April 22, 2009

Friday Friday.

No, it isn't me on crack.. No, it isn't Friday at all..

Well, today. My Wednesday lessons was replaced by Friday's lessons. Great timing, I injured my leg and was unable to participate in any physical activities for 2 weeks. To slack was one thing, but to limp with one leg was another. Sigh. Having a bandage wrapped around my right ankle was simply annoying. I had to bathe with my leg up, sounds weird, but I'm certain that I was doing just that.

Nothing much today. First two periods were Chinese. I went into the banding room next to our class and chatted with Taj and Chungaik. Some hilarious moments which I will not say, quite disturbing. Haha.

Next up was English. It was a rather interesting one period. Mr Tan talked about relationships, how relationships in the JC wouldn't last and so much more, although I don't like that fact about a working couple. Cons? They would hardly have any time for each other, and it would be so much worse if the couple had a family. They have to employ a maid to look after their children and frequently the children get spoiled due to this. Working for 2-3 years to build up cash is alright, I guess..

Then it was Maths. I got back my vectors test marks and gotten a 10/30. Mr Kung lectured us and said about people who got 10 or less marks might go into ITE. I just feel that it's too early to foresee. 4 months of intense revision could bring about remarkable grades. Time to prove him wrong then. Mid-Year examinations is a good chance. Oh, that reminds me.. Last week during Physics, I was sitting at the front. I took a peek at the scores for the Physics test. I could literally see the huge, HUGE gap between us and 5A. They are really pwnage, frankly. I just hope my class could beat the odds and rise!

Physics was up next. It felt like the 3 periods were damn short. The practical test took 40 minutes, it seemed as if it lasted only 20 minutes. I haven't glanced at the clock until Mr Chan went through the papers. It was 1pm! Amazingly, it just didn't felt like 3 periods. You could probably feel the tireness from 3 periods of SS, but not Physics!

After school, ate lunch and head into the gym. Stayed until 2.50pm, only to find out that Mr Leong wasn't around in school (?). Stayed in the gym till about 3.15pm and then went home.

Was supposed to post this last month. But whatever.
Someone who could not decide between two girls. OnRPG forums.
After reading that, I have nothing to say.

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