July 1, 2006

Woke up at 7.30 today..
Guess what; i'm going for scouts again..!
Yesterday got scouts, today got scouts also..
Buay tahan lah..!

Aniwae, today i went to Radin Mas Primary School.. Well, none of my PLC members told me what's going on today lols.. So, just have to wait lor.. Then, after waiting for around 10 mins, Qihao and Bin Ming came.. Phew, i thought i came to the wrong place.. Then we also saw Milo, CL and HL.. Then we went to the AVA room where the event is being held.. To my surprise, i saw my cub scouts who were in my patrol for group camp! I felt happy cause i miss the times with them.. Haha..

Let's skip the boring part.. Suddenly, HL asked us to come out.. Then we went to the field.. And the work started.. We are supposed to re-make to cub scout's den!
Haiis.. The day was tiring but fun too.. We laughed alot.. I enjoyed the day very much!

Then when we finished, we go to Tiong Bahru Plaza in HL's car.. Erm.. Forgot to change clothes.. (Ooops!)

And the day ended for me..!

Heh heh..

Seeya! And may God bless you!

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