July 29, 2009


I had a haircut today. I decided to cut my hair because it just looks so bad. Now, it looks worse though. Yep, a bad haircut to go with a bad face. I should just stop trying to look good or what. I was surprised at what I saw today while heading home. I saw a guy who was way fatter than I am, kissing a pretty girl! I couldn't believe it! Now I'm inspired!

I went through my Facebook requests and invitations, and I did a quiz on "The first letter of your lover's name". Yes, yes, I'm very bored, but I'm interested to find out. The result was a letter S. Haha, so true. My first crush starts with S, my first girlfriend starts with S too. I felt rather.. pleased and calm, frankly speaking.

Boring day today.


How to find the fun in studying.. Was in MSN yesterday, chatting with Kaijie.

Anyone! Please show me the fun in studying! *Impossible task*

Good night and peace out.

July 28, 2009


After grabbing pictures from past years for the graduation video..
I just felt.. a bit worried, but yet happy.
Because I read some past posts made by people who updated their blogs frequently.
I'm worried because some of these people still can't forget the past. These people's past were beautiful, memorable and full of happiness. Some were dark, painful and unhappy memories.
I'm happy because these people have learned some of the toughest lessons in life, which makes them mature in a way, though some being naughty and mischievous. You have to be joking if you said that they haven't matured.

I visited many blogs. Especially my own blog, Jiemin's, Chungaik's and Swee Hong's. To these people, I thank you for updating often and keeping track of past memories. It struck me so hard, that I wished that I was still in Sec 3, after retaining, starting all over again. I thank everyone in my class for accepting me, even though I wasn't with the class during the lower secondary days.

As for the graduation pictures, I hope the video would turn out great. With all the 3D/E, 4D/E and 5B pictures compiled, it might be a complicated video.. We'll see then.

GESS 3D, 4D and 5B forever. Rock on.

My arm hurtz.

My arm hurts.. so much. I'm just going to type really less today.

It was because of the badminton game I had during this week's PE lesson. I exert way too much pressure on my arm, resulting in some muscle strain. To add-on, everyone took the better rackets, leaving me with a racket with an extremely loose string and one real heavy racket. Luckily, Boon Hau came and taught me something. Guess what, I spoke in Chinese and he understood. I'm very elated.. Because there was no one to criticize my accent. Yeah, my friends just couldn't give me a simple encouragement for me to speak Chinese. I spoke just one Chinese word, JUST ONE DAMN WORD, and everyone laughs. I'm also supposed to take it as a joke.. Teach me how please.

Phew.. I finally got that off my chest. It was being a prick.

Lastly.. Why the world is so ironic once again? During my ride home, the bus was pretty empty. There was a.. um well, handsome guy sitting across me. He suddenly tripped a girl, who was walking to her seat. I stood up and helped her up, but guess what.. I got scolded! Immediately, WHAT THE FUCK?! shoots my mind. And what she said next was so discouraging.. She said I look like a crook and apparently wanted to trip her. Lmao, she obviously knew she was tripped on her left foot, and I was sitting on the opposite. What she did next was even more stupid. She apologised to the guy who tripped her deliberately! That dipshit was laughing at me, covering his mouth. So much for being kind, and getting scolded for something I did not do.

Seriously fucked up day. My arm gave me terrible headaches, but luckily I was able to tolerate and still end the day properly. And fuck whoever is a wolf in a sheep's clothing.

I hope tomorrow would be a better day. AS ALWAYS.


Good night and peace out.

July 24, 2009

Very lazy.

Lazy day today. Damn, it rhymes. ^^

Okay.. English lesson today was fine. He said something which I really liked. Don't judge a book by its cover. I'm very happy because everyone in the class treats me well, although there are those pesky little bastards outside school picking on me. (Which forces me to put on my killer face.. Lol..) I'm really glad though. *cries, just kidding.*

D&T was next. Didn't do much. Played Pokemon on Mun Tat's phone because my w910i plays really slow. 30 FPS occasionally and 5-10 FPS most of the time, it's almost unplayable. Downside of w910i definitely. I helped to carry everyone's folio and Zul's briefcase.. well sort of.

