech about the 3 paths, once again. Once we get the results, we'll talk about that. Right now, there's really no point.

Watched Freedom Writers. It had a good rating, and almost WAS the exact replica of our class. Open defiance, fights, racism, vandalism (It's common nowadays) and groups. I couldn't enjoy the movie because there were noises, in front, behind, everywhere. Most of the time, I just couldn't hear what the cast was saying. Call me a fucker or whatever, but I just wanted to enjoy the movie, man.. Upon watching the movie, I just felt good. If our class was as understanding as them, we would've been such a good class, with unbreakable bonds and team spirit.. The idea of writing journals was better than keeping a blog, since the pen is the mightiest tool amongst everything, writing a journal with a pen definitely keeps sentimental value. This is where laziness plays a part and eventually, journals died off and blogging became the trend. I still keep a journal, a personal one, to keep all my feelings inside.

Next was a Deeparaya 2008 concert, it was rather boring to be honest, but nothing beats to see a dance with Malay and Indian moves combined. I even learned some of the costumes' purposes and sure it was useful eh. Their names were just too stretchy, unable to recall.. After today, I just went home to have a good nap.

Well.. That's all for today then.
All I wish for.. is a memorable 2 weeks before I leave the school for ITE. Even if I'm eligible for Secondary 5, seeing the tree diagram that Mr Giam drawn and my age of 17, I can't afford to waste a year. Sorry friends and enemies.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

Oh, I'm not tagging anymore. Might tag randomly next time. I only want readers. =D

October 12, 2008

Check Yes Juliet

I really love this song. It's catchy. xD

Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings

Lyrics for Check Yes Juliet:

Check yes Juliet
Are you with me?
Rain is falling down on the sidewalk
I won't go until you come outside.

Check yes Juliet
Kill the limbo
I'll keep tossing rocks at your window
There's no turning back for us tonight.

Lace up your shoes
Eh Oh Eh Ohhh
Here's how we do:

Run, baby, run
Don't ever look back.
They'll tear us apart
If you give them the chance.
Don't sell your heart.
Don't say we're not meant to be.
Run, baby, run.
Forever will be
You and me.

Check yes Juliet
I'll be waiting
Wishing, wanting
Yours for the taking.
Just sneak out
And don't tell a soul goodbye.
Check yes Juliet
Here's the countdown
3... 2... 1... now fall in my arms now
They can change the locks
Don't let them change your mind

Lace up your shoes
Eh Oh Eh Ohhh
Here's how we do

Run, baby, run
Don't ever look back
They'll tear us apart
If you give them the chance
Don't sell your heart
Don't say we're not meant to be
Run baby run
Forever will be
You and me

We're flying through the night
We're flying through the night
Way up high,
The view from here is getting better with
You by my side

Run baby run
Don't ever look back
They'll tear us apart
If you give them the chance
Don't sell your heart
Don't say we're not meant to be
Run baby run
Forever will be...

Run baby run
Don't ever look back
They'll tear us apart
If you give them the chance
Don't sell your heart
Don't say we're not meant to be
Run baby run
Forever will be
You and me
You and me
You and me

Good night. =D

The past 3 days were..


Yeah, bad.

My aunt injured her leg, while slipping on a partially wet floor. She's near 60, and her bones are starting to turn fragile. So, the past few days, I was the servant. It was fun though, I have to run errands here and there. And when she leaves for her country in November, I have to wash my own clothes, cook my own food and basically live my own life. It will be a good experience, compared to working outside. It might take me out of gaming for a while, but I won't stop, WoKF is addictive!

Yeah so, what I had experienced the past few days.. I've grown more independent, definitely. I even bought Straits Times everyday, to keep up with the latest news. I just found out that my aunt drank Dutch Milk a month ago, which contained melamine and considered as a tainted product. I read that several products have been detained and confiscated by the AVA already. And right now, my aunt is paranoid and she doesn't want to consume products from China until it's declared safe. Oh and if you drank or ate of late and felt a stomachache/diarrhoea, be careful, it could be melamine or something else harming your systems, consult a doctor if necessary.

So.. It brings me to my next point. Why China had to commit such a fatal fault, or is it on purpose? I read on 8-Days too, months back. It showed a process of using dead chickens (dead for quite long), and to go through a process that will make it LOOK like it's a fresh one. How sinful is that? I know they are trying to save cost and still provide chickens, but that's real disgusting. Whatever it is, everyone has contracted paranoia from this incident literally. Hope it ends soon, real soon.

Anyway, back to topic. I didn't only help out in errands, I continued playing WoKF. I made so much new friends, and enemies too. Having a guild in a particular game really broadens your social circle around the world. Now I have a friend, who's 23, living in Tennessee, USA. Married to a sexy, punky wife and just had their anniversary not long ago. And as usual, the top guilds in WoKF are mostly Singaporean ones, typical of them, always rising to challenges.

I might create a MySpace account and add them too, heh heh.

Anyway, it's very late now.. 2.14 am now.

And there's still school next week! What a total bummer..
I really wish the results release date would be nearer, so that I can rejoice. Right now, waiting for the release, is just plain, mental torture.

Before I leave, read this. I can't tell whether it's real or not, but it's from a TODAY newspaper.

(Click to enlarge)

Asiasoft finally getting their retribution? Or is it a blessing to the MapleSEA players? LOL.

Anyway, gotta sleep now.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

October 9, 2008

N levels OVER!

Good afternoon!

My N levels are officially over! POA students ended theirs earlier, but so what! Haha! Anyway, since the examinations are over, I can go full throttle on my online games. I need to get back my happy mood and enjoy till the holiday starts. This time, I'm not going to work. Instead, I'm going to jog around the garden which is under construction outside my house. Looks like stadium-length jogging track, which proves useful to me since I'm aiming for Silver for NATFA (Or however you spell it) next year, hopefully.

Right now, at this moment, I have no mood to work, do homework or even go to school next week. Why? The N levels results! It will be released at 18 December, which is a really long time! Another matter is that graduation night is before the results release. I know you guys may say that graduation night is a waste of money and such.. Still, I like team spirit and graduation night is the only day I can hear the loudest of the student's voices while singing the School Song and other songs. Also, a night to flaunt your wealth, your tux, your formal wear or whatever..

Till this day, so much things had happened. There were good and bad, but most of it were bad. You wish you could turn back time, but it's impossible. What's done cannot be undone. Oh, I'm going to start listening to better songs. I had enough of most emotional songs already, some are really ridiculous, and it brainwashes people. Gawd. Songs that really make sense are songs from, like example, Teddy Geiger, Sara Bareilles, Missy Higgins, Ashley Parker Angel, We The Kings and so much more.. I need to listen to more alternative rock to pump up my life. Really, the rock genre makes you wanna boogie. Heh.

