July 31, 2007

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Jiemin; Haha! I see. Derrick aka Mr Bean. LOL~

Chungaik; LOL. I think 4th floor jump down also die already, don't need 21st floor!

I'll always remember this day always.
Because it's my unlucky day.

I woke up at 6am today. That is considered late in my sense. I usually took 45mins-1hr to reach school by bus. Man, i rushed like mad and only had a 1 minute shower. Drank milo instead of my butter breads. Chiong-ed to the bus stop and managed to catch the 6.15am bus. This was the good thing, after i reached Sim Lim Square, 139 came after i walked down. I chiong-ed again and managed to go up the bus.. Sweating like mad already in the morning!

Today was the hair check. Luckily, my hair was so damn short. Btw, is Danilo legally brown? His hair is like brown even after the dye. I'm so jealous! Brown hair looks quite awesome!

First lesson was Chinese. Unexpectedly, i listened to the teacher's lecture. How weird! I actually understand some of the things he said. Maybe my Chinese improved? Nah, impossible..

English up next. Did a letter-writing with BK and Derrick, but they weren't much of a help! I personally prefer solo work! Anyway, wrote a short letter about that topic.

PE was next. Something i didn't like about PE. During PE, there are 3 classes cramped together in the basketball court! We couldn't play basketball properly. In the end, I and Mun Tat went to find Derrick and Kaiz at the fitness corner. Talk cock all the way!

Physics was next! LOL, today! Some boys told me that Ms Chee is wearing a sexy outfit! I was like o.o okay! Anyway, lesson wise. It's okay! I even noticed that Ms Chee's laptop was somewhat similar to Mr Tiah's laptop yesterday! LMAO.

Recess. This is the second part i got angry for today. Derrick and Colambus were fighting, i guess it's Colambus who spilled water at him purposely. It even soiled my bag and my Physics notes. I was like *gonna skin that bangala alive*. Play water also very fun, can spill until my bag. Wth.

Chemistry was next. We went to the laboratory today! Then me and Asha experiment-ed with test tubes and acids. Ling Ling was like pinching Asha's tits so hard, that he almost cried. HAHA! I did this experiment before. The *pop* was really cute lol. *pop*

Maths up next. Mr Kung didn't come today so the relief came in. Suddenly, the relief told me that he was from Dragon Scouts once! His patrol was Panther. Ugh, Panther again!

Assembly. I watched 3 performances from the SYF guys. Kinda nice, but i didn't really like the Indian Dance much. I liked the International Dance gals and a guy! It was so damn graceful, even for a guy. We stayed back for 5 mins due to not coming to the hall early. But our class was the earliest.........

Went for marching. Today's marching wasn't really top-notch. The drum beat is okay. After that, went home.

This is the last thing that angers me.
While going up the 131 bus home, this fucker wearing blue pants and a House T-Shirt purposely tripped me while i'm walking and shouted at me 'Fatso'. Yeah la, i know i'm fat but MUST YOU FUCKING TRIP ME? It's like, i just finished 3 hours of tiring marching and you just trip the hell out of me just LIKE THAT? In the end, we punched each other and he has no balls. After my 2nd punch, he ran away just like that. Sick bastard. Prolly, i think you need an anger management course to help you out. Seriously.

Bloody hell. I walked home with a limp all thanks to that mother fucker.

Now you should know why today is so unlucky for me eh?

Yeah, time to rest now and hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

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July 30, 2007

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Jiemin; Haha! It's DevilzReborN lah! LOL, DevilzReborN HUAT AR! Chiong arh chiong! (Hope Derrick never see this!)

Kimberly; Of cos! First time know me eh? I throw basketball at your face arh!

Zhengyee; Later really tio captured i think all come find you!

Chungaik; Wha.. The feeling is really not shuang.. Run a bit then want drop out liao.. Zzz..

Shunhui; YA LA! This is the second time the life broke down on me! Damn scary lol..

