July 9, 2009


Girl: Hey, may I ask you a question?

Boy: Sure!

Girl: Do you, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, love me?

Boy: Err..

The above conversation happened when I was in the bus. I had forgotten what day it is. I found it rather hilarious though and the boy was totally speechless!

Whatever. I wasn't updating for the past few days because of.. well.. games. Gahhhh, what the hell. I seriously have no idea why I'm still playing games. Gosh, it might actually take a while for me to abandon my computer. The supervised study session next week might be the first stepping stone.. I hope so.

I've been yawning everyday. I slept at 11 pm everyday. Is there something wrong?

The week is coming to an end soon.. I hadn't learned much. H1N1 is still around, which seemed to be a really tough cookie. It's been raining for the past few days too..

I also flipped through the school magazines from the past years. Gosh, I really missed those days when I was in Secondary 1. Those times were the best.. International Friendship Day, where my class had to set up a stall to sell stuff and it was so fun! I was a crybaby back then and I still remember those boys who bullied me. They changed into new leaves, which is really awesome. It is really damn awesome to see a mischievous boy changed into a real man. Too much memories and now, I'm here, about to sit for my O level examinations and finally leaving GESS, be it ITE or Poly. 6 years man. I have been in GESS for 6 fucking years. My memories in GESS will never die. Ever.

Random reminiscence..

Good night and peace out!

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