April 26, 2009

Alright.. Maybe?

I have finally removed the dreaded bandage off my right leg. The feeling was so great. Yep, it was my first time my leg got bandaged. Those days with the bandage was hard. Bathing with one leg standing, squatting with the support of my toes and walking with a limp (Obviously).

It still hurts, but not frequently. I still have to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor for at least 5 days more for a full recovery. The medical certificate is deemed as useless, since next week will be the start of the Mid-Year examinations! I'm kinda worried though. I have the confidence and knowledge, there will be a preliminary examination too! Two examinations to prep us up for the O levels! Having said that.. I'm still so worried.

One chance at the O levels. Once you blew it, it's OVER. A few hundred bucks wasted. God knows why these O level scripts are so goddamn expensive. It's not like they're made of gold anyway! Rofl.

I received a school magazine that I paid 10 bucks for. It's worth reading it, but Mr Kung's said that he rather read next year's magazine. Yep, to see whether our class has made history. So anyway, the magazine was alright. First thing I noticed was the class photos had colours! It's been years! The school probably stroke lottery eh? Seeing my current and old classmates from last year. Pretty nostalgic, and seeing how they grew up to be young adults, and to think that yesterday was my first day into Gan Eng Seng School. Sigh.

Everything else was good, moderate amounts of eye candy and good essays at the back. Those essays were wrote by the Express classes. I could see the freaking huge gap between them and us. It was good, I picked up some new English words which might help me during this Tuesday's English paper. Adding Mr Tan's past and present vocabulary homework into my arsenal, I'm prepared for the paper. Bring it on!

It's 11.01 pm now. I love the night, the evening breeze and the twinkling stars. Wouldn't it be great to lay down on some hill, with a girlfriend and chat about anything. I'm wretched, but hopefully that feeling will cease.. And maybe, lead the life that I always.. wanted.

Life was great. Then it grinds.

And finally.
A new desktop UI and wallpaper.

Damn, this wallpaper is good. Reminds me to finish my homework! Haha!

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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