First day of the school week.
One word = SIAN!

9 weeks to End-Of-Year examinations.
Two words = FUCKING SIAN!

If retained in Sec 3 again..
Six words = Can jump down from GESS rooftop.


Reading periods really sucks a lot! First period some more! Damn. Read about an article in the Reader's Digest. Quite interesting.. But couldn't just read on, with the people around me talking. LMAO.

Chemistry was next. LOL, Mr Tiah got a new laptop again! I'm guessing it's from a girl, judging from the wallpaper! Like OMG, it looks so much like BK lah!

Social Studies was next. Ms Foo mentioned that she stepped down as our Form Coach, and Ms Pang will be our official Form Coach! Wonder who's the buddy form.. Mr Pari? Booo..

CME was next. We went to the staircase near the AVA room to do some NE stuff. Quite boring, move here move there find answer. Copy people answer LOL. Then played Chapteh with the guys. It's been how long since i played Chapteh, like 2 years? Primary schools usually sells them, now never..

Recess. Slacked.

Maths was next. Mr Kung won't be coming tomorrow i guess. OMG la, 2 periods wasted. *grins*

English was next! Mr Ng showed us a paper cutting of the China stuffs that were dangerous. LOTS OF THEM MAN! Well, at least Rabbit Candies aren't totally banned. But it still disgusts me that disinfectant were applied in the candy..

History. Kinda boring.. Somehow prefered SS than History..

Went home after that..

Some videos to share!
Maple Flash Vids!

Original Site! (More random flash vids!)

Talented Maple Vid creator! (Check out all his vids! Awesome!)

That's all.
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July 28, 2007

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Justin; Hey dude! You have not tagged since a month i think? WTH! Okay, maybe i should lose some fats too. Since NS is coming in two year's time.. Btw, i not handsome please.. I'm just normal looking guy who's just fat!

Jiemin; I hope so! Because if i were him, i wouldn't even forgive myself..

Kimberly; Hey Kimmy! Sure, i will remember!

Chungaik; What thing?

Zhengyee; Damn scary lah! The people behind were like screaming as if there was an explosion!

Shunhui; What feeling? The lightning?

Oh man. I can't believe i'm playing back MapleSEA..
Anyway, if you wanna add me. My IGN is xCatastr0phe, a Lvl 48 Bandit.
I starting to chiong already so add me soon!

Short update for today!

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July 27, 2007

First and foremost!
Congratulations to Danial clinching the top runner's trophy today! As a class, we should all be proud of him, despite the things he done. This type of stuff should recognized!

After that, it started to rain and the award ceremony will be resumed in school next Monday.

Not long after, i went with BK, Derrick, Kaijie, Mun Tat, Zhixun, Beng Shiang and Jiemin, along with another two which i do not know, Pamela and Vera, to go Safra to play CS. This is the first time i'm playing CS: Reloaded. The texture of the weapons are really well-made and i kinda like it. Kaijie said that i aim very well with a M4 Carbine. Omg, flattery ~.~ Besides, M4 Carbine is the only weapon i train since the noobier CS days. My 2nd best is Ak-47.

After that, went to see them play pool. I still remember paying $6 for 3 straight games, which i lost to BK. Don't dare play lol.

Then something eff-ed up happened after the pool session. Don't wanna say it.

Just wanna say sorry to BK for manhandling him like crazy. It was all a misunderstanding i guess. Besides, i really hate losing friends so i want BK to bash me up at Monday. Do whatever he want, poke me, stab me, kill me, punch me, kick me or whatever. It's the least i can do..

I feel somewhat manipulated by some guys.. The feeling is just there, there's no way to express it. And yeah, i don't wanna lose any more friends.. It's really enough..

If it is all just a set-up, please honestly tell me.. Cos i'm really.....

Then took a bus ride of memories home.

