April 30, 2009


April 27, 2009


News of swine flu indicates that over 100 people had died in Mexico for the past two days!

Yahoo! News

And some of the symptoms indicated..

Swine flu symptoms

GUYS! Please take precaution because this pandemic is deadly as it already killed 100 people over the past two days. It MIGHT be spreading to our country soon! It might be like last time, the SARS outbreak.

Be sensible. Wash your hands. If you can, stay away from the sickness. Especially if you have the flu, cover your mouth with a tissue if you cough or sneeze around other people, and throw the tissue away. If you’re sick, stay home.

Somehow, I rather be paranoid then die from this pathetic pandemic.

Take care guys!


The triangle of sleepyheads!

Tomorrow's the English papers! Man, I'm so hyped up! I'm glad I learned enough English words for the composition. Good luck to everyone taking their papers!

And lastly,

When I least expect it, it happens. When I expect it, it does not happen. Did it happened to anyone? It seems as if I have to think like a pessimist for things to work out, which sucks donkey balls. Well, whatever.

May's gonna be a busy and fun month. There's the ACE day camp, Boon Keat's birthday chalet and something else.

Good luck to everyone reading my blog for Mid Year examinations!

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April 26, 2009

Alright.. Maybe?

I have finally removed the dreaded bandage off my right leg. The feeling was so great. Yep, it was my first time my leg got bandaged. Those days with the bandage was hard. Bathing with one leg standing, squatting with the support of my toes and walking with a limp (Obviously).

It still hurts, but not frequently. I still have to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor for at least 5 days more for a full recovery. The medical certificate is deemed as useless, since next week will be the start of the Mid-Year examinations! I'm kinda worried though. I have the confidence and knowledge, there will be a preliminary examination too! Two examinations to prep us up for the O levels! Having said that.. I'm still so worried.

One chance at the O levels. Once you blew it, it's OVER. A few hundred bucks wasted. God knows why these O level scripts are so goddamn expensive. It's not like they're made of gold anyway! Rofl.

I received a school magazine that I paid 10 bucks for. It's worth reading it, but Mr Kung's said that he rather read next year's magazine. Yep, to see whether our class has made history. So anyway, the magazine was alright. First thing I noticed was the class photos had colours! It's been years! The school probably stroke lottery eh? Seeing my current and old classmates from last year. Pretty nostalgic, and seeing how they grew up to be young adults, and to think that yesterday was my first day into Gan Eng Seng School. Sigh.

Everything else was good, moderate amounts of eye candy and good essays at the back. Those essays were wrote by the Express classes. I could see the freaking huge gap between them and us. It was good, I picked up some new English words which might help me during this Tuesday's English paper. Adding Mr Tan's past and present vocabulary homework into my arsenal, I'm prepared for the paper. Bring it on!

It's 11.01 pm now. I love the night, the evening breeze and the twinkling stars. Wouldn't it be great to lay down on some hill, with a girlfriend and chat about anything. I'm wretched, but hopefully that feeling will cease.. And maybe, lead the life that I always.. wanted.

Life was great. Then it grinds.

And finally.
A new desktop UI and wallpaper.

Damn, this wallpaper is good. Reminds me to finish my homework! Haha!

That's all for today!
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April 22, 2009

Friday Friday.

No, it isn't me on crack.. No, it isn't Friday at all..

Well, today. My Wednesday lessons was replaced by Friday's lessons. Great timing, I injured my leg and was unable to participate in any physical activities for 2 weeks. To slack was one thing, but to limp with one leg was another. Sigh. Having a bandage wrapped around my right ankle was simply annoying. I had to bathe with my leg up, sounds weird, but I'm certain that I was doing just that.

Nothing much today. First two periods were Chinese. I went into the banding room next to our class and chatted with Taj and Chungaik. Some hilarious moments which I will not say, quite disturbing. Haha.

Next up was English. It was a rather interesting one period. Mr Tan talked about relationships, how relationships in the JC wouldn't last and so much more, although I don't like that fact about a working couple. Cons? They would hardly have any time for each other, and it would be so much worse if the couple had a family. They have to employ a maid to look after their children and frequently the children get spoiled due to this. Working for 2-3 years to build up cash is alright, I guess..