*skips recess scene*

Physics. Well, this is the first time I gotten 2/15 for my practical and to be honest, I felt like crap. I'm probably the lowest amongst all after looking at my friends' papers. For the whole day, I didn't feel good at all. I tried to smile, but to no avail. Sigh. I had better wake up now.. Practical Electricity used to be one of my strongest topics because of the Chan Detection Centre (Lol) before N levels last year. I had better brush up on it soon..

CD was next. I did some work on traditional games. Nothing much.

Till this point, I already felt like going home. It's Friday, and I just want to sleep. Ate lunch at the canteen, went up to the library, walked around and not progressing at all. I decided to just skip the SSP. I probably get scolded and what not.. But. Sigh. *slaps own head*

In the bus, I was SO DISTRACTED MAN.. I fell down twice, hurting my knee and right arm. And then I had this occassional flu which comes and goes, it appears when I'm sad and depressed but when I'm happy, it's gone. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, it's that spooky.. Thankfully, my injuries weren't that serious, just that I had some pain on my right arm because I kept training for badminton for Sports Fiesta. Now, it's like my right arm's gotten way thicker and bigger than my left. I don't even know why I'm so distracted.. Maybe I need to scream again in a beach.

I went home, and slammed my face on the comfy bed. AHHHH. It just feels so nice.. Nothing like a quick nap after a day.

There are so many things I wanna say, but I could not type it here. So I decided to keep a journal for my personal feelings. It might be better if I just bottle it up, and just endure. Yeah, I should do that. All these little things..

Sigh, you know, if only I was born a year later.. Nah, nevermind.

Good night and peace out!

July 23, 2009

Thurs.. Day..


Gosh, is there any kind of medicine or technique to prevent me from yawning even after sleeping for 6 hours? Yawning is so contagious, really..

Well, yeah, today is Thursday. Tie Day, English SSP, Double Science Day, D&T Day. I went to school a tad too early. It was around 6.30 am. It was so dark, because nobody came to school yet. When I reached the classroom, I meddled with the doors and found out that the back door was unlocked! You seriously have no darn idea how happy I was to have found that out. Beats waiting for a key for 30 minutes.

*skips all boring lessons*

The class had to do an English common test today. It, once again, took us by surprise. First was oral, then this. Well, Miss Pang recently pasted the common test schedule on the notice board so there won't be any surprises anymore! The passage today, was seriously disturbing. It's about an infamous mosquito disease called Malaria. The way the author described the disease was so disturbing that it made me paranoid. For once, I thought I did had Malaria. *touch wood*

After the test, I went up to the commerce room for SSP. I was so glad it wasn't Miss Chia who was our SSP teacher. No more 50 word memorizing cum spelling! Instead, Mr Tan came. He revised our oral weaknesses with us, which I find really useful. It's better to secure this bonus marks for English, I feel. Picture Discussion, which is hated by many, wasn't revised though. It was conversation. I had no problem with conversation.. except those extravagant questions which literally freezes your mouth. Lawl.

Took a bus and walked home again.

To be honest, I'm rather happy today. I'm just smiling all the way. Isn't that what life was supposed to be? Enjoying every single day of your life smiling, not frowning. Yep, impossible, but make smiling a daily chore!

AND! Please comment! If you're reading this blog, do comment to say hello and say anything about the latest posts! It keeps me going, y'know? GO!

Good night and peace out!

July 22, 2009

Tired. Tired.

I went home, tired, listless, whatever. Cus' I've been carrying this big ass of mine. Actually, I'm referring to my bag (Cus' when I'm carrying the bag, it lands on my ass). I'm supposed to bring my books home because the Mother Tongue students were having their listening comprehension earlier today. I did not go for it.. cus' I'm kinda like a CLB *graduate*. Lmao. WANNA SEE? I still have that orange certificate. It says PASSED. Muahaha. Proves that my Chinese ain't that bad. Just needs a lil tweaking here and there and walah!

