July 6, 2007

What a week!
But it ended badly for me.
I had cough, flu and soar throat as my *presesnts* for the last day of the week. How nice, i was like some SARS patient or something. *touch wood*

Didn't went for scouts today, i already spread my illness to Shanyang. Who knows, i can even make the whole scouts unit get sick, it's possible you know..

I heard that today is Mr Kung's birthday. Well, he doesn't seem to care about it. When he's in school, he teach classes and no other. There's time for breaks isn't it? Maybe Mr Kung really needs a well-deserved break, otherwise he may break out.

Ugh, people these days are somewhat rude. When i went up the bus while heading home, there was this young teenager, aged around 18-20 i guess, and he looked quite suave. He wanted to ask for some directions, so he went around asking. The thing is, he looked desperate. Everyone was staring at him blankly, it's kinda like those times when you are real unlucky and you forgot to top-up your EZ-link card, everyone stares at you because you just activated that f**king *alarm*.

This is the climax, dude. He suddenly went up to the bus driver and pull his shirt. He screamed at his face and asked him how to reach his destination. Maybe, he got a ransom to deliver or something since he looked pretty desperate. If that's the case, we really can't blame him for being like that. If not, he needs to have a trip to the mental hospital. But still, it was a *spectacular* scene, an one of a kind i would say. xD

I was still coughing on the way home and people once again stared at me. How i wish i was courageous enough to stand up and say, " KUA SIMI? NEVER SEE PEOPLE COUGH BEFORE AH!". Ugh, maybe i was too high then.

Reached home and took a some cough medicine. Slept till 5pm. Woke up, with a pain neck. I don't understand why sleeping in the afternoon is kinda worse than sleeping overnight. Whenever i woke up after sleeping in the afternoon, there's bound to be somewhere pain in or outside my body.

Finally leveled my Flyff character to Lvl 65. It was a tough one. I need some company, man! Although i made some USA friends, but their accent is like *chimioooo* man! Maybe some friends or two will do, just to make a guild and play for fun! Not for chionging level but chatting. We can even have a duel session, which is kinda fun.

Add me, if you are even online.. -.-
My IGN is TechnoRemix and i'm a Billposter. (An assist which uses a knuckle)
I assume most of the people in S'pore plays Lawolf. I'm in Lawolf =x

Gotta sleep now. Thanks for visiting and may God bless.

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