October 12, 2008

The past 3 days were..


Yeah, bad.

My aunt injured her leg, while slipping on a partially wet floor. She's near 60, and her bones are starting to turn fragile. So, the past few days, I was the servant. It was fun though, I have to run errands here and there. And when she leaves for her country in November, I have to wash my own clothes, cook my own food and basically live my own life. It will be a good experience, compared to working outside. It might take me out of gaming for a while, but I won't stop, WoKF is addictive!

Yeah so, what I had experienced the past few days.. I've grown more independent, definitely. I even bought Straits Times everyday, to keep up with the latest news. I just found out that my aunt drank Dutch Milk a month ago, which contained melamine and considered as a tainted product. I read that several products have been detained and confiscated by the AVA already. And right now, my aunt is paranoid and she doesn't want to consume products from China until it's declared safe. Oh and if you drank or ate of late and felt a stomachache/diarrhoea, be careful, it could be melamine or something else harming your systems, consult a doctor if necessary.

So.. It brings me to my next point. Why China had to commit such a fatal fault, or is it on purpose? I read on 8-Days too, months back. It showed a process of using dead chickens (dead for quite long), and to go through a process that will make it LOOK like it's a fresh one. How sinful is that? I know they are trying to save cost and still provide chickens, but that's real disgusting. Whatever it is, everyone has contracted paranoia from this incident literally. Hope it ends soon, real soon.

Anyway, back to topic. I didn't only help out in errands, I continued playing WoKF. I made so much new friends, and enemies too. Having a guild in a particular game really broadens your social circle around the world. Now I have a friend, who's 23, living in Tennessee, USA. Married to a sexy, punky wife and just had their anniversary not long ago. And as usual, the top guilds in WoKF are mostly Singaporean ones, typical of them, always rising to challenges.

I might create a MySpace account and add them too, heh heh.

Anyway, it's very late now.. 2.14 am now.

And there's still school next week! What a total bummer..
I really wish the results release date would be nearer, so that I can rejoice. Right now, waiting for the release, is just plain, mental torture.

Before I leave, read this. I can't tell whether it's real or not, but it's from a TODAY newspaper.

(Click to enlarge)

Asiasoft finally getting their retribution? Or is it a blessing to the MapleSEA players? LOL.

Anyway, gotta sleep now.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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