July 27, 2007

First and foremost!
Congratulations to Danial clinching the top runner's trophy today! As a class, we should all be proud of him, despite the things he done. This type of stuff should recognized!

After that, it started to rain and the award ceremony will be resumed in school next Monday.

Not long after, i went with BK, Derrick, Kaijie, Mun Tat, Zhixun, Beng Shiang and Jiemin, along with another two which i do not know, Pamela and Vera, to go Safra to play CS. This is the first time i'm playing CS: Reloaded. The texture of the weapons are really well-made and i kinda like it. Kaijie said that i aim very well with a M4 Carbine. Omg, flattery ~.~ Besides, M4 Carbine is the only weapon i train since the noobier CS days. My 2nd best is Ak-47.

After that, went to see them play pool. I still remember paying $6 for 3 straight games, which i lost to BK. Don't dare play lol.

Then something eff-ed up happened after the pool session. Don't wanna say it.

Just wanna say sorry to BK for manhandling him like crazy. It was all a misunderstanding i guess. Besides, i really hate losing friends so i want BK to bash me up at Monday. Do whatever he want, poke me, stab me, kill me, punch me, kick me or whatever. It's the least i can do..

I feel somewhat manipulated by some guys.. The feeling is just there, there's no way to express it. And yeah, i don't wanna lose any more friends.. It's really enough..

If it is all just a set-up, please honestly tell me.. Cos i'm really.....

Then took a bus ride of memories home.

Suddenly, i got stuck in the lift up to my house.. The feeling is really eerie.. It's like you can feel death coming closer, and closer to you. The lights are out, and i could not breathe properly since the ventilation system is down too. I truly grateful to my wonderful neighbors who helped me call the mechanic. I'm so blessed to have good neighbors!

Well, that's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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