Suddenly, i got stuck in the lift up to my house.. The feeling is really eerie.. It's like you can feel death coming closer, and closer to you. The lights are out, and i could not breathe properly since the ventilation system is down too. I truly grateful to my wonderful neighbors who helped me call the mechanic. I'm so blessed to have good neighbors!

Well, that's all for today.
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July 26, 2007

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Jiemin; I think i got 18 marks for the composition. Shan Yang told me, don't know whether true or not. Somehow, i rather believe that i got 25+ marks. Hahaha! Don't know why!

Chungaik; Today you pro SIA! How many demerit point she give? FUCK LA!

Today is so boring! The only interesting lessons are English and D&T.

Maths, as usual. He said Husband and Wife again! LOOL!

English was next. I find today's English lecture very, very interesting. Also shocked about something about China. China seems to have extremely safe and dangerous stuffs in there. Like for example, the White Rabbit candy. It seems to have an ingredient which is used to preserve dead bodies and disinfect. Read it in a newspaper days ago. I'm like 'OMG'! I used to like the candy a lot, but now, it's so harmful. One more is that a bun which contains cardboard pieces. Yucks..

D&T next! Continued my presentation board design. Below are some pictures during the class itself.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It's so fun! The felt tip markers are so smooth!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Chengjun's design board. Notice the hand-made cat picture? LOL, it's cute!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The workshop! Messy!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Omg so random! The picture on the 4th floor Boy's toilet.. WE ARE NOT GAYS!

Recess. Slacked.

English. LOL, the beginning of the lesson, Chungaik shouted out vulgarities in front of teacher! *bows down* Chungaik, you indeed got guts to do that!

Physics. Usual. The noise.

Chinese. The class had a test today. I had nothing better to do.. The only thing was when Derrick accidentally stained his test papers with glass paint. I LMAO-ed at him! Hahaha!

After school, suddenly bumped into Miss Pang and she said whether the CLB students during the Chinese lessons can create a study group together with her.. Still thinking.. Cos' i love slacking during Chinese.. =.=

New Game alert!
There's a new game in town. It's called Fiesta Online, or Shine Online (It's called like that in Japan). It's a typical MMORPG like Flyff, Hero, Rappelz and Silkroad. It has 3D backgrounds and anime characters. Seems kinda fun to me, i'm trying out the Closed Beta version right now. I will feedback to you all whether the game is nice or not. Till then, do check out the website at here.

Bye all! Good luck for tomorrow's Cross Country!
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July 24, 2007

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Jiemin; NAH, NAH here's your update! Take your time to read! Btw, if my composition marks get 25+, i think i bang my head on the table! It's sounds super impossible.. And i'm not pro.. =.=

Chungaik; Woah! White skinned bangala! You are the only one who exist in the world LOL! Got voodoo magic? Or should i say, white magic?

Zhengyee; Wow! Thanks! You're like the person who encourages me the most LOL! But still, action speaks louder than words!!

Huiying; Wah seh! First time tag my blog! Btw, what letter did you receive? And yeah, i will work hard! You too, must go Sec 5!

This is gonna be a uber long post.

Yesterday, there was a Maths test. And yeah, i got lucky. On the very first question that uses the calculator. YEAH, I WAS UBER LUCKY! The calculator's battery went flat. It showed a zero for about 5 seconds and it faded away. Oh my gawd, i 'kan chiong sia'! Hope the force is with me and just give me a 30/60. PLEASE!

I also received a National Service letter! Like, OH MY GAWD! I have to serve the army when i'm 18 years old! That's like, after my O levels! Shit, better start training now. Fitness consultant please?

24th July. Today!
Today! It rained for two days! I have to draw the classroom key from the eff-ing auntie who never stops whining. I'm the vice-captain and i'm the REAL DEAL! She keeps on 'suan-ing' me like no tomorrow. I'm quite pissed also, ever since i first became a chairman in Sec 2, she never stops her idiotic whining. She goes into happy mode occasionally! Like WTH!

