February 25, 2009


After playing F.E.A.R 2 (Yes I finally got the full game), I felt like jelly. Sheeesh, "she" just pops out randomly and scares the shit outta you. I wish I could type the F word, but hell no. Anyone wants to play the game with me? I'm scared shitless. In fact, after playing the game, I felt like a puny little timid kid. Lmao.

The game kinda taught me something though.

Retribution often means that we eventually do to ourselves what we have done unto others.

The game is one weird example to show that the poison you used against people, maybe the poison used against you as well. You might or definitely go to hell in the afterlife if you used the poison frequently. I think this girl (Alma) was left all alone by herself, and soon after, died. Now she's back, haunting those who harmed her before. The main protagonist of the game is on a mission to destroy her, but (Spoiler from someone) in the end game, all of his comrades got killed and he was left alone in his world (And got psychotic I think?). God knows what will happen to him. And one weird thing is, how did she get pregnant? Man, I should have played the first F.E.A.R game.

That is one fatal retribution I do not wish to go through.

It's a great game, with lots of atmospheric sounds, random flickering lights (Oh my god..) and more random unpredictable moments (Except for hallways, lol). No more. I need someone to play the game with!

Anyway, back to today.

As I was heading home, I met upon this old lady who was walking up and talking. No idea what she was saying, but as soon she got up the bus, she asked me to get up and go away in a really rude manner. I was sitting at the front, near the window and I never placed my bag on the second seat. I gave it to her and stood up embarrassed. People were looking at me as if I did something wrong. The lady was big enough to sit next to me, so it isn't a size problem.

Listless, I went down the bus, feeling aggravated. It sucks to have people looking at you as if you had just committed a major fault, but in fact, you didn't. Oh, look at the irony. I know that she's an elderly and all, but I'm sure her buttocks aren't as huge as an elephant's to be needing 2 seats.

But come to think of it, I should just leave it. Maybe that's her attitude, loudmouth-ed and over-sensitive. And crap, I detest overly sensitive people. It's like touching hot molten lava. *pssssshhhh*

And lastly, saw this upcoming movie during the advertisements.

Dragonball Evolution? Where's the Z?

Anyway, this might not follow the Dragonball series.. We shall see the reviews. I'm quite an avid Dragonball Z fan. Hopefully it won't end up a failure like the Max Payne movie, which is totally off-course from its counterpart.

Movie will be released in theaters on the 12th of March.

Well, that's all for today.

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February 23, 2009

Scariest game ever. (For me)

This post is made for this game called F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin.

The scariest game I ever played, apart from Condemned series, Silent Hill series, Resident Evil series and Dead Space.

Here's a synopsis..

The image of a pasty-skinned, greasy-haired young girl has become an iconic image in horror films like The Ring, and the original F.E.A.R. introduced a similar figure with great success. Of course, that game gave its ghostly visions a chilling context, drawing you into the unnerving story of a paranormal prodigy named Alma and the horrific suffering to which she was subjected. F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin returns to this fertile universe, but rather than scrutinize even darker reaches of the soul, it merely skims the surface, offering up a series of eerie visions without delivering a good mystery to bind them together. The good news for shooter fans is that the bullet-blasting core of the experience is sound, propelling you forward with enough intensity to keep the single-player campaign engaging. Most of what's here has been done better before, but the unspectacular elements have been stitched into an enjoyably moody first-person shooter that relies on rock-solid mechanics rather than true inspiration.

And a video.. which I almost shitted on my pants.. literally.

*WARNING* Not recommended for people with a weak heart or afraid of horror. Serious.

The first gameplay isn't that scary.. But as I ventured further into the game, I became more interested but of course I have pluck up some courage to face that ugh.. Alma.

Part 1

Part 2

Enjoy.. And if you crave for more horror, visit this videomaker's channel here.

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February 22, 2009


Social Studies test.. Dead.

Maths test after school.. Tired.

Okay, I'm random.

February 21, 2009

Bewildered thoughts.

Good evening, blog.