Oh yeah, I guess I'm gonna be a neutral party for the rest of my life. Once a whole, now split apart. Hope you understand that. Everything is falling apart gradually, and one day, there might be nothing left, but a memory of every little thing remained. As one said, a good life comes with a bad memory. If you're willing to bury the hatchet, you'll be happy. Why cling yourself onto something that pulls you further to the depths, rather than reaching and climbing out of the hole which you fell into. There are not 1, not 2, but many people whom I encountered, making themselves suffer for all the nothingness. I hope you find your way out of the hole, one way or another.

The new year is coming in approximately 3 month's time. It's the best time to lament, change your attitude and avoid faults in the coming year. Which ever path you go to, be it ITE or Secondary 5, change for the better. Nothing is stopping you. Don't expect nature, fate or destiny to reach upon you. Believe your hands, legs and brain. If you are working for money, do your best, wear a smile in front of your customers everyday and you'll be happy too. If you are bored, go for a garden stroll, look at children playing, when they feel happy, you'll be happy too.

In short, take care of yourself during the holidays and still wear a smile.

Nobody likes a frown. =]

Thanks for visiting and may God bless everyone on Earth.

October 8, 2008

Oldies <3

Let You Go - Ashley Parker Angel



Broken promises
But you don't really mind
It's not the first time and you know it
Don't you know
Tell me why it is you only smile inside
But when you break me into nothing
Don't you know
It's not like I haven't tried over and over again
Stupid fights, wrong or right

I remember when you came with me that night
We said forever, that you would never let me go
But here I am again
With nothing left inside
Know I don't wanna
But I gotta let you go

You're the one mistake I really didn't mind
So beautiful, unmerciful
It took me down
Too little and too late
See now I know your kind
You fake it easy just to please me
Don't you know
It's not like we haven't tried over and over again
Sleepless nights, wrong or right


I gotta let you go
It's you
There's nothing I can do



Tomorrow's the last paper. I'm so glad. Finally, no more insanity for me. xD

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

October 2, 2008


Good evening!

I had my History paper in the afternoon today, and man, for the first time, I found it to be quite easy. Serious! In fact, I did not revise for History at all, all pure knowledge comes from my attentiveness in lessons. Somehow, the facts start to pour out and I written a lot for my first time. Believe it or not. Still, I find it very weird.

Well, tomorrow's the grand daddy, Maths Paper 2. It's gonna be hard, I hope. (Haha! Boon Keat, I hope you get B3!)

Anyway, before I end, I just want to share a game which I found to be quite addictive, hopefully would last for me for a while. The game is World Of Kung Fu!

More details about the game here.

My review:
Immediately, you would've guessed that it's an oriental fantasy MMORPG, typical grinder and stuffs like that.. Somehow, WoKF (Shortform) seems to beat most of that. Starting of the game, you get 4 skills to help you out. There is no skill points in this game, you can only use money to buy them or hunt them down from monsters. There is no stat points to add in this game, everytime you level up, stats are automatically increased. That would mean, balanced PVP and balanced wars. No critical builds, low DEX builds whatsoever.

There's no jobs in this game. Rather, there are 9 weapons to choose from. Mainly, the Sword, Spear, Staff, Fan, Broadsword, Hook, Hammer & Axe, Bow and lastly, the Fist. Each kind of weapon have different skills, some pure offensive, but there's no pure defensive. Fan and Hook are the support classes, while the rest are damage dealers. More information here.

There's a lot of unique features in this game. That's for you to find out! Some examples are, Instant Dungeons, Party Dungeons, Crafting, Collecting Materials and many more..

The only feature here I don't see in other games is WoKF's Qigong Temple. Practicing Qigong while in game allows you to gain experience without fighting! OMG, like how cool is that? BUT, there's a limit to how long you can practice Qigong. Everytime you spent 1 hour in the game, you gain 5 points. Everytime you level up, you gain 5 points. 1 point = 1 minute. And the experience gain is awesome, you can level up from 1 - 25 in a day, and the max level cap is 80.

Another feature is the wars. If you played 12Sky, Sho Online, you should know this. There are 5 warring nations, mainly the Zhou, Zheng, Liang, Wei and Qin. Kinda like Dynasties. You can enter war and then play a deathmatch with the other nation. It's so fun! I already played it myself. Damn..

Some screenshots of me in WoKF.

Me in Qigong Temple. The place for meditating. Haha, noticed that panda behind me?

She's a cute little panda!

Anyway, that's all. If you wanna play, please add me!
I'm in Golden Serpent server, a Lvl. 27 Spear and in Zhou Dynasty. Hope to see you there. (Although not much of my friends will join anyway.. Haha!)

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

October 1, 2008

Good day!

Good evening!

Happy Children's Day! (Rofl, I know it's for kids, heck, we all started as kids first, eh!)
Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri to all my Malay friends! (Racist comments are prohibited!)

Well, it rained yesterday, quite a heavy rain I would say. Still, nothing beats that morning rain in school, at 27 September. Damn, that rain was ownage. It's good that it rained, it feels so warm nowadays. Or maybe, I'm just fat lah.

I had no mood to study History. I just detest the tedious job of memorizing facts. So I just revised on Maths, hoping to get an A2, if not, B3/4. For the last few days, I just hadn't got the mood to revise. I only wanted time to pass by quick, so that I could play some computer games! I just can't stand revising for long hours, I want to get more hands-on activities than pure writing.

Oh well, better stop here.
Tomorrow's the History papers.. Fucking bitch..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 29, 2008


Good evening y'all.

It's approximately 11.56 am now. Oh well, today's papers are Physics/Chemistry and Maths Paper 1, all in a day! I know that other schools, or other classes are experiencing like 3-5 papers a day (I think..), but seriously, the Cambridge setters or whoever it is, should cut us some slack! I was already losing my concentration during the Maths Paper 1 and most of the time, I'm staring into blank space. What I'm saying is.. Leave one examination date specially for one particular subject.

Talk about papers..

The Physics paper was so darn easy.. I already estimated 19/20 for the MCQ section, and roughly 19-22 marks for Paper 2. That brings about a estimated total of 38-41 marks. Frankly speaking, I had never gotten a 19/20 for any kind of MCQ before. I was getting more borderline passes instead. But NEVERTHELESS, it's one of my biggest accomplishment of all time. Of course, I have to thank Mr Chan for making me stay back after school, you know, his "system" whereby if you failed his class test, you have to stay back after school till 5 or 6 pm. That helped me totally. It's like the facts and formulas are already embedded in my brain. It's just awesome.

Chemistry paper was mediocre. Wouldn't guarantee a high pass, most probably a borderline pass, like 25 - 27. To sum it up, I'm already getting like 61+ marks for Combined Science, which is B+ I think? Hopefully, it would be B3, so that I can take a load off my shoulders for a bit.

