October 19, 2006

Yes.. I'm going to promote to sec 4 next year..
But today is just fucked up..

I cried real fucking hard today..
I asked my patrol second to call the patrol to come down for meeting tomorrow..
He come show me attitude and just walk away..
He say he dont want to see Hong Liang's face..
My problem isit?
You fuck off la..
You think you so big isit..
The first half of the year you say you were stressed..
I sacrificed myself for you to be patrol leader..
And you said you will help me until the day i become a venture..
And now you gave me that super idiotic FUCKED up shit attitude..
Rest assured i will not let this matter rest..

My whole fucking patrol is just damn fucked up..
One come show me attitude..
One act blur..
Ask you REMIND, i say again, REMIND!.. And you dont want to do such a simple tiny job..
The REMINDer will kill you isit.. It takes up only a few minutes..
So lazy and fucked up..
I'm damn jealous of the other patrols..
Shit man..
You think i'm leading a peaceful life arh..
Every week, i do push-ups for you fucked up people..
You think i kena punished for nothing isit..
Mother fuckers..

When i heard i got promoted, then these bad things must happen..
Only screw up my happy moments..

Fuck this shit.. I'm gonna sleep..

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