May 30, 2006

Haha.. Today was quite a day for me.. *ahem*

In the morning, i went to school early.. Around 7-8am.. To my shock, i already saw Yiren and Zhaobin, sitting on our class usual meeting place.. Really zonked.. Haha.. Anyway, time to show off my new handphone!! WOOHOO!! Oh yeah baby.. Hehe.. Crazy me.. Then i played DJ Dom - Stay With Me, this is one of my fave techno remixes.. Remixed until like siao, can make my computer spoil also.. HAHA!

Then at 8.30am+, i went to see the dentist.. I thought i'll get a beating from them but i didn't =p.. The dentist said, " Good, good, keep it up..!".. LMAO! First time hearing a dentist encouraging me to keep up my good work of brushing my teeth! Haha.. Thank you very much, Miss Dentist..!

At around 10+, me and a small gang of 3b-ians went to Tiong to eat lunch.. Nothing special, just Yiren and Wendell talking about Diablo 2.. A game which i didn't like but has a good storyline to it.. Heh heh..

After that, i went back to school to help out at scouts.. HAHA! So fun to disturb patrols.. Then my PL came, it's TIME TO BUY BAMBOOS! Zzzz.. Then my mum called me to help out at her stall.. No choice but to leave my scouty friends behind and went to help.. Haha..

After that, i went home and sleep for awhile.. Then played Maple..

Well.. That's all FOLKS!

Seeya and may God bless yaw!

May 26, 2006

Wow.. Today very weird sia.. Almost half the class never come to school.. Quite peaceful actually.. First lesson was PE, i played badminton with Safwan.. He damn pro, but i'm a pro myself too =p..! Next is Social Studies, haha.. Mr Beh so funny sia.. When Yiren is marking the absentees in the class diary, we say why write so many "balls".. LOL..

Then next period was the best, it was Maths period.. Mr Ganesh came in and also we never start lesson! Wah power leh, three free periods.. Then i looked at both Riyas and Mr Ganesh's phones.. Same brand, Nokia N60.. So cool man! Then Mr Ganesh let us listen something pervertic.. LOL! The girl mistook the customer's clock for HIS COCK! LMAO! We laughed our asses off that man.. Haha..

Then nutin to say about POA, continue lesson.. get report book.. blah blah.. SIGH!

After recess, i had D&T.. My fave subject and it's so fun.. Finally finished my wooden aeroplane.. Looks weird but ok.. AND it cant fly.. ZzZz.. When Mr Prem was gone, the class knocked their hammers wildy on the table.. SO LOUD! Lucky Mr Prem never scold.. You know Mr Prem can be a savage beast sometimes LOL!

After school, i had scouts.. Haix.. Talking bout scouts arh.. I wished that everyone in the unit would be commited to scouts.. Hope it comes true.. Cos i really like scouts.. The camps, the campfires and the connection of scouts and guides from other schools.. Irresistable..! I took Exploration training from Hong Liang aka Mr Chan.. Quite an interesting lesson and i learnt a lot..

Well.. Today's a good day except when around 6.20, we were taking down the scout flagstaff and it started raining.. We worked our butts off but Hong Liang scolded us and asked us to come inside the shelter cos it was raining..

Seeya and may God bless ya =p~

May 25, 2006

What a nice day.. Finally a day full of happiness =)

Well.. The school hours was okay.. Then after school, i, tobie and yiren watched the movie "Over The Hedge".. It was so FUNNY! And Hammy is so damn cute! I'm laughing my ass off while watching the show man! Haha.. Anyway, nice show from Dreamworks, one of my fave =p.. Then since we have a lot of time, me and yiren went back to school while tobie went back home.. To my surprise, i saw kwan hong and wei yuan playing soccer at school.. Power la, what a way to spend my 1.5hrs =p.. Then, one by one, juihao and alex came to play soccer too.. And we played a nice game wahaha!

We played until 6.40pm then we go up to the hall, all sweaty and smelly LOL! Haha.. The so called Speech Day which is held at 6.55pm, was a bit too boring.. First was the Prize-Giving Session and that bored me to death.. Next is the dunno what thing la.. Some poly/jc issues la.. That session was okay.. It did encourage me top study harder.. AND I STRIVE FOR THE TOP!