YEAH whatever.

I just finished watching a Korean drama today. It's Sweet 18. <- Linky
Do click on the link to watch it, and don't worry, it's not some booby trap or something. Hilarious show, even with only 16 episodes, it felt like a really long drama. Do watch it and make your funny bones tingle!

And an OST from the drama.


ALRIGHT. I'm done for today. I should go and study now. Tomorrow would be a really long day for me, Supervised Study blues.. Oh wait.. It's goddamn English tomorrow.. GREAT. 50 more damn words to be tested for spelling. GREAT, just great.. *bangs wall and drop dead*

Good night and peace out.

July 20, 2009


My eyes felt like there's salt in it.
My head felt really heavy.
My feet gotten all red and painful.
My back felt like I just carried a person from Little India back to my home.
My forehead was stinging, no idea why.
Every part was affected, except for my hands and arms.

Yeah, today I tried to be a smart-ass. I carried my bag which was really heavy and walked home from Little India. It was good exercise but my back was excruciating. The initial reason for me to walk home was because it was peak hours. It was 6.15 pm then. As expected, the 131 bus was filled to the maximum. I had to walk home, because I already missed two buses. I was pouting, though it seems really embarrassing.

You know, I wished I was actually carrying someone on my back. You know, like those dramas, where some girl broke her heel or shoe and that lucky ass gets to carry her on his back. Drama events are just.. too good to be true. I watched too much, maybe. It's time I've to be a little more realistic. Still, I felt as if someone was on my back, because most of the time, my stance was at a 135° angle. My bag was way too heavy, and thus that outcome.

As I approached the elevator, I slammed my head into a corner. I was so fucking tired. I've been walking for the past 15 minutes. If without my MP3 player, I think I would've died out there. When I finally reached home, I went into my room straight away and gave myself a faceplant on the bed. Sigh, it never felt this good. All these tension, gone in an instant..

*Fuck, I have to read more books.*

Surprisingly, I was full on concentration today. I really paid attention during Maths class. I even finished my classwork on time. It was an awesome accomplishm... or should I say, a start? Yeah, a start on my revision. It's 20th July, and Os are on late October.

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what's right or wrong. I can tell right from wrong, but not differentiate them. It just always seems that you're gonna be dissed at by telling a right from wrong. Which is the reason why.. this world is hypocritical and full of irony. I wonder how people think. How do people become murderers. What gave them the drive to kill? That suicide bomber who sacrificed himself to what? To some towers. How the hell did he get that determination to actually sacrifice himself to kill people? It might be revenge. We're all taught to be compassionate, to be good people. Maybe because these people weren't educated well. But why? No money? Can't the government just provide them with a free education? These government people are earning lots, but why not help the poor? The poor are such a minority.

And they said, let them be. You fall down, you stand up again. But still, it's never hard to give a push. Some of them lack the foundation and needs to start from scratch. Everyday I look at my class, there's a minority who aren't studying hard enough (Including me). I'm ashamed of myself, not making full use of my education. There are people out there, wishing to be educated. WISH, you know?

Wow, I have no idea that I typed this much.. Seriously.

Somehow, I think I woke up. Actually, it was due to someone's encouragement. It was just that ONE sentence of encouragement which pumped me up. You know, little things does wonders. I'm not gonna reveal his/her name, but a million thanks to you. To people out there, if you still consider yourself a friend, drag your friend to study, no matter what. Give them your full support and help them in times of need. That's what I call a friend, someone who never gives up, though showing care and concern indirectly.

ZZZ. I must stop..

Good night and peace out.

July 18, 2009

I don't know what to type..

Yeah, seriously, I have no idea on what to do update about..

