July 28, 2006

Today's the first day i did well for a class test..!
English composition test: 20/30!

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I guess that paper totally rocked my life!
I'm back to studying!
Back to today..
Me and the scouts were building the flagstaff for tomorrow's meeting..
But after awhile, i had to go..
Then helped Shun Hui a bit for his shed..
Well, more photos!

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The best teamwork i ever seen in Scouts.. Lol, showing Arjun's back..

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Bird's eye view of Bin Ming and Moo Moo tying the flagstaff.. LOL!!

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Shun Hui's home?

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12 days in advance.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!

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Win Zaw's art..!

I had fun photo blogging..!
Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

July 27, 2006

Hi! Just had cross-country today..
Pretty tough as i'm getting fatter lols..
Anyway, photos!

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Class 3b's soccer fanatics!

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The sweat band that prevent sweat from getting into my hands! Credits goes to Juihao!

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While going home. Omg, there's damn lots of people lah.. It took me 30mins to wait for a bus.. Sian.

Well, that's it for today!

May God bless you!

July 22, 2006

I'm very, very stressed..
Yiren, you think i'll quit maple for the sake of the gunbound?
Think again..
Gunbound is a fucked up game in my point of view..
Sorry for the abusive language..
So please, for the last time, i really, really do not want to play gunbound.

I do not care whether scouts had lost to ncc in soccer..
To me, soccer DOES NOT prove that ncc is better than scouts..
I'm already a Patrol Leader..
I'm given so many responsibilities..
So please..

And Charlene, sorry for yesterday about me flaring up..

And one last thing, do not let all this negative factors affect our friendship..
Friendship is meant to last forever..
Cause friends are important to us..

I'm now having a very bad headache and a tummy ache..
I'm having lots of mosquito bites on both of my legs..
Hope you will understand..

Anyway, as always..

May God bless you..

July 20, 2006

It's already been a month..
Surprised how fast time flys..

Am i still lazy?

Oh yes.. I am..
Oh well.. I'm always lazy.. What an attitude..
I did not put in effort as a PL..
Let alone studies..
Guess it's time for me change..
I need to prove someone that i can do it..
Being lazy will change into being hardworking..
"Heck care attitude" will change into commitment..

Hope it will happen..

July 17, 2006

What a hectic week..
MacDonald's campfire was a bloody failure..
Marching as a rightmarker for the NDP contingent..
I'm simply losing out as a PL because of my delay at every deadline..
Very sian leh..
Tomorrow, i scared screw up as rightmarker..
Man, god knows how i'm feeling right now..
Oh man..
Just live it..
There's nothing to be afraid of..
My life is almost like Amardeep Singh, the assembly talk today..
His life is much worser than mine..
If he can do it, why can i?
That's it dude..
Work it man..
I'm gonna strive!
I'm gonna fight!

It's only a few months left to me becoming a Venture and it will pay off..
Look on the bright side, John!

Ok.. ok..

July 13, 2006

Today, i'm quite depressed.. My friends, although you see me as a lively person, but i'm very stressed.. I dont even do my homework.. So give me time to recuperate..

Right now, both my mum and my maid are angry now.. My stupid father also not around.. I felt that my life had just got twisted..

I wish i could share this with my best friend..

Do i even have a best friend?

Filled with sadness =(

July 12, 2006

Yo dudes!
Blogging in the school library now! So cool, efficient and nice. Anyway, just wanted to blog for fun today because i'll be going to home to sleep. Feeling quite nauseous today. Slept in English class, POA and Chinese. I didnt know what happened to me today. It's like my head is gonna fall off.. Maybe stressed? *sigh*

Anyway, Chee Chong found his handphone already.. I finally can set my mind at ease. But now still quite stressed.. Well, must manage stress well.. Slept at English class, kena ps by whole class.. *sigh*

Well.. That's all for today!

I wished that someone was next to me now................................

May God bless you!

July 11, 2006

Long time never post!

Well, had been busy all the time so dint have the time to blog.

Anyway, i can blog today! It has been a bad week for me.. As a scout, as a student as well. Although, i may seem enthusiastic on the outside, but deep inside my heart, it's full of darkness. I felt tight, as in stressed, because of both studies and scouts. Well, HL told me to manage my stress well. I'm trying and i hope it works!

A lot of bad things happen to me today. First of all, i lost Chee Chong's handphone. That was already bad enough. I promise you Chee Chong, i will try to find your phone although you may seem happy. Well a phone is a phone, when people lose it, they will get angry and beat you up.

And last of all..

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The "Unlegendary" Zidane HEADBUTT!

That's all and may God bless you!

July 4, 2006

Today got scouts again lols..
These few weeks had been totally occupied by scouts..
Nevermind lols..
Quite fun actually..

Today after school, had PLC in the scouts room.. Woohoo! Me, Bin Ming and Choon Lian are going to Sentosa to build a campfire for the MacDonald managers.. Sweeeeet~
Then went to Henderson Food Centre to meet up with HL for the Sentosa thingy.. Then saw Mr Elton Kwan and his table tennis gals.. Long never see him liao! Haha..

Anyway.. That's it lols..

Seeya and may God bless you!

July 3, 2006

Woke up early again..
Guess again.. I going for SCOUTS AGAIN!
Chill.. I kinda love Scouts now.. Heh..!

Anyway, back to today. I went to school at 8.00am.. Feeling kinda tired some how.. Slept on the way to school, almost lost my way lols.. Reached school liao.. Seems damn quiet la.. Then i notice there's only Girl's Brigade in the school.. Waited quite long then i saw Willy and Bin Ming.. YAY! Can go inside Scout Room liao and listen songs! Then i go fix my Patrol Cupboard, which was my purpose for coming to school today..! At around 10am, i and Willy went to the D.I.Y store to buy some hinges, chains and a digital lock to lock up the cupboard..

Well, that dint even took an hour.. Done in 20mins lol.. Then helped other patrols to clean up the shack..

Around 1pm, we went to K-Ster.. Sing song la.. First time there some more.. Haha.. Quite nice actually, with the censor mouse and the big screen tv.. We started off with a lot of Jay Chou songs, then JJ, then Guang Liang and so on..

Today was so fun! Love it..

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

July 1, 2006

Woke up at 7.30 today..
Guess what; i'm going for scouts again..!
Yesterday got scouts, today got scouts also..
Buay tahan lah..!

Aniwae, today i went to Radin Mas Primary School.. Well, none of my PLC members told me what's going on today lols.. So, just have to wait lor.. Then, after waiting for around 10 mins, Qihao and Bin Ming came.. Phew, i thought i came to the wrong place.. Then we also saw Milo, CL and HL.. Then we went to the AVA room where the event is being held.. To my surprise, i saw my cub scouts who were in my patrol for group camp! I felt happy cause i miss the times with them.. Haha..

Let's skip the boring part.. Suddenly, HL asked us to come out.. Then we went to the field.. And the work started.. We are supposed to re-make to cub scout's den!
Haiis.. The day was tiring but fun too.. We laughed alot.. I enjoyed the day very much!

Then when we finished, we go to Tiong Bahru Plaza in HL's car.. Erm.. Forgot to change clothes.. (Ooops!)

And the day ended for me..!

Heh heh..

Seeya! And may God bless you!