July 28, 2009


After grabbing pictures from past years for the graduation video..
I just felt.. a bit worried, but yet happy.
Because I read some past posts made by people who updated their blogs frequently.
I'm worried because some of these people still can't forget the past. These people's past were beautiful, memorable and full of happiness. Some were dark, painful and unhappy memories.
I'm happy because these people have learned some of the toughest lessons in life, which makes them mature in a way, though some being naughty and mischievous. You have to be joking if you said that they haven't matured.

I visited many blogs. Especially my own blog, Jiemin's, Chungaik's and Swee Hong's. To these people, I thank you for updating often and keeping track of past memories. It struck me so hard, that I wished that I was still in Sec 3, after retaining, starting all over again. I thank everyone in my class for accepting me, even though I wasn't with the class during the lower secondary days.

As for the graduation pictures, I hope the video would turn out great. With all the 3D/E, 4D/E and 5B pictures compiled, it might be a complicated video.. We'll see then.

GESS 3D, 4D and 5B forever. Rock on.

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