Okay, let's head on to the biggest bitch on the block. Maths!
Maths was a partial murderer. With its Algebra questions, I almost wanted bang my head on the table and hope that it was all over. Lucky me, the Algebra didn't conquer the whole damn paper, otherwise I would have been defeated. There were some questions that appeared rarely, which makes it not a difficult paper, but more like a recap on basics. Basics like, Integers, LCM, Bisectors and Ratio. Overall, it's a rather easy paper, but still, it's an inversed proportion. The easy it is, the harder it is as well, judging from personal experience. =D

Alright, so 3 papers down, 3 more to go.
History is on, this Thursday. I'm not planning to pass History, but since Mr Leong gave the History students some self-prepared notes (I think? Cause' I remembered seeing, "Thanks to Boon Keat or something"..) I'm just gonna flip through the pages, and just try to memorize some of the model answers. Gosh, I hate memorizing..

Maths Paper 2 is the shit. It's a much higher conversion of marks, compared to Paper 1. Upon conversion, 1 single mark could equate to 2-3 marks (I think). So, Paper 2 is PRECIOUS! Besides, Paper 2 is much easier.. Think of Simultaneous Equations, those juicy 4 marks. And if there's a graph to plot, another 3 more marks.. Probability questions, aww, just sweet. Not to mention, Cumulative Frequency! In conclusion? Paper 2 owns Paper 1! Paper 1 is a noob.

Whatever it is, guys! Just do your best. Reap what you sow. (I hope this idiom is used correctly.. LOL)

And lastly, just want share some videos. Haha, maybe to occupy you during the "2 days holiday"!

The Hardest Boss In Gaming History

Baby Gets Owned By Breakdancer

Stolen Newspaper Prank Call

Ventrillo Harressment


Enjoy the videos!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

*oh man, I gotta sleep.. haven't slept the whole day..*

September 28, 2008

Toki no Kakera

Good evening y'all.

Tomorrow's the bitch! N levels starts tomorrow again!
Guys, do your best and good luck!

Here's a song to cheer you guys on!
It made me feel kinda happy. HAHA!
If you like it, you can request the song from me, tag, MSN or whatever.

That's all.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 27, 2008

Maths !@#$

Good evening y'all.

Early in the morning, I went out with my mum to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to renew my passport's expiry date. It took faster than I expected, I even thought that there was a need for new photographs of myself. Haha, in the future, I can go there myself!

So today, after reaching home, I just studied Maths for the whole afternoon. As I said, if I want secure a spot in Secondary 5, I have to rely on my best 2 subjects, and perfect them. Currently, the 2 subjects are Maths and D&T. I have no problem getting an A in D&T, all that's left for D&T is the theory paper which comprises 30% of the coursework. The other 70% goes into the folio that I've been working on for months, and I'm getting very good responses from it too, so it's pretty much settled. For Maths, I still have trouble understanding Algebra and Co-ordinate Geometry. Gonna practice it again tomorrow, and I'm settled for a B, or my goal, A2.

If I ever move on to Secondary 5, I have to sacrifice work, game time and sleep time to practice Humanities and Chemistry. I have no problem in Physics already. Humanities is the bitch, and Chemistry is just so-so. If I can go into Secondary 5, I'm gonna mug like mad. Haha.

Tomorrow will be another.. tiring day.
But fret not, my maid's cooking spaghetti!
One of my favorite dishes!
It's considered good luck to me! So thank you so very much!

That's all for today!
And.. I hope this skin isn't causing anyone problems yet. If it does, please tag!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 26, 2008

Well.. There's 2 days left.

Good evening y'all.

Awww.. I'm having a cold.
Yeah, today morning was like.. some rain storm or something. I assumed that it would be some typical rain. But I didn't expect it to be that heavy! Practically everyone in 4D that came today got drenched all over, a few lucky ones didn't get drenched as much. We were allowed to air our shoes and be barefooted. Somehow, it seemed like a present from heaven. Man, being barefooted is kinda luxurious in a weird way. Even the school is giving us luxury, extra clothes, towels and some others that I did not catch. Whatever it is, today is kinda memorable. HAHA!

Well.. There isn't nothing special today. I'm just doing self-study most of the time.

Haha, don't call me emo or anything. This is me. I'm alone most of the time.

My mother had to work from day to night, working her butt off. Everytime I reached home, I go into my room and just do my usual stuffs. I did so much things alone, like solitaire, watching people downstairs, staring at clouds and yeah, just a boring yet simple life. At school, it's hard adapting to my friends, because most of them speaks Chinese, and I'm better at English than Chinese, so pretty much of the time, I'll mind my own business and just stare into blank spaces. This is what you would call a language barrier. It's not my fault that my Chinese isn't on par with my friends, I even tried to improve it.

My state of lonliness, called solitude, first happened when I was in Primary school. It was an all boys school. I wasn't the kind of dream boy, handsome guy or something. I was fat, tall and everyone just seems to depise me because of that. I remembered all the bad things that happened. I had no good friends, I have friends, but time in time, they backstabbed me and I was lonely for 2 years (Primary 5 and 6). I punched the wall, to get tougher and so that I could fight them when I was picked on. That's the reason why I'm quite a violent guy. But I use my fists to protect people and myself. When I was in Primary 5, I suffered punches to my arms and back for almost a year. I could not fight back, because it was like 2-4 people sparring on me. That's another reason, why I don't feel pain when I got whacked on the arms or the back. It's more like.. used to it or immune to it already. I was the only one of the few who went to Normal (Academic) after the PSLE. I was being laughed at, parents of other children staring at me, telling their children to forget me as a friend. That's where, my 6 years old Primary education ended. Those were the worst years I ever had.

Just when you're wondering, yeah, I got my first blog address from this incident. If you want to visit it, please do. Click here. Honestly, it's not chronologically reliable, because I really have a bad memory. At least, I tried. =]

I entered Gan Eng Seng School. Thinking that I'll start a new life, and be happy all the way. Secondary 1 was good, I had the most fun then and everyone was so cheerful. I really missed those times. All good things come to an end, at Secondary 2. It was mild, the changes were clearly visible. Till the day I retained, life wasn't going as what I wished. I entered 3D then, everyone was so friendly, and I really loved the warmth. But.. again, all good things come to an end, and day by day, it just gets worse.. Right now, my class isn't a whole already, it's split up into parts. For me, I'm just a standalone, wishing for the impossible, sweeping the class, lying to myself. Everytime I see friends fighting, it just hurts me. Once there was good friends, and now, just despicable. If I had a choice, I rather stay on as a Secondary 1 kid for the rest of my life. Those were the best memories, seriously.. Till now, I'm still a loner, but mildly happy.

