July 24, 2009

Very lazy.

Lazy day today. Damn, it rhymes. ^^

Okay.. English lesson today was fine. He said something which I really liked. Don't judge a book by its cover. I'm very happy because everyone in the class treats me well, although there are those pesky little bastards outside school picking on me. (Which forces me to put on my killer face.. Lol..) I'm really glad though. *cries, just kidding.*

D&T was next. Didn't do much. Played Pokemon on Mun Tat's phone because my w910i plays really slow. 30 FPS occasionally and 5-10 FPS most of the time, it's almost unplayable. Downside of w910i definitely. I helped to carry everyone's folio and Zul's briefcase.. well sort of.

*skips recess scene*

Physics. Well, this is the first time I gotten 2/15 for my practical and to be honest, I felt like crap. I'm probably the lowest amongst all after looking at my friends' papers. For the whole day, I didn't feel good at all. I tried to smile, but to no avail. Sigh. I had better wake up now.. Practical Electricity used to be one of my strongest topics because of the Chan Detection Centre (Lol) before N levels last year. I had better brush up on it soon..

CD was next. I did some work on traditional games. Nothing much.

Till this point, I already felt like going home. It's Friday, and I just want to sleep. Ate lunch at the canteen, went up to the library, walked around and not progressing at all. I decided to just skip the SSP. I probably get scolded and what not.. But. Sigh. *slaps own head*

In the bus, I was SO DISTRACTED MAN.. I fell down twice, hurting my knee and right arm. And then I had this occassional flu which comes and goes, it appears when I'm sad and depressed but when I'm happy, it's gone. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, it's that spooky.. Thankfully, my injuries weren't that serious, just that I had some pain on my right arm because I kept training for badminton for Sports Fiesta. Now, it's like my right arm's gotten way thicker and bigger than my left. I don't even know why I'm so distracted.. Maybe I need to scream again in a beach.

I went home, and slammed my face on the comfy bed. AHHHH. It just feels so nice.. Nothing like a quick nap after a day.

There are so many things I wanna say, but I could not type it here. So I decided to keep a journal for my personal feelings. It might be better if I just bottle it up, and just endure. Yeah, I should do that. All these little things..

Sigh, you know, if only I was born a year later.. Nah, nevermind.

Good night and peace out!

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