May 25, 2006

What a nice day.. Finally a day full of happiness =)

Well.. The school hours was okay.. Then after school, i, tobie and yiren watched the movie "Over The Hedge".. It was so FUNNY! And Hammy is so damn cute! I'm laughing my ass off while watching the show man! Haha.. Anyway, nice show from Dreamworks, one of my fave =p.. Then since we have a lot of time, me and yiren went back to school while tobie went back home.. To my surprise, i saw kwan hong and wei yuan playing soccer at school.. Power la, what a way to spend my 1.5hrs =p.. Then, one by one, juihao and alex came to play soccer too.. And we played a nice game wahaha!

We played until 6.40pm then we go up to the hall, all sweaty and smelly LOL! Haha.. The so called Speech Day which is held at 6.55pm, was a bit too boring.. First was the Prize-Giving Session and that bored me to death.. Next is the dunno what thing la.. Some poly/jc issues la.. That session was okay.. It did encourage me top study harder.. AND I STRIVE FOR THE TOP!


Haha.. Seeya and may God bless you =p

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