I always head home, alone. In the bus, I'll just stick myself to a seat for an hour, until I reached my home. I have no close friends living next to me, so I have no company at all. I hate taking the MRT because of the seats are taken up most of the time and I had to stand. I hate standing, man.. Buses have scenery, stare at different kinds of people everyday and frequently, a good air-conditioner. Haha, don't blame me for being this. I'm a boring person, and a simple one. No doubt, my life's been filled with solitude and lonliness but at least, I find ways to entertain myself and still be happy.

I'm just hoping to find a friend, who is same as me. Maybe in the future? I don't know.. But, if he/she really exists, he/she would definitely be my best friend. Hoping to find you, one day..

Well.. It's getting late. Not gonna sleep yet. Gonna try and study Maths and Chemistry for awhile. I'm just gonna do my best for the N levels and see how's the outcome like.

2 days left to the N levels. Everyone mug hard for the last 2 days! Good luck!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

September 25, 2008

Forget the past, live the present, plan the future.

Good evening y'all.

I see a glimmer of hope somewhere..

A big thank you to everyone who cheered me up, tagged me and contacted me. I'm alright, somehow. But fret not, I won't be a foolish asshole to jump off a building just because of life problems. I have to admit, everyone changed in one way or another. Starting life afresh seems to be the best solution, and yet too late. I guess everyone needs time to mature, understand and respect everyone. Time is the best solution..

Still.. It won't be easy to forget the past. A good life always comes with a bad memory, and good health. Bad memory to aid you in the faults that you have committed in the past and good health, of course, to enjoy life to the fullest. And lastly, it takes a lifetime to forget her, so don't force me. Heh.

So, examinations are starting next Monday. 3 papers in a day, oh my goodness.. It's not gonna be stressful, but instead, tiring. Somehow, this time table is screwed up. Why clash 3 papers in a day? The worst shit is that, Maths Paper 1 is on Monday and the Paper 2 is on another day! Oh man.. Meaning that, we have to revise fully for Paper 1, and another full revision for Paper 2 for the other day? I'm sure that Cambridge is not messing with us. The past N levels have been a breeze and a disappointment for many after their O levels. When they mean that the current N levels will be hard, I'm sure they do meant HARD.

Lastly, I gotta sleep.


Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 24, 2008

Worst day.

Good evening blog.

You know what. I just had the worst day of my life. It's kinda like multiple problems stacking up on each other, and just toppling all over. I'm bottling up my fears to let it out on a perfect day, but I didn't expect it to be today. Suying's death.. My health problems.. My family problems.. My studies, it just feels so heavy. And just right, a pencil case came flying straight into my penis, and fuck, it was the limit. I just broke down, not caring about other people's thoughts. Somehow, crying seem to be the best way to let out stress. I don't really care about people calling me a crybaby. I don't need pride, all I need to be is to be genuine and true to myself.

During recess, some guy even have the cheek to say her name in front of me. Seriously, haven't I suffered enough? Her loss was already bringing me down to my lowest, and I have to get even lower? Ever since her death, I have cried buckets, and buckets of water, and I still have to cry even more? Have you guys ever experienced losing a loved one? It's so painful, you wish that you could just commit suicide to ease the pain. And she's the only friend I had who recognizes my inner self, not caring about my physical appearances. She's the only one who loves me for whoever I am. This is what love is all about.. Our love knows no boundaries. So please.. For the final time, I wish that everyone can respect me by refraining from using her name. Respect me and I'll return the respect to you.

After I chased someone around just when CD is starting, I felt a pain in my belly. Which made me weak and vulnerable. Guys.. Please give my belly a break. Do you really want me to die of internal bleeding then you guys will be satisfied? I already recovered during July, no internal bleeding anymore. The problem came back when my belly got rammed.. Till now, the smell and the pain is unbearable. A surgery is needed to make a full cure of this problem, but I haven't met the surgeon yet, maybe after the N levels. So please.. Please leave my belly alone. You can punch, kick and smash my arms, legs, neck or head for all I care, but not my belly..

Sorry for creating a commotion in class.. I'm just really stressed.

And the counselor really helped me a lot. Thanks!

For now.. Can we make the best of our remaining days in school? I'm heading into ITE, no matter what result I have. I just feel that I'm more suited there than having to start revising all over again. It's still a dilemma, but hopefully I'll make the right choice.

Till then..
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

September 23, 2008

Bad, bad, bad.

Good evening y'all.

Once again, my belly bled again. I don't know why, but it's affecting my whole body. I can't describe the feeling, but it just feels like hell. The smell of it, just irks me. That's why I'm getting away from people, so that they won't feel irritated by the smell. I'm gonna feel like an outcast, once again. Oh well, it can't be helped. I'm one unlucky soul to be infused with this son of a bitch.

School today sucked so bad, I felt like snoozing throughout the day. I was having second thoughts about going into Secondary 5. Lots of things went through, but two in particular. Firstly, I detested the thought of having to do Humanities again in Secondary 5, even if I got promoted, I'm not sure how well I'm gonna do for Humanities in the O levels. Secondly and finally, my friends. I hate to leave my friends in order to move on to ITE. Even though it's only been 1 and a half year we had together, I still feel the bond and closeness with them. Sigh, why let society decide our future? I really don't see a need for Humanities in designing courses, yet I'm forced to study it. Yes, it helps you to make clever rebuttals and clear explanations, but the need for memorizing and so much more, just makes it a really tedious kind of subject.

The first period for today was Mother Tongue.. Boring as shit. The Chinese students were given worksheets for them to do. Some people slept, some people were quietly revising their work and I definitely was revising. I stared around when I was sick of revision, studied my friends' body language and behavior. It's really interesting, because there's so much reactions happening. The atmosphere in class today seems really.. Hmmm, how should I say it.. A clash of emotions and laughter, seems that way though..

The next two periods were Maths. Once again, I'm having the same thought that I had during Mother Tongue. Every single time I stare at an Algebra question, my mind starts race through millions of thoughts. Whether should stare at another Algebra topic in Secondary 5 or just go to ITE. In fact, I heard that ITE isn't a bad school, or rather.. institute. I read about a person's review on the ITE, read about it here. But fuck, my mind's in a dilemma right now. There are so many advantages and disadvantages of both choices, it's so hard to decide.. Oh my goodness.

Then it was Chemistry. It's true that Miss Mah doesn't show any commitment in teaching us already, but there's no reason why we should give Science up. But honestly, there are times that her monotonous voice can make me doze off like a finger snap.

Recess was next. As usual, sat on top of the teacher's console and just watch friends play their card games. I was listening to songs too.. Heh.

