July 3, 2009

Long weekend, before living hell.

Yeah, I must enjoy this weekend before the living hell steps in. The supervised study thing, which ends everyday at 5 pm. Now, that's a bummer. 5 pm everyday, which means I'll get squeezed in the buses. Some suggested that I take the MRT, but I never liked taking it. I might just test it out for 2 days, one day for buses and one for trains.

As the supervised study thing, I'm quite elated. The fact that I have the biggest distraction in my home, my gaming rig, prevents me from revising. This might actually help me a lot. Better not be too happy yet, who knows what the outcome will be after a day.. There goes my jogging session in the afternoon. Sheesh, I can't wake up at 4.30 am in the morning anymore for some strange reason.. My phone's alarm clock was set at 4.15, 4.20, 4.25 and 4.30, none of it was successful in waking me up. Gosh.. Oh, and 4.30 am is usually the time I start jogging.

I customized my desktop again.. (I love customization!)

This time, I went for a brighter and a more optimistic kind of style. In this case, a wheat field and a beautiful, clear sky. Kinda rocks.

Now for school.. It was pretty short.

Mr Derek Tan did not came to school today, and I heard that it's because of some AYG matters. The class was so elated to know that he wasn't coming, including me, because I have not done my homework yet! Mr Siew came in as a relief and gave us classwork. After that, it was D&T..
VERY IMPORTANT. If anyone has a Microsoft Office CD (Prefably Vista compatible!) of maybe.. 2005 or later, please let me borrow it! (Hell, I haven't tried 1998+, maybe it should work in Vista too). I need so it much, for my D&T presentation boards, which is 80 marks! I have no money to purchase a CD, because I used all my money for printer ink. Please, if you do have a Microsoft Office CD to lend, please comment below, thanks!
I slacked during D&T, because I hadn't printed out my stuff yet. Mun Tat as usual, was singing songs, some song from Prince and Eye of the Tiger. Haha, Faris too, sang along. What a duet. Somehow, the oldies are attracting me already. When D&T ended, I came back to class and slacked. Next was Physics, it was only one period and after recess. The lesson started pretty quick, and then we were going through the Re-test and Vector papers. Then it was CD, watched some powerpoint on AYG once again.. Well.. Went home soon after.

I'm done for today!

Good night and peace out!

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