Then it was Maths. I got back my vectors test marks and gotten a 10/30. Mr Kung lectured us and said about people who got 10 or less marks might go into ITE. I just feel that it's too early to foresee. 4 months of intense revision could bring about remarkable grades. Time to prove him wrong then. Mid-Year examinations is a good chance. Oh, that reminds me.. Last week during Physics, I was sitting at the front. I took a peek at the scores for the Physics test. I could literally see the huge, HUGE gap between us and 5A. They are really pwnage, frankly. I just hope my class could beat the odds and rise!

Physics was up next. It felt like the 3 periods were damn short. The practical test took 40 minutes, it seemed as if it lasted only 20 minutes. I haven't glanced at the clock until Mr Chan went through the papers. It was 1pm! Amazingly, it just didn't felt like 3 periods. You could probably feel the tireness from 3 periods of SS, but not Physics!

After school, ate lunch and head into the gym. Stayed until 2.50pm, only to find out that Mr Leong wasn't around in school (?). Stayed in the gym till about 3.15pm and then went home.

Was supposed to post this last month. But whatever.
Someone who could not decide between two girls. OnRPG forums.
After reading that, I have nothing to say.

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April 16, 2009


Awesome day. Full of laughter and joy. Just the way I like it.

The assembly talk for today was a forum set up by the executive committee of the school. A forum, needless to say, is an event or website for open discussions. The school came up with a lot of suggestions, some lame ones, haha. The hall was pretty chaotic but funny too! Ended quite late than expected. Went to the Chemistry lab after that.

It was my first time today where I managed to finish my Chemistry practical without any faults. I gotten most of my answers right for once and did not reuse a test tube once. *pats on my back*

..and Chemistry is beautiful. You could literally make art out of it. Not most of the time though.

Both pictures aren't that clear.. I want a pimped up camera, man! I want to catch every big moment. Time to save up.. My milk bottle bank is almost filled up. That milk bottle is so precious, it was a casual gift to me from a girl. Heh heh.

Time to go.

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April 15, 2009


My apologies.. My thousand apologies. (Maybe a thousand isn't enough)

I was hunting for a skin that lives up to my taste, simplicity. I found 2 of them, and unfortunately, it busted up. Both had corrupt codes and in the end, I was too lazy to revert to my previous skin. Enough digressing, I'll try to summarize everything from the past few days.

Well, firstly.. I liked Fast & Furious 4. I admit, I suck at linking up sequels. But heck, the cinematics and actions are awesome. The cars are freaking sexy, and Chungaik's Mustang got.. erm, COOKED. Haha. My favorites are Nissan Fairlady and Skyline, which I think aren't in the movie. Nevertheless, it's an awesome movie. I even believed what others commented about the movie and had a feeling that it will suck. Yep, sometimes you need to watch it for yourself because people have different tastes. I rate the movie overall an 8/10. Do watch it.

..and Jordana Brewster a.k.a Mia Toretto is hawt.

I wouldn't want to mention what happened for the past few days. Most of it were frustrating, annoying and tight. At least, for today, things seemed a little calmer. Did the teachers ate some happy candies? Haha. Today was a happy day. I also had my 2.4 km run around Tiong Bahru Park. We can't run in school because our indoor sports hall was under construction. My timing was a pathetic, 20 minutes. I walked 3 rounds, and ran the rest. I kept thinking that I should not give in my effort at all, because I failed, literally. I passed all my station tests except for pullups. I had to perform 3 pullups to pass! Mission impossible, currently.

I went to the gym with a group of friends. I was just slacking around, messing with people and kicking the medicine ball. I decided to skip the History AP, because it was pointless. And guess what, me and Boon Keat decided to head up to the classrooms and nobody was inside. Wow indeed. Mr Joseph hadn't been teaching us for AP for the past 2 or 3 lessons. We ended up waiting till 3.50 pm (Term 1) and no teacher came. It would've helped if we were informed earlier in the morning. I guess I can only rely on myself.

Well, that's all for today. I need to sleep. I slept at 12 midnight for the past 2 days, I should be glad that I'm still paying attention during class while yawning excessively..

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April 8, 2009

Horrible day.

Today sucks. Period.


So. Let's hope that tomorrow would be a much.. better day.

And tomorrow's the NT production concert at the Arts House. Show your full support by purchasing the tickets!

Fuck today. Today fucking sucks.

Fast & Furious 4 is released tomorrow. I can't wait to watch it, man! Burn some rubber, baby!

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April 7, 2009


I can't believe I spend so much time trying to make a post. I typed some paragraphs, and then deleted, and so on.. It's clear that I'm losing my blogging habit. I don't know why.