D&T was next. Nothing much though. Mun Tat loves to criticise Siraj lately. Haha, that's his retribution for bustering other people! Of course, I always get a share. Mun Tat practically criticised my mum's name throughout the lesson. Sigh, I wanted to take it lightly, but.. he's a good guy actually. I hate it when a particular guy laughs at you, he feels awesome, but if he gets laughed at, he doesn't feel good and switched to emo mode. So much for the lack of compassion and respect huh.. Being a Gessian is nuts, not everyone could possess the school values, what's the point of even placing the banners there. Even if you possess at least half or more of them, it's not like people are gonna recognise you for your efforts. Like they always say, the good will be rewarded.. Honestly speaking, I could understand why there are more defiant, rude and badass people out there than good ones. Need I say more?

After school, I went to the canteen to have my lunch. Suddenly, Chungaik came from behind and scared the shit outta me. And then came Hock Zheng and Boon Keat. Well, apparently, they are heading home and they are waiting for me. Haha, feel so "touched" everywhere (John's dirty thoughts). Boon Keat headed to the west side gate, while I walked with the rest to the other side gate. Exchanged good-byes and I headed for Justin's house for tutoring.

Damn, I was tempted once again by Rock Band 2 in Justin's house, but nevermind, school work comes first. After around 5 pm, I finally finished my tuition. Went to his gym to punch. I was feeling really stressed, and could not stop punching. My hand hurts right now, but it's part and parcel of boxing. Well, at least, I let out a lot of steam and felt awesome again. Went back home soon after.

Nowadays, I'm hiding my personal feelings. Dare not say it out to anybody. I guess I'm gonna do this for a few more years.. Can't understand why people say that a year is short. I always feel
that a year is TOO LONG, and many things could happen then. Sigh, once, a good friend of mine, by the name of Rachel, told me that what's the point of caring when you do not get cared. Yeah, it's pretty true, but I don't know why. I just want to care, and care, and care even till the day I die. I guess that's a special trait of me. But most people I see doesn't like to receive my care, most probably because I'm a bad-looking person, with a huge flabby stomach and fats everywhere. So much for that, I'm just a sucker for appearances and love. But fuck, I'm still living and that is all that matters.. Is it?

Well.. That pretty much sums up my post for today.
Still thinking whether it's ITE or Secondary 5 for me. Gonna try my best for N levels though..

Oh and I think I wrote the most shit for today. Sorry for the huge walls of texts! T_T

And here are the lyrics for my blog song.

Matchbox Twenty - Unwell


All day staring at the ceiling
Making friends with shadows on my wall
All night hearing voices telling me
That I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good for something

Hold on
Feeling like I'm headed for a breakdown
And I don't know why

But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to

I'm talking to myself in public
Dodging glances on the train
And I know, I know they've all been talking about me
I can hear them whisper
And it makes me think there must be something wrong with me
Out of all the hours thinking
Somehow I've lost my mind

But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be

I've been talking in my sleep
Pretty soon they'll come to get me
Yeah, they're taking me away

But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell
I know right now you can't tell
But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see
A different side of me
I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired
I know right now you don't care
But soon enough you're gonna think of me
And how I used to be

Yeah, how I used to be
How I used to be
Well, I'm just a little unwell
How I used to be (a little unwell)
How I used to be
I'm just a little unwell


Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 22, 2008

Dizzy spells.

Good evening y'all.

Chasing after the Sun, is like chasing after you. It's a never-ending race.
I still think of you, even if you're in heaven.

As the title states, I'm having dizzy spells during PE lesson. Sorry Chungaik and Derrick, but I have to push myself in order to prove that I'm not useless in the team. Although my belly is bleeding literally, I still carried on. After the game finished, I slowly walked up and yeah, felt like an old man walking for 100 years back to class. [/endsarcasm]

Anyway, I drank lots of water and relax my soul. The bleeding was pretty bad, I have a strong feeling that it's because I'm obese. I'm really gonna exercise a lot during the holidays. Gonna have a 3 months Basic Military Training, haha.

I had my CLB oral in school today. It was pretty hard, considering it that it's just CLB. Damn, the tester didn't gave any chances. Shooting me with complicated Chinese words. But I really hope that she is satisfied with my performance, at least, just a borderline pass. It always seems that the easier the subject is, the harder it is. Kinda like an inversed proportion I guess?

Anyway, here's a song for you readers to enjoy.
I kinda got addicted to it when I first listened to it.

Leavin' - Jesse McCartney

Hey baby girl, I’ve been watching you all day (all day, all day, all day)
Man, that thing you got behind you is amazing (amazing, amazing, amazing)
You make me want to take you out and let it rain (let it rain, let it rain, let it rain)
I know you got a man, but this is what you should say
Why won’t you tell him that

I’m leavin', never to come back again
You found somebody who does it better than he can
No more making you cry, no more them gray skies
Girl we flying on that G-5, G-5

And we're leavin', never to come back again
So call your shorty and tell him you found a new man
The one that so, so fly
The one that keep you high
Have you singing all night like, like

Oooh oooh oooh (oh)
Oooh oooh
Man she gon' be singing (she gon' be singing like)
Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh

Now if I talk it girl you know that I'ma walk it out (walk it out, walk it out, walk it out)
Man, I put my money, money where my mouth is (mouth is, mouth is, mouth is)
'Cause you're the baddest little thing that I’ve ever seen (ever seen, ever seen, ever seen)
So I'ma ask you one time if you got a man
Why don't you tell him that

I’m leavin', never to come back again
You found somebody who does it better than he can
No more making you cry, no more them gray skies
Girl we flying on that G-5, G-5

And we're leavin', never to come back again
So call your shorty and tell him you found a new man
The one that so, so fly
The one that keep you high
Have you singing all night like, like

Oooh oooh oooh (oh)
Oooh oooh
Man she gon' be singing
Oooh oooh oooh (she gon' be singing, oh, she gon' be singing)
Oooh oooh oooh (she gon' be singing, you got me saying))

Don’t stress, don’t stress, don’t stress
Just tell him to the left, left, left
Don’t stress, don’t stress, don’t stress
'Cause we gone and we gone and we gone

No stress, no stress, no stress
Girl you deserve nothing but the best
No stress, no stress, no stress
Girl you need to tell him that

I’m leavin', never to come back again
You found somebody who does it better than he can
No more making you cry, no more them gray skies
Girl we flying on that G-5, G-5

And we're leavin', never to come back again
So call your shorty and tell him you found a new man
The one that so, so fly
The one that keep you high
Have you singing all night like, like

Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh
Man she gon' be singing
Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh

She got me singing all night like, like, like, liiike

Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh
Man she gon' be singing
Oooh oooh oooh (she gon' me singing, oh she gon' me singing)
Oooh oooh (she gon' me singing, girl you gon' me singing)


Well, that's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 21, 2008


Good evening y'all.

I just had a tiring spring cleaning today. Cleared loads of rubbish and mopped.

Anyway, here's my wallpaper for September before it ends.

I'm really hooked onto Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare!

