July 20, 2009


My eyes felt like there's salt in it.
My head felt really heavy.
My feet gotten all red and painful.
My back felt like I just carried a person from Little India back to my home.
My forehead was stinging, no idea why.
Every part was affected, except for my hands and arms.

Yeah, today I tried to be a smart-ass. I carried my bag which was really heavy and walked home from Little India. It was good exercise but my back was excruciating. The initial reason for me to walk home was because it was peak hours. It was 6.15 pm then. As expected, the 131 bus was filled to the maximum. I had to walk home, because I already missed two buses. I was pouting, though it seems really embarrassing.

You know, I wished I was actually carrying someone on my back. You know, like those dramas, where some girl broke her heel or shoe and that lucky ass gets to carry her on his back. Drama events are just.. too good to be true. I watched too much, maybe. It's time I've to be a little more realistic. Still, I felt as if someone was on my back, because most of the time, my stance was at a 135° angle. My bag was way too heavy, and thus that outcome.

As I approached the elevator, I slammed my head into a corner. I was so fucking tired. I've been walking for the past 15 minutes. If without my MP3 player, I think I would've died out there. When I finally reached home, I went into my room straight away and gave myself a faceplant on the bed. Sigh, it never felt this good. All these tension, gone in an instant..

*Fuck, I have to read more books.*

Surprisingly, I was full on concentration today. I really paid attention during Maths class. I even finished my classwork on time. It was an awesome accomplishm... or should I say, a start? Yeah, a start on my revision. It's 20th July, and Os are on late October.

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what's right or wrong. I can tell right from wrong, but not differentiate them. It just always seems that you're gonna be dissed at by telling a right from wrong. Which is the reason why.. this world is hypocritical and full of irony. I wonder how people think. How do people become murderers. What gave them the drive to kill? That suicide bomber who sacrificed himself to what? To some towers. How the hell did he get that determination to actually sacrifice himself to kill people? It might be revenge. We're all taught to be compassionate, to be good people. Maybe because these people weren't educated well. But why? No money? Can't the government just provide them with a free education? These government people are earning lots, but why not help the poor? The poor are such a minority.

And they said, let them be. You fall down, you stand up again. But still, it's never hard to give a push. Some of them lack the foundation and needs to start from scratch. Everyday I look at my class, there's a minority who aren't studying hard enough (Including me). I'm ashamed of myself, not making full use of my education. There are people out there, wishing to be educated. WISH, you know?

Wow, I have no idea that I typed this much.. Seriously.

Somehow, I think I woke up. Actually, it was due to someone's encouragement. It was just that ONE sentence of encouragement which pumped me up. You know, little things does wonders. I'm not gonna reveal his/her name, but a million thanks to you. To people out there, if you still consider yourself a friend, drag your friend to study, no matter what. Give them your full support and help them in times of need. That's what I call a friend, someone who never gives up, though showing care and concern indirectly.

ZZZ. I must stop..

Good night and peace out.

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