April 7, 2009


I can't believe I spend so much time trying to make a post. I typed some paragraphs, and then deleted, and so on.. It's clear that I'm losing my blogging habit. I don't know why.

Well.. Maybe I'll blog about school.

I don't know why I feel so tired today. I slept at 10pm yesterday, and this morning, I kept yawning. I hadn't got the mood to finish the English classwork that we were assigned. I was thinking, "Shouldn't we be doing letter writing? Why are we even doing comprehension?" Man, I WAS being sensitive. A little too much. Although I would prefer staying on one topic at a time rather than scramble everything and end up being a total mess. Even my English journal and holiday homework are covered in dust.

During History, I was feeling the tightness. Mr Leong gave us classwork and told us use some sort of inference + evidence and then contextual knowledge. Somehow, I'm holding back. I didn't want to ask anyone for help. I don't know. I was being stubborn. Maybe it's time I ask a friend for help. And.. I still hate History.

Went home after that. Played 2 hours of COD4 and then slept. I have to stop taking afternoon naps from now on. It's really affecting me somehow. I don't know what it is, but I heard that taking afternoon naps is kinda bad for me.

Gaming.. Skip this if you hate gaming or have no interest in it.

I don't know what's up with gaming and Singaporeans. The first thing you'll notice when playing COD4 with Asians is their impatience. Upon being impatient, they will start cursing you. Personally, I extremely detest players who typed "FUCK YOU" out of the blue. Followed by "Your mother [insert anything here]". What's wrong with them? I played with US players, they were so polite despite being hardcore gamers.

I played Blackshot (SG) today too. I entered a random room and got dissed. I was the host all of a sudden. And I was seeing.. "ur family die ah cb, knn change host le, fuck ur whole famly lar, cb noob fucker change leh, rj lah cb rjrjrjrjrj, cb fucking camper siam leh". I was utterly pissed. All I plan to do was to have a good game and after that, slept. I totally regretted entering into this room full of 5 year old gangster posers. I have never witnessed so many "Fucks" in my whole gaming life. The most was MapleStory before Blackshot.

On Garena, I played COD4. It wasn't that bad, IT WAS FUCKING WORSE.

I'm only Level 1.. You see.
They didn't know that I was a Level 55 Commander on the offical servers.

I entered a room..
Loaded up on a MP5..
Played on Domination..
Walked around and spotted 5 campers.
2 of them were typical Snipers <- Remember, SNIPERS. They're born to camp. No doubt about that.

Guess the other 3..
The first was a SMG camper. WTF? Camping with a SMG. Lulz.
The second was a spawn camper. They kill you after you respawn. How cheap.
The third was a LMG camper. Great. Now get prepared to have a million bullets hurling into your ass.

There was another maniac running around.
He had Martyrdom, Sonic Boom, 3x Frag, Noob Tube. Is he some kind of.. a suicide bomber?

Now back to the game.
I was only Level 1, and had a MP5 (The default ones, not the customs)
I ran around, fragged 10 peeps and had 2 deaths.
I was declared a noob. Got kicked.
They said I was using Aimbot, Speedhack, Flyhack. Exactly those.

I was like.. "WTF? Shuts down game, shuts down computer and sleep".


Like DAMN?
Are those people ON CRACK OR SOMETHING?

That's all!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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