May 21, 2006

What a day.. Today was the Newpaper Big Walk and i'm participating in it.. Woohoo! Woke up damn early in the morning like around 5+.. I guess it was too early to go to school.. So i played a little of my precious computer.. Then around 5.45am, i went to school.. When i reached, there's was a few people there and a bus.. I knew that we were going there soon.. Let's skip the walking part.. It was quite boring.. But at least it pulled down my weight a little.. A LITTLE..

Went back home and took a bath.. Then shunhui called me.. Say he wanted to play Jasper's private RO server.. So i gave him the website and he go see.. Then, he asked me again how to download the thing using FlashGet.. Well, willingly enough, i did not even know how to operate FlashGet.. So i provided him with some information.. I asked him to go to the folder where the file is located.. Suddenly, he scolded me, " if so unwillingly to help me, then dun la".. I was like WTF? What i do man.. I'm helping him with the best of my knowledge and he's giving me this attitude.. In the end, he asked me to "diam" as in SHUDDAP! I have no idea what's wrong with him but i hope that i'll find out sooner or later..

I'm also already damn fucking pissed about Gunbound.. I played happily with my friends and these mother fuckers named Aving3r, kelvinsia, MasterVulcan, xRalphx and some idiot, came into my friends room and acting as if they are GODLIKE.. They have been scolding my friends since the first game and i really HATING IT! I wanted to punch the wall.. but it's not worth it.. So i bursted it in vulgarities and left the room.. They were all scrooges, shrewds, idiots, assholes, acting like a king, someone who will make my blood BOIL TO THE MAXIMUM! If i ever see those guys, i'm gonna RIP THEIR BALLS OFF.. AND I'LL RIP IT REAL HARD!

Just too angry..

*Trying to cool down*

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