Chinese lesson was next. It was dang boring. The Chinese teacher acted a bit gay LOL! He saw Ms Foo in class and unsteadily went out of the classroom! But his action was super gay, LMAO!

English lesson was next. This have to be one of the most interesting lessons of all. I loved the video whom the guy was lying down on a mat and lifted donkey balls to see the lighthouse clock and the Sir Stamford Raffles joke video, where the name of Singapore is derived from a Malay lady saying 'Singh-Kapoh!'. At that moment, she was pulled by two 'Singhs'. LMAO-ed like madd!

PE was next! OH MY GAWD! TODAY WAS UBER FUN! Firstly, i tickled BK like hell, with the help of a lot of friends! Then, me and some huge dudes COMPRESSED BK LIKE A PANCAKE! LOL, i almost can't breathe! BK's face was freaking tomato red! This have to be most crazy thing i ever did to BK. HAHAHAHAHA! Then played badminton with Chungaik, Yingpin and BengShiang. BS played quite well LOL. Then finally played with Derrick and gang, with a cock without a head. Get it? A cock without a head.

Physics was next. The class is damn noisy today. Don't why LOL. It was so quiet last week! Maybe the class 'tio' mood swing?

Recess was next. Slacked.

Chemistry was next. Experiment-edd with Asha the HBK. The experiment is kinda fun. But this Mah Lai Hock splashed water at me. So we played water war. LMAO!

Mathematics was next. Wonder why Mr Kung kept on talking about, HUSBANDS, WIVES, CHILDREN and BABIES? I was like staring at Swee Hong and i was 'WTF?' It's so unusual of him, man! Imagine HUSBAND and WIFE must have *** together then can solve the equation. ROFL.

Went for marching after school! OMG IT'S SO DAMN FUN! The scout contingent was so enthusiastic! I loved IT! Even though we got punished, but the laughter is all there! HAHA! The rehearsal was fun too! I was at the back row, third column btw. Can't wait to wear the scout's uniform during NDP.

Went home after that.

Well, that's all. There's more below!

>The Flyff Show-off Corner!<
Please click for the full image!
*Caution* The images are big, so it may take a while to load. Sorry!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
My beloved Elementor to-be! He's Lvl 47 already! Created for fun 3 days ago!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Full view of my Elementor To-Be! Hot pink and cool blue!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Mah Smexy Stick of Vel Parpone +5. Upgraded it without SProtects!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Mah Smexy Teba Set +3. Check out the Set effects! It's totally hawt! <3
That's all for today!
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July 20, 2007

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Chungaik; Yeah! Actually it's true. I guess you'll have to wait till next year. But the thing about CLB is you won't get the 100 marks increase in your total EOY marks. Meaning you'll get a lower class/level position than ever before. So do consider before joining, i kinda regretted it..

Jiemin; Time to change! Must be kind, but that time really no choice because i don't want be monkey. Haha! Anyway, i don't remember MingXian banging into me. Mr Kung is friendly outside, but scary in school, lol. Don't worry la, will come. But at there, i'll be outcast. If you know the meaning, you should know what i meant. =P

Every week seems to be ending faster than usual. I can't imagine how weeks left till EOY exams.. After receiving the report book and the retained warning, i can actually picture myself retaining again, unless i do something about it. I was actually zonked when almost the whole class are potentially gonna retain. This had to be one of the most potential retainees in a class..

Anyway, sad news aside.
Today's Physics lessons seems smooth somehow. It was usually noisy and Miss Chee cannot teach properly. Maybe the class woken up? If the class decides to get serious, i should too!

History was next. One of my weakest subjects, but hella it's easy to score in it. Social Studies is chicken and hopefully, i will conquer History!

Chemistry up next. Can see that Mr Tiah was getting the hang of teaching already. I can actually understand his lecture. He seems more friendly now than ever before! That's good, that's good!

