October 25, 2006

the day of frustration

The report books are somewhat out already. But Mrs Lin took them back. o.O? And ya, i saw the " Retained at S3 (NORMAL) " phrase. Man, when i look at it, i felt very cold. The more i look at it, the more i wanna cry. Guess this is what you would call emotional breakdown or whatever. I chose this path and i will take it. Next year, hopefully all the students in my new class are slackers in their studies, hehe *evil laughs*. And i will take the throne of being the top next year, WAHAHAHAHA!

But now, i can feel the gap between my friends and me. Well, of course we'll still see each other before school starts and after schools. I will always watch the class play soccer in the street soccer court. Yeah xD!

Then, after school at around 3pm, went to my mother's stall to help out. She was shorthanded, and needed help. Nah, it's occasional. I felt very sorry for my mother. She rocks! She's the superwoman! Haha..

One more thing, maybe i'll lose some weight during the holidays to liven up my confidence and looks. 'Cause i look too flabby on the sides xD. Mum says: I looked nice, but seeing my figure, she said, walaoeh. LOL. Hopefully the haze would be driven away, and then i can have peace running around my block.

And finally, i played Maple for an hour. Didn't want to play o2 jam nor AuditionSEA, reason being, my hands are tired and playing fastest finger games will make me go psycho. I found that Stepmania is much more fun than o2 jam. No offence xD!

Haha, i gotta go now. Watching Inuyasha now xD!

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October 24, 2006

Haha.. I felt okay =)

Anyway, thanks gary, carmel and jiayi for comforting me in the taggy! Really, thanks a lot xD

Back to today.. I felt very happy and somewhat, sad.. Man, this feeling really sucks. It feels like i got spilted into halve.. The whole day, i'm just blasting metal songs to my ears.. Kinda pain, haha.. Then played maple, 1 minute only logged out.. Guessed i've got a lot of stuffs in my head..

Miracle? Ha.. Hope it happens.. Miracle is the only hope i got right now.. Haha..

Anyway, gotta sleep now..

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a bad dream that came true

Well.. Today isn't another good day for me. I just know that i have been high in my spirits for only 3 days. And Mrs Lin told me the bad news. I may have a chance of retaining.. My chances of promoting is like 1 out of 100. Man, she cried.. Seeing her cried, i also cried.. I did not know what happened to me. My hands suddenly feel cold.. People were like looking at me and thinking why in the blue hell am i crying..

Because i'm gonna retain..

Cant the science help me gain my pass? It was 42/100, the overall. Crap man. I felt defeated.. I wonder what will the others think of me.. Brainless asshole? I'm just plain lazy and didn't cared about revising. Seeing how Mrs Lin cried, i cant take it.. She's like, blaming herself for everything the class done.. Please, Mrs Lin, do not take this to heart..

Well, of course i gotta accept the fact that i'm retaining.. Although i'm retaining, i still hope my friends in 3b will stick together as always. Dont leave me alone just because i'm the odd one out ya..

As always, i will stay happy and work towards my goal to promoting to sec 4!

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October 21, 2006

Today's another fucked day..
Someone accused me of stealing his stuff..
I had enough of this.

First my scout guy betrayed me..
I was already fucked up..
Now someone accused me of something i didn't do..
I was gonna kill someone.

I really had enough of this.
So much for being nice, friendly..
In the end, i get all this shit endings.

Do what you want now.
I'll bring the stuff over next week.
This is my fifth time crying.
My heart hurts.
My head hurts.. and i'm STRESSED!

Please advise me!
I do not want to lose any more friends ANYMORE!

I've cooled down.

October 19, 2006

Yes.. I'm going to promote to sec 4 next year..
But today is just fucked up..

I cried real fucking hard today..
I asked my patrol second to call the patrol to come down for meeting tomorrow..
He come show me attitude and just walk away..
He say he dont want to see Hong Liang's face..
My problem isit?
You fuck off la..
You think you so big isit..
The first half of the year you say you were stressed..
I sacrificed myself for you to be patrol leader..
And you said you will help me until the day i become a venture..
And now you gave me that super idiotic FUCKED up shit attitude..
Rest assured i will not let this matter rest..

My whole fucking patrol is just damn fucked up..
One come show me attitude..
One act blur..
Ask you REMIND, i say again, REMIND!.. And you dont want to do such a simple tiny job..
The REMINDer will kill you isit.. It takes up only a few minutes..
So lazy and fucked up..
I'm damn jealous of the other patrols..
Shit man..
You think i'm leading a peaceful life arh..
Every week, i do push-ups for you fucked up people..
You think i kena punished for nothing isit..
Mother fuckers..

When i heard i got promoted, then these bad things must happen..
Only screw up my happy moments..

Fuck this shit.. I'm gonna sleep..

October 15, 2006

Oh man..
My exam results aint good at all..
Maths paper 1: 23/60 (My biggest improvement ever.. Mid-Year: 4/60)
Social Studies: 9/50
DnT: 52.5/100 (My only pass)
Chemistry MCQ: 10/20
I will receive the the rest of the papers next week..
Waliew.. Sure die..

October 7, 2006

What happened to SIngapore mann?!
Since the exam started, i've already seen the sudden haziness around the area..
I thought it was some deforestation going on in another country..
Well, of course, i was right

Today's PSI was 145-150..
Damn high..
I remember during my childhood..
Seeing PSI on the left top corner of the TV screen..
And it never reached that high before..

Hopefully, SIngapore will rain more often..
To drive away all the haze..
It's so sickening..

The exams sucks so hard..
I did not sweat for Maths, Chemistry and English..
Hopefully i'll rise!!

That's all for today..
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October 3, 2006

Now at Singapore Management University having tuition..
And yeah, it rawks..

Anyway, talking about today's papers..
It's on History and Chemistry..
By suprise, i finished both papers early..
Well, except for History..
Trying to remember lotsa points..

I guess i'm really gonna get retained..
No joke..
Just a gut feeling eh..

Just a short post today..
Gotta get back to tuition..
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October 2, 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Mugging real hard..

And ya, thanks carmel for the encouragement..
Well, now i'm at my god-sis' house right now..
Need to prepare for tomorrow's exams..
But i forgotten to study history..
Man, i suck.. Crap!

Bo bian..
Must study last minute revision..
I have a bad feeling for today's social studies paper..
I so totally gave up on section B..
I did not study at all..
Now studying Chemisty and Physics..
Which are my moderate subjects..

Took a couple of painkillers..
Got a bad headache due to my mouth ulcer..
It sucks to the max..
The pain from my mouth goes right into my head..
Then slept at 5pm today..
I dozed off in a matter of seconds..
I did not know i WAS that tired..
Maybe i'm gonna burn midnight oil..

Tomorrow's the History and Chemistry paper..
I hope that i'll remember everything..
Especially the drawing of compounds..
It took me about an hour to understand..
Well, cannot be blamed..
I AM a slow learner..

Well, guys and gals..
If ya'll reading my blog right now..
I want you to know that..
Do not SLACK for FYE!
Give it your best!
And the fruits of success will be yours =P

Anyway, good luck for FYE!
Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you xD!