Today was a weird day. I had all these thoughts that came racing through my mind during Flag Day. Then I came to realize, I rather be alone. I have no idea why. I want a friend who could appreciate and respect my decisions. I wanted to just enjoy Flag Day by going around and asking for contributions. In the end, I got influenced into going back home. While on the train, I thought to myself.. "Wouldn't it be fun if we all go out and sweat our butts off while asking for contributions?". But on second thoughts, breaking the mood would be a bad idea.

I want to be a good person and a compassionate one. Not one who doesn't give a damn to practically everything. Somehow, the simpler my goal is, the harder it is to achieve.

A goal, huh. It is always easier to say than done. I want to be an Interior Designer. Designing is kinda like my thing, my hobby especially. I love to draw, serious. Although I couldn't draw as well as Mengci or others, I still try to hone my skills at it. It's definitely something I can get interest in and get involved. And.. To achieve this goal, I must pass my O levels with at least <15 points! This isn't my only goal.

My next goal is to slim down. I'm tired of my appearance, the body especially. It's really depressing to meet people who despise you of your obesity. Jogging everyday around my house might not be enough. I'm gonna push myself, and to get that Silver NAFA certificate that I always wanted. A Gold is too much, too ambitious, but not impossible.

My last goal.. Is to be a more refined gentleman. I used to watch pornography in the past, quited it and ONCE AGAIN, got into it. This time, I'll quit it once and for all. *taps chest* I never really want to do THAT kind of stuff to my girlfriend at all, unless she allows it. The addiction is bad, and I'm glad I'm old enough to control myself. I'll try to lessen on my vulgarities, I'm not saying that I'll totally stop saying vulgarities, only on certain situations.

My goal to interior designing, slimming down and becoming a real gentleman depends on myself.

I can do it.

I'm not gonna follow that "person's" footsteps, irresponsible, ill-disciplined and gutless.

Gosh, I'm all cranked up.

Thanks blog, for everything.

Thanks Apex, for bringing us this Flag Day. I finally got my feelings sorted out and also had fun.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

February 18, 2009


Yo. My apologies for not updating. My internet cable was busted, somehow. I couldn't view images and download anything properly. Yep, the internet finally fixed but weird enough, it fixed itself!

To be honest.. I have nothing to update than just reply comments. I may update more tomorrow..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

February 15, 2009


Good evening.

Now that Valentine's Day is over, I can finally relax, since a dude like me wouldn't get much love anyway, heh. A friend told me that Valentine's Day is the one day that couples lose their virginity, which is really reasonable! Well, whatever it is, I hope those couples had a great day.. or night. They certainly wouldn't want to be in my shoes. Yep, I slept the whole day. Pretty much lifeless.. or undead, lol.

Alright.. Actually the reason was because I hurt my right foot. I was limping like crazy for the past few days. At least, it's much better now. I can't jog for a few days, which sucked. I want to lose weight quick.. Oh well, health is a lot more important. After massaging my foot a few times, it felt much better, thank God.. Otherwise I might be mistaken for Mas Selamat, lmao.. Okay, that was a freezing, cold joke.. *sweats*

I had a quarrel with a friend last week. It was really bad, I tell you. Firstly, he said things behind my back, saying how fat I was, and crap like that. You know, it wouldn't hurt to be fucking honest with me, than being a wolf in a sheep's clothing. I'm the kind of guy.. who's like.. cut the crap, get straight to the point. Beat around the bush? Come and suck this lil stick of mine. How the hell are people gonna change when you don't express your opinions about them? What, you expect them to find it out themselves? It's a endless cycle, for fuck's sake. Sheeeesh, I washed my hands off him, he sucks, period. He was never a friendly dude anyway, calling him a friend is like sticking my penis into an antnest.

The above was the reason why I felt so moodless nowadays. February is an anger month, I suppose? Since day one of February, problems arose from nowhere. I really hope that this will end, quickly. I'm sick and tired.. of this crap.

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

Yep, yep. Bad mishaps, quarrels are all part of life.

I'm gonna put aside.. those bad memories. I hope.

