May 19, 2006

Man.. I'm feeling down, real crappy.. I'm like, studied so damn hard and yet, i failed many subjects.. Very unlucky man.. It's like, it was destined for me.. Maybe i'm not fit to study.. Might as well be a free man.. But no education means no job.. Things that come to me these days, sigh.. How i wish that i got someone i'm close with to share my troubles with.. Man i'm STRESSED!

Well.. Report books are gonna be returned on the 26th of May.. A grace period of 7 days huh, before getting "it" from my mother.. Honestly speaking, my mother is the only i'm scared of in my entire life.. She would like shoot her words at my face until i have nothing to say.. And there goes my COMPUTER! Something i dont understand, i'm like playing my computer twice a week, and she blames everything on the COMPUTER!! WAHHH!!

The other thing which giving me extreme stress is SCOUTS! Scouts is like falling into hell and will just burn in the hot flames.. Almost everyone is not commited to Scouts and that's serious problem.. Well, i do not even have a say in this and i shall shaddup..

But as what my year 05 teacher told me, "all bad things will come to an end.." Frankly speaking, i do not know whether i should believe this phrase.. But anyway, it works as an encouragement =)

We-he-HELL! I gotta go~

Seeya and may God bless you~!

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