Recess, just slacked around and watching Colambus getting raped by Mah Lai Hock. =.=

English next. I guess that Mrs Chua is quite poor thing. I mean, try putting your shoes in her's. You can actually feel your heart being compressed. It's no exception from me in Scouts trying to make the juniors to shut the hell up.

The class is like applauding for people doing bad things, and jeering for those who done good. I guess this is one of the factors why our class is like *that*. Right now, i don't feel like doing good stuffs at all. I swept the class once and the next day, it revert into a mini dump again. I mean like, what the hell? And the class notice board, no offense but it really looked.. Don't wanna say it. People would say that there is obviously no class spirit in there, it's as good as dead.. One of the teachers told me this, not gonna reveal it. It's almost like creating just 1 house in a plot of land which is supposed to be made into a town. Get it?

CME next. Miss Pang is definitely one of the most caring buddy form teachers in the school. Edwin is also one of them, but he left for NIE.. But, i can see that the class still does not appreciate her.. Well, what can i do? I don't have the say, the power nor the authority.

Maths.. Normal..

Went home and didn't went for Scouts. Don't ask why..

Gotta go now..
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July 19, 2007

What a day!

Math was the first period. Nothing much though. We are gonna learn Gradient tomorrow! Yeah, my nightmare..

English was next. The same fun as always, Mr Ng is quite a lively guy, eh? Don't chya agree?

D&T was next! I sat beside Mun Tat, AND HE KEPT ON PAWING ME! He pawed my back, my thighs, my head! I think he a bit cat-minded.. Must have learn the skills from BK. Anyway, Mr Kwan screamed at us today. Woah, a bit scary..

Recess. Period.

English by Mrs Chua.. Zzz, she screamed again. Like crazy!

Physics was next. Delayed! Luckily, i managed to finish it. But in a short amount of time, people said that i won't be able to score much. True..

Chinese. Slept all the way..

So lazy update..

July 18, 2007

Oh my gawd!
Today was such a hot day!
Even though it rained two times, the temperature got up real fast!

Today's D&T lesson was freakass hilarious!
Mr Kwan was showing the class some pictures and videos of mechanisms. Some of them really looked like *pornography*. Zulhaqem was laughing the loudest there, i joined in too because i too, had a sick mind =P. There were like levers inserting here and there, cams that look like testicles, so much more! Had a time of my life in the workshop!

PE was next. Didn't want to play a match with so much people, can't imagine that much people playing basketball half-court. Since there were only two balls, had to play with Derrick and they all. We didn't play exactly, basketball. We played monkey where there will be a person in the middle who will despo for the ball! Lots of stunts and bullying.

English was next. Ugh, hate this lesson the most. Once again, she screamed her lungs out again.

Chinese was next. Derrick and gang 'guai lan-ed' with the teacher! LOL, i was laughing like mad, secretly. The teacher was a bit old-fashioned, something which i agree..

Geome.. Geome.. Me.. Me.. Me.. Me doing geometry..
Geome.. Geome.. Me.. Me.. Me.. Me doing geometry..
Geome.. Geome.. Me.. Me.. Me.. Me doing geometry..
Geome.. Geome.. Me.. Me.. Me.. Me.. Me.. Me..

English by Mr Ng.
Have to like this lesson the most! Mr Ng is a funny guy and his lessons are interesting! At least he's way MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEE better than Mrs Chua.. That's a fact.

Went for CLB and stare here, stare there..

*kam gong*...

Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

July 17, 2007

Reply of tags.
Chungaik; Sure, i'll add you. I'll send you the another day!
Zhengyee; It's good to have someone control you while playing computer games. If you play too long *like me*, you become *gong*. x.x
Jiemin; Wth? GMC haunted? And yeah, maybe i should see the video.. Haha!

Sorry, sorry, sorry and sorry!
I never update last week. Because of what? LAZY!