Surprised that I'm using Vista? Nope, I'm using a cheap method. I'm currently using a XP to Vista converter tool, which makes it look like Vista but not with the Vista components. I had the Yahoo! Widgets (That calendar and the day planner) installed which was bundled together with the converter. If you want the converter, here's a link. Don't worry, it's not a booby trap.

After cleaning up today, I went out for a walk. Just reminiscing the moments I had with her. God, I missed her so much.. Just sat around for awhile, watching the children having the time of their life playing tag. It's just great that everyone in my block is happy. Neighbors recognized me and greeted me politely, saying how big and tall I grown (Not to mention, FAT). Well, that's what my elders always say when they see me, hehe. So I went back up and slept through the afternoon.

Recently, I had a friend who lost his family. I knew him from Flyff (The second game I played the longest, and MapleSEA being the game I played the longest). He was a good guy but why must this happen to him? He told me everything in MSN, how his parents died. His father, who was on a business trip to Japan and his mother, who followed him died in a car crash. His father lost concentration on the road, not sure what illness his father had. But it was really tragic.. They lost a lot of blood and in the end, passed away. He was depressed, by the way he's typing (Usually he types with no repetitive dots at the end of his sentences). Sigh, friend, I hope you will get through this slowly and still move on with life. Your parents will protect you no matter what. Good luck in life and everything.

au revoir, my friend.
(Yes, he's French Canadian but understands English).

What's life becoming into? He's the 4th friend I knew who had lost family members. Just remember, parental love is the best love. It cannot beat a couple's love and a friendship bond. Parents are ones who brought you into Earth, and provided for all your neccessities. Even if your friends walk out on you, your parents will always be there to comfort you. That's why I always put family safety as my top priority, then friends.

Remember, everyday is a Mother's Day and a Father's Day. Don't fail to show your love for them!

That's all for today.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!


I've been addicted to this song that Rachel sent me for a long time.

One In A Million - Bosson


You're one in a million
You're one in a million

Sometimes love can hit you every day
Sometimes you can fall for everyone you see
But only one can really make me stay
A sign from the sky
Said to me

You're one in a million
You're once in a lifetime
You made me discover one of the stars above us
You're one in a million
You're once in a lifetime
You made me discover one of the stars above us

I've been looking for that special one
And I've been searching for someone to give my love
And when I thought that all the hope was gone
A smile, there you were and I was gone

I always will remember how I felt that day
A feeling indescribable to me
I always knew there was an answer for my prayer
And you, you're the one for me

[Chorus x 2]

In the beginning I was cool and everything was possible
They tried to catch me but it was impossible
No one could hurt me it was my game
Until I met you baby and you were the same
And when you didn't want me I wanted you because
The funny thing about it is I liked the show
I like it when it's difficult
I like it when it's hard
Then you know it's worth it
That you found your heart

[Chorus x 2]

You're one in a million
You're one in a million


September 20, 2008


Good evening y'all.

I had so much fun today. I played Rock Band 2 in Justin's house and it rocked like hell. My hands are still trembling and my head dizzy from all that drumming and head banging. After that, went out with Chungaik, Derrick, Mun Tat and Kenneth to a LAN shop in the vicinity around People's Park. Man, the computers are high-end, and so the gameplay is pretty much smooth. I played games, which I had trouble playing in my computer, like Call Of Duty 4, Need For Speed Carbon and CabalSEA. We played Counter Strike and Call Of Duty 4 Multiplayer. Man, it's so addictive, and I'm going there again after the N levels. Seriously, the computers there are just awesome.. You could pretty much play any games, except Crysis and Far Cry 3 (Which requires the Vista version of DirectX 10, and most probably a 8800 GTX nVidia Graphic Card, think of all the costs.. Damn).

Some of the songs I played on Rock Band 2 (Of course not on Expert..)
PS. Please don't listen if you are not a Rock, Metal genre fan.

Dream Theater - Panic Attack (My favorite)

Slipknot - Psychosocial

System Of A Down - Chop Suey

Of course, showing you the videos isn't enough. You must experience it yourself! It's so addictive! My shirt was already full of sweat before I came and played LAN. Drumming certainly is a tiring thing, but it's too fun!

Well, that's all for today.
Tomorrow's spring cleaning, once again..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 19, 2008


Good evening y'all.

Today was a really tiring day. I had a stiff neck, just stiffness everywhere. I'm really getting too old.. First leg cramps, then constant headaches, and so much more. I have health problems like indigestion, bleeding belly, and sometimes I had this *stabbed* feeling in my lungs, it hurts like mad. Sigh, I don't know whether I could like live long. All these health problems at such a young age seems like a bad sign. Whatever it is, I just gonna live everyday like it's the last. And when I stop breathing, I will know that people around me remembers me, one way or another. Haha.

Anyway, enough of that crap. I know you guys aren't here for those.

Well, today was alright actually. I pretty much slacked through the day, since there aren't much lessons. At least, Jiemin didn't cried as much as yesterday. Glad that you are better now! Stay strong!

The first two lessons was English. Haha, Mr Sandhu was in a exceptionally good mood today. I loved the part when I chased Chungaik, because he took my IC and EZ-Link card, and Mr Sandhu tried to stop me. I took the pack of tissue papers and whacked his head. Hahaha! I was laughing! But yeah, sorry Mr Sandhu! Before all that, we had a little spring cleaning in the classroom. At least, the class looks a little worthy of the Clean and Green Award.

After that, was Physics. We had another test, this time, it wasn't a surprise test. Surprisingly, I found the test really easy. I felt great. In the past, Physics was like a killer subject, comparable to Humanities. Right now, at this freaking moment, it isn't. I can beat it so easily, like a punching bag. I love the sense of accomplishment.. It's great! I can finally rest easy for my Science!

Next was Social Studies. Did nothing much, slacked around. Mr AJ kept on asking me to study History. The problem now is that there's no point in studying History now. I know what kind of marks I will get for my Social Studies. Even if I passed History, it's a wasted effort. I'm just gonna concentrate on every subject, except for Humanities.

Recess time. Watched friends, playing cards.

Mother Tongue was next. The Chinese teacher was rather pissed today, and Hock Zheng said that she's vending her anger on us. Seems like it, but she was happy after awhile. Such quick mood swings huh?

After a week of mayhem, tears, pain and sorrow, it had finally ended. I can have my peace. After this week, I'm gonna reserve all my days for pure revision. I'm gonna try to not log on into MSN but I'll still blog. If there's any study groups next week, please invite me. Thank you!

Well.. I'm gonna take my well-deserved sleep later.
That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 18, 2008


Good evening everyone.

If we cannot live so as to be happy, let us least live so as to deserve it.

