July 20, 2007

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Chungaik; Yeah! Actually it's true. I guess you'll have to wait till next year. But the thing about CLB is you won't get the 100 marks increase in your total EOY marks. Meaning you'll get a lower class/level position than ever before. So do consider before joining, i kinda regretted it..

Jiemin; Time to change! Must be kind, but that time really no choice because i don't want be monkey. Haha! Anyway, i don't remember MingXian banging into me. Mr Kung is friendly outside, but scary in school, lol. Don't worry la, will come. But at there, i'll be outcast. If you know the meaning, you should know what i meant. =P

Every week seems to be ending faster than usual. I can't imagine how weeks left till EOY exams.. After receiving the report book and the retained warning, i can actually picture myself retaining again, unless i do something about it. I was actually zonked when almost the whole class are potentially gonna retain. This had to be one of the most potential retainees in a class..

Anyway, sad news aside.
Today's Physics lessons seems smooth somehow. It was usually noisy and Miss Chee cannot teach properly. Maybe the class woken up? If the class decides to get serious, i should too!

History was next. One of my weakest subjects, but hella it's easy to score in it. Social Studies is chicken and hopefully, i will conquer History!

Chemistry up next. Can see that Mr Tiah was getting the hang of teaching already. I can actually understand his lecture. He seems more friendly now than ever before! That's good, that's good!

Recess, just slacked around and watching Colambus getting raped by Mah Lai Hock. =.=

English next. I guess that Mrs Chua is quite poor thing. I mean, try putting your shoes in her's. You can actually feel your heart being compressed. It's no exception from me in Scouts trying to make the juniors to shut the hell up.

The class is like applauding for people doing bad things, and jeering for those who done good. I guess this is one of the factors why our class is like *that*. Right now, i don't feel like doing good stuffs at all. I swept the class once and the next day, it revert into a mini dump again. I mean like, what the hell? And the class notice board, no offense but it really looked.. Don't wanna say it. People would say that there is obviously no class spirit in there, it's as good as dead.. One of the teachers told me this, not gonna reveal it. It's almost like creating just 1 house in a plot of land which is supposed to be made into a town. Get it?

CME next. Miss Pang is definitely one of the most caring buddy form teachers in the school. Edwin is also one of them, but he left for NIE.. But, i can see that the class still does not appreciate her.. Well, what can i do? I don't have the say, the power nor the authority.

Maths.. Normal..

Went home and didn't went for Scouts. Don't ask why..

Gotta go now..
Thanks for visiting and may God bless!

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