So far, the only thing i can remember is Mr Kung's outrage yesterday.
Like *Omgz, hax0r sp0ttedx*, he screamed non-stop! I mean it's like, my heart is thumping hard everytime he screams! It happened between Jasper and himself. Jasper did a question wrongly and he suddenly SCREAMS!

It's been a long, long time ever since he screams.. It was damn shocking okay..
IMO, no use getting fucked up over 1 question. It's not as if Jasper got it wrong means that the whole class does not know the solution. I feel that it's a bit exaggerating, but if i were in Mr Kung's shoes, i will scream too. Don't know why, but i share my sentiments with Kaijie, who thinks the same way.

And today, Mr Kung went into the class like nothing happened. People were like heads down and that doesn't affect him in any way. Maybe he's stressed.. Today, we also saw two lower-secondary guys being punished by standing outside our classroom. It could be because of them. He did said that the Secondary 1s were making him extremely fucked up, around the 3rd week of January. I wish him all the best!

Enough of that!
God-sis bought me donuts last Sunday!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Donut Factory! <3


July 12, 2007

Today's a special day.
You know why?
*1 hour only*
How nice!

But still, it's better than nothing. At least, i can post an entry and login into Flyff.

During Maths today, i can feel that Mr Kung is somewhat biased to me. It's not an offense. Maybe i should talk to him one of these days. I love Geometry, man! *except for linear graphs* Hopefully, i can score well for this month's class test!

English up next. I hate the so-called switching classrooms for English lessons. I mean, why can't we just stick to one teacher instead? I can see that there's already a miscommunication! I received the narrative notes and the composition homework two times. Now this bugs me a little, why must we go down to the GMC and have an English lesson with Mrs Chua? Personally, i feel that Mr Ng's English lessons rocked way more than Mrs Chua's. Her lessons for the past few weeks have been scolding the class more than teaching. Well, if this is what the English department decides, i have no say at all. =D

D&T up next! The D&T students did the second work of a so-called, flat circuit. It works! But the trouble is that, it's very, very hard to keep the work neat and tidy. While soldering the wires, oil suddenly drips. I guess it's from the copper strips. Anyway, no point saying this since not much people in my class are taking D&T.

Recess! There was a fight going on just a few minutes before the recess ended. Many people were watching, including me. But then, i rather see Boon Keat play Mun Tat's PSP and laugh at him when he loses! *evil laughs*

English again. It's so inconvenient to go down for English lessons since it's after recess. Yes yes, you can say that we can bring our English stuffs down for recess, but what makes you think that 100% of the class will bring it? No offense, but i kind of hate teachers who uses the names of the discipline master, vice-principal etc, to threaten people. It's almost like a reincarnation of the Mrs Yoganathan *clan*.

Physics up next. I have a feeling that Physics lessons aren't gonna be interesting as before. I hate studying in groups because it's basically useless, unless it's group of hardworking people, and not chitty-chatty types. Can see that the two ladies are freaking mad at us. Oh well..

I seriously find the teacher real amusing. It's like he's teaching primary kids. The way he teaches exactly resembles my Chinese teacher in primary 3. No offense. During that primary life, primary school kids used to get scared of teachers scolding them and giving them demerit points (if it's implemented in the school rules). Well, it's supposed to discipline young kids since they learn young and remember all the bad things they done, amended it in future. I just slept through the whole lesson.

Well, that's all for today. Flyff V8 is coming soon!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

July 8, 2007

Good evening!
Today's the last day of the week and so, i quite moody right now.

At least, i recovered from cough and flu, which is kind of sickening. Imagine coughing in front of your computer monitor. Mine's a LCD monitor mind you, and any kind of liquid that comes into contact with the monitor turns into semi-solid (If there's this kind of word). I guess i will be returning back to the scouts meeting after a long *break*.

My aunt cooked spaghetti today! Thanks!
It tasted good, since i could only eat it once a month. Her spaghetti was one of a kind, it had that *taste*. The gravy and the pasta are not mixed together, they are separated and you have to mix it yourself.