I'm really looking forward to the class jersey! It costs $30, which I feel is reasonable enough, I can't imagine people complaining over this price.. For the first time, I get to wear a jersey (which may be big enough for me) that belongs to a whole class. For the past 2 years, I had 2 jersies, but it wasn't class based, it was a friend's jersey. I really love class unity and teamwork, something that I hadn't experienced for my 11 years of studying (Primary and Secondary). Hopefully this year might ACTUALLY be the turning point for me! I've been to classes of individualists, anti-socialists (I'm one of them, hehe) and extremists.

Yes. Class unity was my second New Year resolution, with studying hard and passing O levels as my first.

I get so jealous when I see class blogs.. with full of pictures containg class photos. Man, they looked so happy and lively. Actually, you know what? I might even open up a class blog, to put up homework, notices and random crap. It might be really fun! Opinions?

Well, that's all for today..

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February 14, 2009


To every couple out there..

Just wanna wish you guys a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

As for me.. I'll wait patiently for that moment..

(Although I might foresee myself typing this for the next 30 years, lmao)

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

February 11, 2009

Tiring Wednesday.

Good evening.

I had a really tiring day. I ran 5 rounds at my flat's jogging track and then ran 3 rounds around Tiong Bahru Park. Damn, I'm really dead tired. I couldn't even play badminton well, my legs felt like jelly. Somehow, I liked the feeling. I know I shouldn't push myself to the limit, but I really want to get rid of my belly flab. Just a few months more, and results may show I guess..

...and the rain. Oh man. I got drenched like mad. It rained all of a sudden.. And damn, I kept coughing and had a running nose AGAIN.

Time to sleep.. Really tired.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

February 10, 2009


During Social Studies today, Mr Leong showed us a video on the 911 twin tower attacks. It was so horrifying and saddening. I don't know how people still could laugh, including myself. So many people died, loved ones and families. They died for no reason! Their deaths are all caused by some random plane that a group of terrorists hijacked and it went straight into the towers. These terrorists have no heart at all, I swear.

I feel that we should be compassionate and not laugh at the people who died.

You know.. We are the luckiest people on Earth. Singapore is surrounded by large countries, so it is most immune to natural disasters and it's harder for terrorists to search and destroy. I feel really safe and seeing my mother going home safely everyday just makes me happy. I'll just live my life smiling away. That might just be the most beautiful thing about life.

Tomorrow's gonna be one long day. After school, there will be AP. Aww.

Nuff' said.

Need to sleep early.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

February 9, 2009

Bad day.

Good evening.

Today was just another typical, school day.
It. Was. Boring.

Alright.. Let's get straight to the point.

Firstly, I had my common test in the hall. It sucked sitting next to the exits, where no fans are around. It gets really hot fast as I'm rushing through the paper. Oh yeah, we had situational writing today. I have never done the question before. Hopefully, I'll pass this time. I'm already smitten by my diagnostic situational writing marks, which is 13/30.

Next up was Social Studies. Had another test, on SBQ. I'm just so darn lousy at it lah. AP isn't working for me. I have no idea how I passed my Combined Humanities for N levels. Seriously, it was just a fluke? I want to study, but I don't know who the fuck taken my History textbook without my permission. Now, I asked the shopkeeper for the book for days. Is it even arriving? Man, I hate anticipations.

Maths up. Man, I always loved Maths. In the past, I used to hate it so much, Algebra especially. Now, I'm loving it already. Algebra is really the foundation of Maths. You can see Algebra practically in every topic. Matrices, Geometry, Inequalities and so much more. I'm glad I had solo intensive studies on Algebra during the N level preparations. I don't rely on people much, that's why I have no tutors.

English next. HONESTLY SPEAKING, Mr Tan is making me more confused about English. There always seem to be an extension to every part of the English subject. Since day one I started secondary school, I always wrote my compostions and letters naturally. I had decent grades and occasional failures were due to lack of language and points. Also, he should also try to use simpler words for his lecture. There are times when he used words that I could not understand. In short, I hate it that English is getting more complicated now, but I'll try to catch up..

