July 12, 2007

Today's a special day.
You know why?
*1 hour only*
How nice!

But still, it's better than nothing. At least, i can post an entry and login into Flyff.

During Maths today, i can feel that Mr Kung is somewhat biased to me. It's not an offense. Maybe i should talk to him one of these days. I love Geometry, man! *except for linear graphs* Hopefully, i can score well for this month's class test!

English up next. I hate the so-called switching classrooms for English lessons. I mean, why can't we just stick to one teacher instead? I can see that there's already a miscommunication! I received the narrative notes and the composition homework two times. Now this bugs me a little, why must we go down to the GMC and have an English lesson with Mrs Chua? Personally, i feel that Mr Ng's English lessons rocked way more than Mrs Chua's. Her lessons for the past few weeks have been scolding the class more than teaching. Well, if this is what the English department decides, i have no say at all. =D

D&T up next! The D&T students did the second work of a so-called, flat circuit. It works! But the trouble is that, it's very, very hard to keep the work neat and tidy. While soldering the wires, oil suddenly drips. I guess it's from the copper strips. Anyway, no point saying this since not much people in my class are taking D&T.

Recess! There was a fight going on just a few minutes before the recess ended. Many people were watching, including me. But then, i rather see Boon Keat play Mun Tat's PSP and laugh at him when he loses! *evil laughs*

English again. It's so inconvenient to go down for English lessons since it's after recess. Yes yes, you can say that we can bring our English stuffs down for recess, but what makes you think that 100% of the class will bring it? No offense, but i kind of hate teachers who uses the names of the discipline master, vice-principal etc, to threaten people. It's almost like a reincarnation of the Mrs Yoganathan *clan*.

Physics up next. I have a feeling that Physics lessons aren't gonna be interesting as before. I hate studying in groups because it's basically useless, unless it's group of hardworking people, and not chitty-chatty types. Can see that the two ladies are freaking mad at us. Oh well..

I seriously find the teacher real amusing. It's like he's teaching primary kids. The way he teaches exactly resembles my Chinese teacher in primary 3. No offense. During that primary life, primary school kids used to get scared of teachers scolding them and giving them demerit points (if it's implemented in the school rules). Well, it's supposed to discipline young kids since they learn young and remember all the bad things they done, amended it in future. I just slept through the whole lesson.

Well, that's all for today. Flyff V8 is coming soon!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

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