Yesterday was the premiere of 'Live Earth', the recorded telecast which was broadcast weeks ago. In my whole life, this concert had got to be the longest yet. It stretches since yesterday 10pm till today 7pm. It was dang boring but i understand the concept the producers of the concert are trying to show, and all the advertisements too. Overall, i liked the concert. But there was one major f__k, Linkin Park sang 'Faint' in the concert and it sounded like f__k, the other songs they sang like Bleed It Out, What I've Done sounded much, much better. Mike still got his touch at rapping, but what happened to Chester? oO

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows are coming out worldwide in July 21. I maybe getting my copy at a later date. I already predicted that the books will be all sold by a short amount of time. Heard that J.K Rowling cried at her own story for 'The Deathly Hallows', i guess the final book of Harry Potter will be absolutely, fantastic.

Anyway, have to go now. Have a good night!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

July 6, 2007

What a week!
But it ended badly for me.
I had cough, flu and soar throat as my *presesnts* for the last day of the week. How nice, i was like some SARS patient or something. *touch wood*

Didn't went for scouts today, i already spread my illness to Shanyang. Who knows, i can even make the whole scouts unit get sick, it's possible you know..

I heard that today is Mr Kung's birthday. Well, he doesn't seem to care about it. When he's in school, he teach classes and no other. There's time for breaks isn't it? Maybe Mr Kung really needs a well-deserved break, otherwise he may break out.

Ugh, people these days are somewhat rude. When i went up the bus while heading home, there was this young teenager, aged around 18-20 i guess, and he looked quite suave. He wanted to ask for some directions, so he went around asking. The thing is, he looked desperate. Everyone was staring at him blankly, it's kinda like those times when you are real unlucky and you forgot to top-up your EZ-link card, everyone stares at you because you just activated that f**king *alarm*.

This is the climax, dude. He suddenly went up to the bus driver and pull his shirt. He screamed at his face and asked him how to reach his destination. Maybe, he got a ransom to deliver or something since he looked pretty desperate. If that's the case, we really can't blame him for being like that. If not, he needs to have a trip to the mental hospital. But still, it was a *spectacular* scene, an one of a kind i would say. xD

I was still coughing on the way home and people once again stared at me. How i wish i was courageous enough to stand up and say, " KUA SIMI? NEVER SEE PEOPLE COUGH BEFORE AH!". Ugh, maybe i was too high then.

Reached home and took a some cough medicine. Slept till 5pm. Woke up, with a pain neck. I don't understand why sleeping in the afternoon is kinda worse than sleeping overnight. Whenever i woke up after sleeping in the afternoon, there's bound to be somewhere pain in or outside my body.

Finally leveled my Flyff character to Lvl 65. It was a tough one. I need some company, man! Although i made some USA friends, but their accent is like *chimioooo* man! Maybe some friends or two will do, just to make a guild and play for fun! Not for chionging level but chatting. We can even have a duel session, which is kinda fun.

Add me, if you are even online.. -.-
My IGN is TechnoRemix and i'm a Billposter. (An assist which uses a knuckle)
I assume most of the people in S'pore plays Lawolf. I'm in Lawolf =x

Gotta sleep now. Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

July 1, 2007

flyff lvl 60!

Reply of tags.
Syahirah; Thanks! You also! Must pass PSLE!
Zhengyee; Err, for?
Derrick; Now lazy go out. Lol.
Jiemin; Upload pictures? Uploading take damn slow, so i lazy.

Hey everybody!
Been grinding in Flyff like mad. I'm finally Lvl. 60, a Billposter! Like damn, i'm so freaking happy!
I wish i can upload the pictures, i take quite long to even upload ONE picture.

Since i'm finally Lvl. 60, i can go back to studying with ease now. Haha.
Nothing else to update.

Gotta sleep. Goodnight.