For once.. I felt like I sucked in English as much as Humanities.

Recess time. I went to collect the Maths 2 books from Mr Kung's locker and went back up. Nothing much, just slacked around and chatted with Hock Zheng.

3 periods of D&T was tiring. Nuff' said.

Last period was History. All Mr Leong gave was a question. It's not really helpful since people are copying from the book. Uh, I'll just shut up. I'm not the teacher anyway.

As I was going home via bus, I met these group of students who had their shirts tucked out, tapered pants and that trendy hairstyle. I wanted to keep away from them because they seemed really sensitive. As expected, I was mocked of my appearance, how ugly I look and stuffs like that. I was pretending to be listening music, but in fact, I stopped the music and hear what they had to say. Ultimately, they talked like they had the biggest penises and roundest melon asses
in the bus. After most of them left, there was one of the members left behind. Guess what. He kept quiet.

Ironic. Since you had the biggest penis and buttocks, shout lah! I hate it when people get all cocky when their friends are around, and when they are not, he gets all timid and tiny.

*I'm glad I trained my knuckles to look like.. killer weapons. Lol*

That's all.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

February 8, 2009


Blog song taken from here.

The video is awesome too.

Summary of camp.

Good morning!

Just some pictures..

During SS skill break.

Mun Tat scratched me.

TT madness.

Act only.

Our dinner.

Silver cards.

TT again.

Group 2's sand castle.


The first obvious fault were the timings. It was due to students coming late and Mrs Palan had to restart her lecture over and over until everyone was present. She teaches well, but the concept of it was over-repetitive, because our own SS teacher had emphasized on the skills umpteen times. Still, a refresh wouldn't hurt. Right after that, Mr Siew took over. His lecture was about learning styles. I had no learning styles, based on the class list. I'm a special breed, I suppose?

There were no games, according to the plan. The boys placed their barang-barangs in the back of the hall, and proceeded for wash up. The girls were cooking our dinner, how sweet! (No, they were forced) Frankly speaking, dinner was delicious. It tasted exactly like pasta, not what some boys said, inedible, laxatives and bull like that.

After all that, everyone went to the hall for a briefing on castle building. We had to plan out a design for our own castle, with Sweehong the Captain and me the Vice Captain (Who practically does nothing at all). All of the designs that every group planned were ambitious, not only group 1. Next, supper came. Pizza! I ate one Hawaiian and BBQ Chicken pizza. Delicious, and finally, I'm full. Lights off was at midnight. I was sleepy and having a slight headache. Thing was, I couldn't sleep. The boys outside were making a lot of noises. I ended up not sleeping for the whole night.

The next day, fortunately, I was still wide awake. Washed up and walked around. I had breakfast, bread with chocolate chip peanut butter. It was sufficient enough. After that, had to head upstairs to grab our bags, to store them in the conference room. Next, we headed for East Coast Park for the castle building.

Castle building was fun, but super tedious as hell. Castle builders should have lots of endurance to fight the sun, enough water to keep one hydrated and enough patience to properly execute a sand building. It was fun transporting water from the sea back to the building area! Haha. The final briefing was super stretchy, since all of us were just waiting for the results. My group won the most heart-warming award, sugar cane drinks for all of us! Most of it were because of Sweehong's speech, it's like he can think lightyears ahead and actually put up quite a spectacular speech.

Overall, I was alone most of the time. I can finally understand why. Because I'm a retainee, not because of "that" but the amount of years spent with each other. Afterall, they spent 4 years together as a lower secondary class and me? I'm just someone slotted in between both classes. At least, Mengci and Yen Weng found some loyal friends. I have some, and I'm satisfied. It's difficult being social since I have no confidence in myself to engage in a conversation. Most of the time, if someone whom I'm not close with comes up to me and converse, I would just speak rudely and walk away.

I guess I must socialize with others a little more. How I envy those egoistic and confident people..

That's my summary for school camp. Long and stretchy I know. I almost failed summary, lmao.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

February 5, 2009

Camp tomorrow!