Well.. These few days in school been rather crazy. These supervised study programmes.. Well, it's good, if without the noise. While in the library, you'll never fail to hear someone talk every second. Every few seconds or minutes is alright, but every second.. Gosh. The English supervised study wasn't like the other days.. It was more like AP. The SSP group were supposed to memorize 50 idiotically difficult words and together with its totally-defeated-its-purpose definitions. Not to mention, it's gonna be like this for the next remaining weeks.. Damn.

So much homework.. I have to hand up my D&T folio by this Monday or else I'll be screwed for preliminaries. And this goddamn difficult Sports School Maths paper 2.. I've been raking my brains all over for the past few days.. All these stress are crawling up my ass. BUT IT'S WORTH IT. To get into a Polytechnic.. Damn, it's more than worth it. A lil sacrifice to my time is fine.

Wow.. I have not passed up that homework that Mrs Tan gave. Wonder what she'll do to me. I'm not getting the hang of doing reflections.. Oh well.. Let the flames begin. Lmao, Paramore..

Okay. I'm done.

Good night and peace out.

July 15, 2009


It's been quite a while eh?

I haven't been blogging, well because I have been playing games. But currently, I stopped playing games. I didn't have any time to update because I always reached home late, at around 6.30 pm or later if during peak hours. It's due to the supervised study programme.

So to cure the stress..

I watch this video.

That guy. Man, he's amazing. His voice is really unique. And that girl, man, hotness. Overall, awesome vid. Makes me wanna learn the acoustic guitar. Well..

O level preliminaries are reaching! MUG HARD!

Good night and peace out!

July 9, 2009


Girl: Hey, may I ask you a question?

Boy: Sure!

Girl: Do you, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, love me?

Boy: Err..

The above conversation happened when I was in the bus. I had forgotten what day it is. I found it rather hilarious though and the boy was totally speechless!

Whatever. I wasn't updating for the past few days because of.. well.. games. Gahhhh, what the hell. I seriously have no idea why I'm still playing games. Gosh, it might actually take a while for me to abandon my computer. The supervised study session next week might be the first stepping stone.. I hope so.

I've been yawning everyday. I slept at 11 pm everyday. Is there something wrong?

The week is coming to an end soon.. I hadn't learned much. H1N1 is still around, which seemed to be a really tough cookie. It's been raining for the past few days too..

I also flipped through the school magazines from the past years. Gosh, I really missed those days when I was in Secondary 1. Those times were the best.. International Friendship Day, where my class had to set up a stall to sell stuff and it was so fun! I was a crybaby back then and I still remember those boys who bullied me. They changed into new leaves, which is really awesome. It is really damn awesome to see a mischievous boy changed into a real man. Too much memories and now, I'm here, about to sit for my O level examinations and finally leaving GESS, be it ITE or Poly. 6 years man. I have been in GESS for 6 fucking years. My memories in GESS will never die. Ever.

Random reminiscence..

Good night and peace out!

July 3, 2009

Long weekend, before living hell.

Yeah, I must enjoy this weekend before the living hell steps in. The supervised study thing, which ends everyday at 5 pm. Now, that's a bummer. 5 pm everyday, which means I'll get squeezed in the buses. Some suggested that I take the MRT, but I never liked taking it. I might just test it out for 2 days, one day for buses and one for trains.

As the supervised study thing, I'm quite elated. The fact that I have the biggest distraction in my home, my gaming rig, prevents me from revising. This might actually help me a lot. Better not be too happy yet, who knows what the outcome will be after a day.. There goes my jogging session in the afternoon. Sheesh, I can't wake up at 4.30 am in the morning anymore for some strange reason.. My phone's alarm clock was set at 4.15, 4.20, 4.25 and 4.30, none of it was successful in waking me up. Gosh.. Oh, and 4.30 am is usually the time I start jogging.

I customized my desktop again.. (I love customization!)

