February 3, 2009



I woke up at 4.30 am in the morning today. I was going for a jog in the dead silent jogging tracks outside of my flat. I thought I was going to be a goner, I can see smoke everywhere, because last night, some families were burning papers for some deity's birthday or something. Still, I ran and feel energized..

I went to school rather early today, at 6.26 am to be exact. There isn't a single soul earlier than me, maybe except Mr Kung, he loves arriving at school early, no idea why. Robin used to be earlier than me, but now, he's nowhere to be found and I can't find a chess partner to play with, how depressing.. So, I pretty much prefer to be alone at times, detest crowds of people.

Sat down, stared at the blank skies. There used to be a crescent moon up there and a few shiny stars but today it's just blank. I think I sounded like an idiot, but somehow, I loved gazing at skies. So peaceful, so pure and simplistic. I just love simplicity..

There was an untouched can of H20 lying around. Inside it, was filled with ants crawling around. Now, you know why one of the rules stated, no foods or drinks outside the canteen. So that pesky little brat who left the can there OVERNIGHT, got attracted to ants and sheesh, it just looks disgusting. Seriously, I think the school cleaners needs a pay rise, they ARE the only people keeping the school clean, not all of us. Talk about responsibility, values are just full of bull faeces in the student's view..

Before assembly, I heard that Kaijie had contracted chicken pox. I wish you well, because I had it once during kindergarten. Man, it was annoying to keep scratching every part of your body. I even scratched my buttocks till it turns red, ugh, when I think about it, it's kinda gross. Get well, Kaijie!

The first two periods were English, in the AVA room. Lectures are kinda like my favorite style of teaching. The teacher speaks, and you, as the student, takes down notes and important facts. This is something you'll notice in Polytechnic, you have to follow the lesson attentively and produce your own notes. I love that, keeps my hands busy. But.. My left arm was aching badly. Probably the after effects of the birthday bash. I couldn't write for 6 sentences straight, I had to stop, twist my hand and resume. Got me frustrated for a while, and to add on, Beng Shiang was pushing my hands to distract me in writing, but I tolerated. Still aches now though, as I'm typing..

Mr Kung showed a different face today. Come to think of it, it reminds me of him screaming during Secondary 3. In the past, Mr Kung would scream at you for not bringing the required materials for lesson. You have to take the initiative to borrow a similar book from a neighbouring class. Now, he doesn't really mind and even jokes with us. He changed for the better, but still, some of us still doesn't appreciate him, no idea why.

During recess today, I felt frustrated. There was simply no need to throw my pencil case around like that, playing catching and stuff. Furthermore, the voodoo mini doll that Mengci gave was already in a bad condition, due to you guys' itchy fingers. What if the pencil case that Chungaik and Hock Zheng gave tore apart, I'm gonna raise calamity in the class, I tell you. I took out the voodoo mini doll for safe keeping, not to be abused by other people. Oh man.. *facepalms and shakes head* It's not like it's a dildo or something..

After all that, I had a slight headache. So I was just placing my head on the table most of the time. I tried to listen, but man, it's unbearable, even if it's slightly.. I wished that Mr Leong gave lectures, instead of showing movies and doing quizes. I wanted to point it out during class when he asked for the teaching style that he should execute, but one thing's for sure, many people will start to hate on me, so I kept silent..

School ended, and I went back to the class, because Miss Pang wants a comfirmation date for CIP from all of us. I couldn't take 14 Feb, because it's Valentine's Day. Sigh, thinking of it just makes me wanna cry.. I probably wouldn't have any mood to beg people for money on that day. Fortunately, everyone decided on 21 Feb! Happy as I was, I'm sad too. I ended the day on a low note, and went home slowly.

I felt pretty much like an acquaintance to everyone else, yep. I wasn't a friend or something. I was just someone whom everyone says hello to, but not really in-depth. Some friends of mine were awesome, while the rest, yeah.. I had better treasure these "some" precious friends with my heart.

Well, I'm done for today. Frustrations aside, still, I'm kinda looking forward to the next day. Life gets interesting everyday.

I just wished that "day" had never ended. The happiest "day" of my life, goes totally void.

Till then, thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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