Haha.. Seeya and may God bless you =p

May 23, 2006

What a fucked up day for me.. Nutin to say.. My mother keeps talking about my computer.. How it destroys my life, affects my studies.. I cant take it.. Bloody hell.. I tried my best to study.. And now she's blaming everything on my computer.. How can i take it.. I played my computer twice a week only.. And as if my class environment is condusive enough for me to study.. I lose interest in studying easily.. And now she said if i get no "A"s in my report card.. She's gonna confiscate every priviliege i have with me, my computer, my phone, my mp3 everything..

Confiscate lah! I'm already struggling between Scouts and my schoolwork.. I should not even have joined this fucking cca in the first place.. I feel really.. Sad.. It's very unfair to me.. Studied hard, no encouragement from my mum but just to get "A"s.. And i flunked almost every subject.. How am i gonna survive this.. I hoped for once that she just do not blame everything on the computer, she just kept saying it.. Quite sick of it..


What can i do..

This is my life..

My life......

May 21, 2006

What a day.. Today was the Newpaper Big Walk and i'm participating in it.. Woohoo! Woke up damn early in the morning like around 5+.. I guess it was too early to go to school.. So i played a little of my precious computer.. Then around 5.45am, i went to school.. When i reached, there's was a few people there and a bus.. I knew that we were going there soon.. Let's skip the walking part.. It was quite boring.. But at least it pulled down my weight a little.. A LITTLE..

Went back home and took a bath.. Then shunhui called me.. Say he wanted to play Jasper's private RO server.. So i gave him the website and he go see.. Then, he asked me again how to download the thing using FlashGet.. Well, willingly enough, i did not even know how to operate FlashGet.. So i provided him with some information.. I asked him to go to the folder where the file is located.. Suddenly, he scolded me, " if so unwillingly to help me, then dun la".. I was like WTF? What i do man.. I'm helping him with the best of my knowledge and he's giving me this attitude.. In the end, he asked me to "diam" as in SHUDDAP! I have no idea what's wrong with him but i hope that i'll find out sooner or later..

I'm also already damn fucking pissed about Gunbound.. I played happily with my friends and these mother fuckers named Aving3r, kelvinsia, MasterVulcan, xRalphx and some idiot, came into my friends room and acting as if they are GODLIKE.. They have been scolding my friends since the first game and i really HATING IT! I wanted to punch the wall.. but it's not worth it.. So i bursted it in vulgarities and left the room.. They were all scrooges, shrewds, idiots, assholes, acting like a king, someone who will make my blood BOIL TO THE MAXIMUM! If i ever see those guys, i'm gonna RIP THEIR BALLS OFF.. AND I'LL RIP IT REAL HARD!

Just too angry..

*Trying to cool down*

May 19, 2006

Man.. I'm feeling down, real crappy.. I'm like, studied so damn hard and yet, i failed many subjects.. Very unlucky man.. It's like, it was destined for me.. Maybe i'm not fit to study.. Might as well be a free man.. But no education means no job.. Things that come to me these days, sigh.. How i wish that i got someone i'm close with to share my troubles with.. Man i'm STRESSED!

Well.. Report books are gonna be returned on the 26th of May.. A grace period of 7 days huh, before getting "it" from my mother.. Honestly speaking, my mother is the only i'm scared of in my entire life.. She would like shoot her words at my face until i have nothing to say.. And there goes my COMPUTER! Something i dont understand, i'm like playing my computer twice a week, and she blames everything on the COMPUTER!! WAHHH!!

The other thing which giving me extreme stress is SCOUTS! Scouts is like falling into hell and will just burn in the hot flames.. Almost everyone is not commited to Scouts and that's serious problem.. Well, i do not even have a say in this and i shall shaddup..

But as what my year 05 teacher told me, "all bad things will come to an end.." Frankly speaking, i do not know whether i should believe this phrase.. But anyway, it works as an encouragement =)

We-he-HELL! I gotta go~

Seeya and may God bless you~!