Damn. I'm so excited about camp tomorrow! Not the activities though, but the stay-over in the school hall. I heard that it's pretty cold at night, I wanna experience that! I just packed up my bag, waiting for my mother to return with the zip lock bags.

I haven't been camping much since the day I quited Scouts. Somehow, I missed it. HAHA!

If only there's a walk-around at midnight tomorrow, I love thrills. Who knows, you may discover something.. *moans*

That's all!

I'm be optimistic and happy for now! Fuck off sadness.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

February 4, 2009


Finally, it rained.
Nothing more than drowning myself in the shower.

I was pretty listless today. Sat on the arena pavements, having a serious thought. I have no idea what I'm thinking about, that I even thought I was a total idiot.

PE was fun today. It's a wonderful feeling when a friend encourages you to keep on running. I did it, and felt really great. A simple thing like encouragements does wonders, really. I immediately got immune to the stretching pain of my knee and ran to the finish. Although I'm unable to perform any pull-ups yet, I'm training myself by jogging everyday at 4.30 am. I'm going to prove these *people* wrong.

Played badminton and I'm felt rather beat. My legs felt like jelly though, it was hard to focus. By the time I reached the classroom after PE had ended, I'm totally down.

Weird enough, I loved today's Maths periods. Well, alright, I loved the speed tests or whatever it's called. Everyone was supposed to finish 3 worksheets in half an hour. I finished 2 worksheets and was still working on the 3rd. Until now as I'm typing, I wondered how Timmy finished all 3 worksheets in such a short amount of time. Pretty good.

Had a Physics test in the laboratory today. Sadly, the time was insufficient. 25 minutes? I *managed* to finish up all the questions, except for Question 6, the one with two tubes, which most probably is the ditto of our workbook's question. I finished the rest, with no time to check whatsoever. Probably a fail I suppose? If I must go to AP, so be it. I just want Secondary 5 to end quickly.

After school, I went to the canteen with some friends to purchase and consume our lunch. Afterward, we went to gym to work out. I was already so damn tired, I couldn't really lift any weights or do the machines. Weirdly, it was quite entertaining as Boon Keat and Hock Zheng flaunted their *muscles* to the mirrors. Though even if it isn't well build, I wish I had those bodies.. Nevermind! Perhaps in a month or two.. or three.. or four, I'll slim down a bit, cut down on the flabs and do more weight training to prepare for the fitness test coming up in a few months.

Went up to the banding room after our gym session. Plugged and played music on the console, and I didn't know that Chungaik listens to such awesome songs. Kudos. The word game that Chungaik was playing in his phone was quite fun, well, I love English. After that, Mr Leong came. Did some handwork and then went home. It was raining.

I missed the rain. Somehow, it makes me happier. I sat down somewhere at the void deck, where me and Suying used to study at. Weird though, I cried. I hidden myself somewhere nobody could notice me. I realised that I really need someone to care for, but that someone isn't around any more. So I kept crying, with my head on my knees. For the first time, I felt really lonely. My mother was working so hard, morning to evening, that I couldn't find time to actually look at her. My maid understands me the most, but she have her own family problems, don't want to trouble her any more. Unexpectedly, doing homework brightens me up a little, which I feel, is really awesome. Man.. I missed her. Enough of it.. I'm tired.

The elevator broke down, and I had to use the stairs. I walked up slowly, with every part of my body aching badly. When I finally reached my doorstep in like a thousand years, I went to my room and lay flat on my face. I'm happy that I can feel, smell and move in home sweet home.

I'm done for today. I'm done crying, a man should never cry. But it's better to release that bottle of frustrations and sadness away. I missed that boxing sandbag.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

February 3, 2009



I woke up at 4.30 am in the morning today. I was going for a jog in the dead silent jogging tracks outside of my flat. I thought I was going to be a goner, I can see smoke everywhere, because last night, some families were burning papers for some deity's birthday or something. Still, I ran and feel energized..

