July 17, 2006

What a hectic week..
MacDonald's campfire was a bloody failure..
Marching as a rightmarker for the NDP contingent..
I'm simply losing out as a PL because of my delay at every deadline..
Very sian leh..
Tomorrow, i scared screw up as rightmarker..
Man, god knows how i'm feeling right now..
Oh man..
Just live it..
There's nothing to be afraid of..
My life is almost like Amardeep Singh, the assembly talk today..
His life is much worser than mine..
If he can do it, why can i?
That's it dude..
Work it man..
I'm gonna strive!
I'm gonna fight!

It's only a few months left to me becoming a Venture and it will pay off..
Look on the bright side, John!

Ok.. ok..

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