I just had a tiring day at school. Just don't want to mention it. It's almost like a scene being cut out from a drama serial into real life, that's how it is, with a little touch of rage and an outrage of emotions. Anyway, I was so tired today. I slept at 3 am, because I couldn't sleep at 12 mn. I ended up studying Maths during the late mornings.

Mr Sandhu came to the class today and encouraged us to consider ITE after our N levels. I'm not saying that he look upon ITE as a good school, but even if it has good facilities and stuff, it doesn't mean anything. See Gan Eng Seng? We can't even protect our own facilities, let alone advanced and spacious facilities. Still, never judge a book by its cover. The things I worry about ITE isn't the courses and facilities, it's the community.

Today marks the most "Sighs" I said and typed in MSN. Around 70 times. Sigh. A record to be remembered.

Anyway, I hadn't got the mood to blog much.
That's all.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 17, 2008

Save us from our misery.

Oh God. What happened to everyone?

With my eyes twitching and my leg that kept on receiving constant cramps, it's definitely a bad sign. The atmosphere at class today was pretty tense, even though we did wreak havoc during Miss Pang's period. I wish I can understand what my friends are going through, either a crisis or an obstacle. One person in particular, although I wish to not reveal the name, is going through a hard time. That person had countless problems, which are some of the worst I had ever heard. I'm going to try and help you in every way I can. That's what friends are for, giving each other a helping hand.

Man, I just couldn't study today.
I had this leg cramp which sucked donkey balls, at around 3 pm. Right now, even as I'm typing, it hurts. I'm walking with my left leg lifted at 70 degrees. How pathetic. I do need to exercise soon and there's a jogging track being implemented in my neighborhood. Right timing!

But well, apparently. About today.
We always have corners set up during recess.

First up. The current addiction.
The Gambling Corner.
Come here to get a gambling experience with no money at stake!


Next. The newly set up.
The EMO-tional Corner.
Come here to share your problems. Our dear friends will help you!


Lastly. For the paranoid and hardworking people.
The Study Corner!
Come here to ask for help, solutions or whatever. Just beware of the cat.

Well, well. That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 16, 2008


Oh man.. I'm really tired.
I did not have my afternoon nap, and therefore, I'm freaking tired. I just didn't feel like snoozing off and laying my ass on the comfy bed.

Oh man.. What's happening to my friends?
I had faced two damsels in distress. Someone who couldn't live life with simplicity. Someone who is having problems with the upcoming examinations. Someone who had his computer infected with Trojans. Someone who feel that he is jinxed. Someone who is having problems with love, the most fatal and tragic weapon ever. That's like 6 problems already from the past few weeks. Maybe I should apply for a counselor job or something. Really, I'm serious. I rather help people who are in distress. I'll check it out in the near future..

Oh man.. What's happening to me?
I'm having some minor health problems, and yet it's irksome in a bad way. But I'm glad that the people around me have either ceased or lessen their criticism on me.

Oh man.. Why am I having flashbacks?
So much memories, so much mistakes but no time to repent, no time to change. We all have to move on.

Oh man.. Why is life hard?
Life is never hard. It's just the people's outlook of life that makes it hard. Why drink alcohol when you can drink water? Why smoke cigarettes when you chew on sweets? Why talk big when you have no guts to do it? Why love if you can't love? Why demand respect when you don't respect others? Why murder people when you can watch pornography everyday? Why think of death when you are alive? Why get so worked up over love like it's the end of the world? These are some of the few complaints about life I receive practically everyday. I only got one thing to say, you have one life, ONE SINGLE LIFE, waste it and you are done for. Life is precious. Period.

Oh man.. Why does the bad live longer than the good?
One phrase. The world is biased. But anyhow, we still need to abide by a quote.
Enough sorrow to keep you human.

Oh man.. Am I going to get flamed?
Be it flamed or not, I don't care. This is me, I'm always expressing my honest views.

And finally.
Advanced Technology = Even more epic failures
Quoted by Rachel yesterday night. =D

That's all for my mini rant.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

September 14, 2008

2 WEEKS !@#$

Good morning.
Nah, good evening everyone!

It's Mid-Autumn festival today! I was downstairs awhile ago. I was playing fireworks with some friends and ate tidbits. My mother bought me moon cakes as well, and they are durian flavored, pretty delicious! I was walking around the neighborhood, it's pretty cool! The wind shoots at your face, bringing about a cool sensation and the stars are so bright this evening. How I wish I had someone with me to enjoy this special occasion.. Oh well, what's past is past.

So today, I trimmed my hairdo, shaved my beard, shaved my armpit (Damn, it's fragrant) and exercised a bit. I never liked long, fuzzy hair. I know it looks really cool and handsome on a male, but I just can't stand hair strands dangling on my face. To be honest, it's really irritating and causes me to itch. I really respect those males with super long hair, it's amazing how they can endure hair strands covering their face. I'm sticking to my shaved sides and bulky top.

I also noticed while walking to the barber some elders in a bus. There's one elder, in particular, who had really fragile legs and walking really slowly. No one seems to be helping him, so I had no choice but to assist him. One thing I don't understand is, why isn't he staying at home? With his fragile legs and bones, he could collapse easily. Man, this world is turning WILD. I have to predict that his children are ignoring him or somewhat. How pathetic..

I've been sleeping for the past two days! Am I mad or what? N levels are like 2 weeks away, and I'm here, putting my butt on the comfy bed! Gosh, John, you should slap yourself. But seriously, when it gets to the afternoon, I get tired very easily. And when I want to take a short nap of an hour, it automatically extends to 4 hours. So much for body alarm clock.. Oh and do you know that our body works and reacts like an alarm clock? It's true! Somehow, I'm not able to possess that trait.. Back to old, cellphone alarm digital clocks..

So yes, 2 weeks is all I got left. But recently, during the weekdays, I had some pretty good results. One, for instance, is Mr Chan's Physics surprise test. Damn, it's totally not his style. It's too easy, really. It's my first time getting an 18/20 for MCQ. If only I can get this kind of marks for N levels, it's SO TEMPTING MAN! For a while, I felt really awesome. Kinda like the feeling while you are fapping (LOL!). Anyway, I will be getting my Section B marks next week, so I'm hoping for some unexpected marks!

And finally, my Maths. I'm getting better at Algebra, due to the revisions! I'm so happy! Mr Kung's other school's papers helped a lot too! I'm glad that he provided answers and solutions for most questions. But to be realistic, I'm only able to attain B3 at my current state, which is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT, OMG. Mug, mug, mug, mug, mug, mug and MORE MUG. I'm going crazy soon..

Well, that's all for today.
School starts tomorrow.. Another week of mayhem. >_>

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 11, 2008

Bad day, perhaps?

Good evening y'all.

Today happened to be a bad day for some people. Oh well, without evidence, we can't make false accusations. But the loss of 2 really expensive equipments is such a pity. Maybe this time, you would learn to take care of your own stuff, especially items that are really expensive.

