October 16, 2008

ITE College East

Good evening people.

I went to the ITE College East, located at Simei.
Here's my review of the school.

There are a lot of courses in ITE. Most of the courses there require you to pass AT LEAST English and Mathematics. Yep, Mathematics is a must to pass now. The equipments and appliances in the school are advanced, definitely. Nothing much to say about the courses, they are all typical courses you can find in a Polytechnic, albeit you learn more in the Polytechnic than in an ITE. Overall, there are a wide range of courses for you to choose, and most of them doesn't need high requirements to get into. It's great.

The facilities are awesome. There's shops at the ground level, which includes clothings, food, stationery and much more. The amphi-theatre (Like our Arena) was beautifully designed. There are escalators and elevators to ease movement through the levels. Every room is air-conditioned, so that's another great thing. In short, ITE College East is like a shopping mall cum school.

This is the part which kills. I wouldn't say that looks can kill, but never judge a book by it's cover. I seen a group of ITE students who simply criticised the name of our school. Other than that, most of the students here don't look too friendly, reason maybe they are being anti-social or just the typical "leave me alone" attitude. You can see the trend in the school. Skinnies, huge sunglasses, dyed hair, long hair, PSPs everywhere and much more. If you are the kind who isn't trendy, you will have a bad time or a long time adapting to this school's style. Sometimes, it's best not to make eye contact, especially those in groups. It may start with a verbal war, and followed by a fight. In short, always try to mind your own business and hang out with friends who are in the same course as you or your external friends.

We didn't see much of the lecturers in the school, but I see students getting involved in group discussions, which is really GOOD. Proves that Technical students got what it takes to own. I willingly assumed that the lecturers here are really good.

Frankly speaking, the location of ITE College East is really far. No doubt about it. So if you are living in Queenstown and in this school, be prepared for a long bus/MRT ride. The catered buses even took 1 hour to reach the school. But one thing is for sure, even Polytechnics are really far. So it's good to experience this early, get used to it and not complain about the long traveling route.

ITE College East is a good school. The bad thing about entering a new school is being able to adapt to it's community and environments. If you can't adapt, then you are screwed. If you want to be a lone wolf for 2 straight years, go ahead, but life sure sucks without friends. Courses are good, as I mentioned, there isn't a high requirement for all courses so you can get into your desired course quite easily. IF you must, change your wearing style and follow the trend in the school. People may despise you for using outdated styles. It's your choice, be yourself or follow the trend. Overall, ITE is a fairly good choice with a bit of setbacks. *smiles*


Aw, I can't decide. ITE College East is such a good school, I even have friends in there. I guess I'll just wait for the results then. If I get 10 points or below, I'll head for Secondary 5. 10 points and above (And no appealling), off to ITE College East!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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