I went to school rather early today, at 6.26 am to be exact. There isn't a single soul earlier than me, maybe except Mr Kung, he loves arriving at school early, no idea why. Robin used to be earlier than me, but now, he's nowhere to be found and I can't find a chess partner to play with, how depressing.. So, I pretty much prefer to be alone at times, detest crowds of people.

Sat down, stared at the blank skies. There used to be a crescent moon up there and a few shiny stars but today it's just blank. I think I sounded like an idiot, but somehow, I loved gazing at skies. So peaceful, so pure and simplistic. I just love simplicity..

There was an untouched can of H20 lying around. Inside it, was filled with ants crawling around. Now, you know why one of the rules stated, no foods or drinks outside the canteen. So that pesky little brat who left the can there OVERNIGHT, got attracted to ants and sheesh, it just looks disgusting. Seriously, I think the school cleaners needs a pay rise, they ARE the only people keeping the school clean, not all of us. Talk about responsibility, values are just full of bull faeces in the student's view..

Before assembly, I heard that Kaijie had contracted chicken pox. I wish you well, because I had it once during kindergarten. Man, it was annoying to keep scratching every part of your body. I even scratched my buttocks till it turns red, ugh, when I think about it, it's kinda gross. Get well, Kaijie!

The first two periods were English, in the AVA room. Lectures are kinda like my favorite style of teaching. The teacher speaks, and you, as the student, takes down notes and important facts. This is something you'll notice in Polytechnic, you have to follow the lesson attentively and produce your own notes. I love that, keeps my hands busy. But.. My left arm was aching badly. Probably the after effects of the birthday bash. I couldn't write for 6 sentences straight, I had to stop, twist my hand and resume. Got me frustrated for a while, and to add on, Beng Shiang was pushing my hands to distract me in writing, but I tolerated. Still aches now though, as I'm typing..

Mr Kung showed a different face today. Come to think of it, it reminds me of him screaming during Secondary 3. In the past, Mr Kung would scream at you for not bringing the required materials for lesson. You have to take the initiative to borrow a similar book from a neighbouring class. Now, he doesn't really mind and even jokes with us. He changed for the better, but still, some of us still doesn't appreciate him, no idea why.

During recess today, I felt frustrated. There was simply no need to throw my pencil case around like that, playing catching and stuff. Furthermore, the voodoo mini doll that Mengci gave was already in a bad condition, due to you guys' itchy fingers. What if the pencil case that Chungaik and Hock Zheng gave tore apart, I'm gonna raise calamity in the class, I tell you. I took out the voodoo mini doll for safe keeping, not to be abused by other people. Oh man.. *facepalms and shakes head* It's not like it's a dildo or something..

After all that, I had a slight headache. So I was just placing my head on the table most of the time. I tried to listen, but man, it's unbearable, even if it's slightly.. I wished that Mr Leong gave lectures, instead of showing movies and doing quizes. I wanted to point it out during class when he asked for the teaching style that he should execute, but one thing's for sure, many people will start to hate on me, so I kept silent..

School ended, and I went back to the class, because Miss Pang wants a comfirmation date for CIP from all of us. I couldn't take 14 Feb, because it's Valentine's Day. Sigh, thinking of it just makes me wanna cry.. I probably wouldn't have any mood to beg people for money on that day. Fortunately, everyone decided on 21 Feb! Happy as I was, I'm sad too. I ended the day on a low note, and went home slowly.

I felt pretty much like an acquaintance to everyone else, yep. I wasn't a friend or something. I was just someone whom everyone says hello to, but not really in-depth. Some friends of mine were awesome, while the rest, yeah.. I had better treasure these "some" precious friends with my heart.

Well, I'm done for today. Frustrations aside, still, I'm kinda looking forward to the next day. Life gets interesting everyday.

I just wished that "day" had never ended. The happiest "day" of my life, goes totally void.

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

February 1, 2009


How time flies..

February is here already! 7 months left to O levels. It seems so far, yet so near.

As always.. Wallpaper of February!

Initially, I wanted a Valentine's Day wallpaper, but I figured that since I'm single and weird-looking, I might just embarrass myself.

I guess that's it for today. Short post, I know, but I still have homework to do..

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you!