October 24, 2006

a bad dream that came true

Well.. Today isn't another good day for me. I just know that i have been high in my spirits for only 3 days. And Mrs Lin told me the bad news. I may have a chance of retaining.. My chances of promoting is like 1 out of 100. Man, she cried.. Seeing her cried, i also cried.. I did not know what happened to me. My hands suddenly feel cold.. People were like looking at me and thinking why in the blue hell am i crying..

Because i'm gonna retain..

Cant the science help me gain my pass? It was 42/100, the overall. Crap man. I felt defeated.. I wonder what will the others think of me.. Brainless asshole? I'm just plain lazy and didn't cared about revising. Seeing how Mrs Lin cried, i cant take it.. She's like, blaming herself for everything the class done.. Please, Mrs Lin, do not take this to heart..

Well, of course i gotta accept the fact that i'm retaining.. Although i'm retaining, i still hope my friends in 3b will stick together as always. Dont leave me alone just because i'm the odd one out ya..

As always, i will stay happy and work towards my goal to promoting to sec 4!

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

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