This time, I went for a brighter and a more optimistic kind of style. In this case, a wheat field and a beautiful, clear sky. Kinda rocks.

Now for school.. It was pretty short.

Mr Derek Tan did not came to school today, and I heard that it's because of some AYG matters. The class was so elated to know that he wasn't coming, including me, because I have not done my homework yet! Mr Siew came in as a relief and gave us classwork. After that, it was D&T..
VERY IMPORTANT. If anyone has a Microsoft Office CD (Prefably Vista compatible!) of maybe.. 2005 or later, please let me borrow it! (Hell, I haven't tried 1998+, maybe it should work in Vista too). I need so it much, for my D&T presentation boards, which is 80 marks! I have no money to purchase a CD, because I used all my money for printer ink. Please, if you do have a Microsoft Office CD to lend, please comment below, thanks!
I slacked during D&T, because I hadn't printed out my stuff yet. Mun Tat as usual, was singing songs, some song from Prince and Eye of the Tiger. Haha, Faris too, sang along. What a duet. Somehow, the oldies are attracting me already. When D&T ended, I came back to class and slacked. Next was Physics, it was only one period and after recess. The lesson started pretty quick, and then we were going through the Re-test and Vector papers. Then it was CD, watched some powerpoint on AYG once again.. Well.. Went home soon after.

I'm done for today!

Good night and peace out!

July 2, 2009

Distracted much?




Never laughed this much.. Haha!


July 1, 2009


Oh Em Eff Gee.

I can't believe what happened in the bus today. It was in the afternoon. I was heading home after school, took the 131 bus. At the back of the bus, there were a group of students, probably upper secondary boys, watching something. It was porn. Their reactions are so hilarious and definitely priceless. It's like they have never seen a nipple before in their lives. I can't describe their reactions well, I can only think of "Over-reactive". Damn, I was laughing my ass off while walking home!

It's Wednesday today.. So much happening at once.. Michael Jackson gossips here and there, gosh, just let him rest in peace already. I can't believe people are still talking about his color, his faults and more. Such pricks. H1N1 virus status seems to be getting worse, yet people still aren't covering their mouths while they cough. Sigh.

Today was a fine day. It rained, and it feels really cool. It's so much better than the hot weather recently. The first lesson was CD. I was nominated (What a great word..) to be in a supervised study group. It's totally fine with me. I hope it works out fine.. Mrs Tan, our principal, came into our class and gave us a polite lecture. Sigh, only 3 months left, it's starting to get really tight now.

Next was English. Wow, I can't believe Mr Gary Lam is back! But he isn't teaching Humanities.. I think Mr Tan's lessons are sufficient enough for us, honestly.. Still, more help is always welcomed. Up next was Chemistry.. I wasn't paying attention to the lesson, something outside was distracting me. It was a pleasant sight though. Sigh, wished time would pass quickly..

Then came the dreaded, 5 periods of Maths. Actually, it wasn't as bad as the people thought. Those 2 hours passed by very quickly. Mr Chui (I think that's how it's spelt) was very clear in his explanation although some of his methods are very complicated, he tries to help in any way possible. Awesome, indeed. I feel that he should go really in-depth for each question in the paper, if possible. Showing the workings and answers just doesn't cut it. People are just gonna copy and leave the paper lying around.


I see trees of green.. Red rose too..
I see em bloom.. For me and you..
And I think to myself.. What a wonderful world..

I see skies of blue.. Clouds of white..
Bright blessed days.. Dark sacred nights..
And I think to myself.. What a wonderful world..

The colors of a rainbow.. So pretty.. In the sky..
Are also on the faces.. Of people.. Going by..
I see friends shaking hands.. Sayin.. How do you do..
They're really sayin.. I love you.

I hear babies cry.. I watch them grow..
They'll learn much more.. Than I'll never know..
And I think to myself.. What a wonderful world..

Sigh. This song makes my day. Cheers me up after a f@#ked up day.

Good night and peace out!