Yeah, I had a really eff-ed up morning today. I do not want to reveal this person's identity, because I want to prevent flame wars. I would really appreciate if you could at least say something more appropriate like a hello or something. It's practically everyday, you reached the area near the flagpole stand and you start criticizing me. Honestly speaking, I did not like it at all. In the first place, I already detested criticism. I'm not asking for a verbal war or anything, I just want you to change a bit. Everyone have their limits, and this morning, seriously, I felt like punching you, but I held back my fist to prevent commotions. So.. For goodness's sake, please, PLEASE, lessen on your criticism.

Well.. Today's the 11th September 2008.
It's a painful and dreadful day for many in the USA.
Read this.
September 11 attacks

6000 people died in the attack. To you, it might be a really small amount. But think, the amount of families grieving over the death of their loved ones, is really sad. I do not really care whether the USA president is at fault somewhere, but the bottomline is that innocent people died! How cold blooded can these terrorists be? Oh my God.. I just can't imagine myself in that situation. Although this is like 7 years ago, I just can't let it go. It's too tragic. Man..

Death.. is really bad. It just depresses our loved ones.
One said that no one is human if they can't take sorrow.
True. Very true.
But is this sorrow enough? Are we even caring for our loved ones? Why are we individualists? Are we requesting mother nature to perform more natural disasters? Must the world be indulged in catastrophe THEN we'll start caring for our loved ones?

I know I said this before.. Everyday, you see your loved ones, you should go and hug them, thank life for making us safe till this day. I have already experienced the pain of losing a loved one, because I let her loose in a country where chaos and killers are present.

So guys, start caring for your loved ones. Because the ultimate reason is, death is inevitable.

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

September 10, 2008

The final lap.. Or whatever.

Good evening y'all.

It's been a while since I last updated! It's hard to update when I'm in intensive revision! So I felt it might be better if I just concentrate on studying. As I said last time, I cannot multi-task!

So anyway, for today's post, I just want to share my feelings with everyone.

Today's been a really meaningful day. Although not much happened, but it kinda struck me real hard. Okay, to start it off.. I woke up very early today, like around 4am. I don't know why, I slept at 1am last night, so I only had 3 hours of sleep. Somehow, I still feel energetic! I burned an hour of midnight oil for my Maths. Yeah! I'm planning to bring my Maths results into a whole new level. I'm seriously aiming for an A2 right now, since my English paper was screwed.

Speaking of English, Mr Sandhu came back to school today. He might be on medical leave the last few days. But when I saw him, I just felt that I let myself down. You know, the paper which I deem to be as the hardest I had ever done, whilst my friends just found it real easy. I just wanna rid of this problem out of my heart now. I always hated letting others down, that's just me.

The first two periods of today just made me feel rather.. outcast. It was History. Maybe it's just that History isn't my type of subject. Initially, I opted for Literature before getting promoted into Secondary 3, but my teacher said that the class was too small for learning?! In the end, I was forced into History, which I didn't like. Honestly, I hated memorizing notes and facts, although Science and Maths formulas are an exception. These 2 years of myself, learning History hasn't benefited me much. Right now, my Combined Humanities is screwed, literally. Social Studies was a bitch and I doubt History wouldn't be one either. So back to today, I just felt outcast. Seeing all my friends being able to write that much words in such a short amount of time, I feel defeated. I read my History book thrice already, still, nothing gets into my brains. I KNOW how to answer the questions and their formats, but the ultimate problem is my arsenal, which is lacking in knowledge. Maybe, just maybe, I'm gonna read the History textbook for the fourth time..

The next period was Chemistry. I had no problems in Chemistry. I even passed my previous two Chemistry examinations, Mid-Year and prelims respectively. But it just hurts to see that Ms Mah isn't really encouraging us because of her body language. Still, I appreciate her taking the time to print past examination papers for us to try, while some others treated it as garbage. This time, I'm hoping to get a really high pass for Chemistry, and to push up my Physics.

After Chemistry was Maths. I'm just glad that Mr Kung came back to help us in our final lap of 2 weeks. Mr Ganesh wasn't really a good one, honestly. I hope that the 6 failures in our class would pass their Maths, for Mr Kung's sake. As for myself, I'm gonna grind and mug like mad. Maths is probably the easiest to score right now. Oh, and I'm starting to like Algebra all of a sudden.. How unexpected.

Physics was next. Physics is also another subject that is easy to pass. The facts and formulas aren't hard to memorize and the questions are quite repetitive. Just have to be prepared for the random questions that will come out for the N levels. Mr Chan printed, too, a lot of papers for us to try on. Man, I'm loving all the teachers for their sacrificial effort!

Recess time! Watched friends playing dai di, and listening music on my w910i. Is it just me or is our class is turning more into a gambling den? Rofl.

CD was next! We had to do more surveys for the school. I don't mind doing surverys, but, is the school putting the results into consideration? I don't know.. I received my N level testimonial, which was pretty much overkill. I can't expect myself to carry that kind of comments, it's not really being true to myself. And my CCA grade, pretty obvious. The class started become a *snowball* frenzy, throwing paper balls at each other. That Chungaik, threw an accurate shot straight to my mouth and I became a laughing stock instantaneously. Thanks a lot, next time, I'll twist your ears again! RAWR.

English was next. But wait, THERE IS NO ENGLISH. A really big teacher, whom people said that it's a replica of either me, Derrick or Tajinder, WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT! Anyway, we watched Devil Wears Prada and damn, the starting part of the movie was kinda erotic. The men in our class kept requesting for a replay, HAHA! C'mon, if men hated those scenes, we wouldn't be men at all. After all, you'll be seeing those *treasures* in the future! HAHA! Some people were watching, some people were playing dai di and some people are.. *hmm, can't elaborate*. YES, I can't even get to enjoy the movie, but at least, I get most of what the movie is trying to show. Enjoyed it and I might go watch it online.

After all that, I went home. Man, my nervousness disease is really getting worse. I can't even say a hello to Pamela and Vera, who are taking the bus with me as well. You know, this disease is gonna affect me in the future. What if, my boss is a voluptuous lady and I can't even face her. What if, I can't even face women and be a bachelor for life. Oh my God. I can't even tap the EZ-link card scanner for goodness sake. I was deeply humiliated. BUT WAIT, I did recall seeing *ENTRY OK* while tapping, so.. why is it that I did not tap it? Oh shit, I think I'm seeing things right now. Must be the 3 hours of sleep that affected me badly. I can't even open my eyes fully without my spectacles. But if I wear my spectacles, I will look like a PANDA! Damn all these dilemmas. I hope I'll rid my nervousness of women.

Heh, it's been a while since I wrote a really long post. I feel great! A sense of accomplishment!

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!