Well.. Maybe I'll blog about school.

I don't know why I feel so tired today. I slept at 10pm yesterday, and this morning, I kept yawning. I hadn't got the mood to finish the English classwork that we were assigned. I was thinking, "Shouldn't we be doing letter writing? Why are we even doing comprehension?" Man, I WAS being sensitive. A little too much. Although I would prefer staying on one topic at a time rather than scramble everything and end up being a total mess. Even my English journal and holiday homework are covered in dust.

During History, I was feeling the tightness. Mr Leong gave us classwork and told us use some sort of inference + evidence and then contextual knowledge. Somehow, I'm holding back. I didn't want to ask anyone for help. I don't know. I was being stubborn. Maybe it's time I ask a friend for help. And.. I still hate History.

Went home after that. Played 2 hours of COD4 and then slept. I have to stop taking afternoon naps from now on. It's really affecting me somehow. I don't know what it is, but I heard that taking afternoon naps is kinda bad for me.

Gaming.. Skip this if you hate gaming or have no interest in it.

I don't know what's up with gaming and Singaporeans. The first thing you'll notice when playing COD4 with Asians is their impatience. Upon being impatient, they will start cursing you. Personally, I extremely detest players who typed "FUCK YOU" out of the blue. Followed by "Your mother [insert anything here]". What's wrong with them? I played with US players, they were so polite despite being hardcore gamers.

I played Blackshot (SG) today too. I entered a random room and got dissed. I was the host all of a sudden. And I was seeing.. "ur family die ah cb, knn change host le, fuck ur whole famly lar, cb noob fucker change leh, rj lah cb rjrjrjrjrj, cb fucking camper siam leh". I was utterly pissed. All I plan to do was to have a good game and after that, slept. I totally regretted entering into this room full of 5 year old gangster posers. I have never witnessed so many "Fucks" in my whole gaming life. The most was MapleStory before Blackshot.

On Garena, I played COD4. It wasn't that bad, IT WAS FUCKING WORSE.

I'm only Level 1.. You see.
They didn't know that I was a Level 55 Commander on the offical servers.

I entered a room..
Loaded up on a MP5..
Played on Domination..
Walked around and spotted 5 campers.
2 of them were typical Snipers <- Remember, SNIPERS. They're born to camp. No doubt about that.

Guess the other 3..
The first was a SMG camper. WTF? Camping with a SMG. Lulz.
The second was a spawn camper. They kill you after you respawn. How cheap.
The third was a LMG camper. Great. Now get prepared to have a million bullets hurling into your ass.

There was another maniac running around.
He had Martyrdom, Sonic Boom, 3x Frag, Noob Tube. Is he some kind of.. a suicide bomber?

Now back to the game.
I was only Level 1, and had a MP5 (The default ones, not the customs)
I ran around, fragged 10 peeps and had 2 deaths.
I was declared a noob. Got kicked.
They said I was using Aimbot, Speedhack, Flyhack. Exactly those.

I was like.. "WTF? Shuts down game, shuts down computer and sleep".


Like DAMN?
Are those people ON CRACK OR SOMETHING?

That's all!

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April 2, 2009


My arm hurts.
My chest hurts.
My legs hurts.


..for the muscleeeeees.

I'm so fucking tired. I slept at 10pm everyday, and yet, I still yawn frequently at school. So I'm pretty sure it's not the sleeping time. WHAT IS IT THEN!

The situation at school is pretty tense due to a thief who stole a bag of belongings. Even Mr Kung reprimanded us during assembly today. That thief sure had some pretty hard iron nuts to have stolen a bag of precious belongings. Not to mention, the police are in investigation too so it's THAT FUCKING SERIOUS. I wish that thief would just own up, man. Though I doubt he'll own up. Afterall, the police are involved. What a day.

After school, I went back home. Slept.. because my body was aching badly.

Studied for the test tomorrow. I think I'll still fail. I had a really hard time memorizing, it always seems to escape from my memory. LOL, knowledge have legs.. and wings MAYBE? *crosses fingers*

Today was the first time I chatted with my COD4 clanmates. Even since I joined the clan, I was very quiet, I was rather shy. I was surprised that there were 2 ladies in the clan too! La Femme Fatale huh! They also shared with me that.. Only a gamer understands a gamer's life, which is kinda true.

Wouldn't it rock if my girlfriend was a gamer girl? WOOT. Gamer girls <3

Well, that's all for today.

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