February 4, 2009


Finally, it rained.
Nothing more than drowning myself in the shower.

I was pretty listless today. Sat on the arena pavements, having a serious thought. I have no idea what I'm thinking about, that I even thought I was a total idiot.

PE was fun today. It's a wonderful feeling when a friend encourages you to keep on running. I did it, and felt really great. A simple thing like encouragements does wonders, really. I immediately got immune to the stretching pain of my knee and ran to the finish. Although I'm unable to perform any pull-ups yet, I'm training myself by jogging everyday at 4.30 am. I'm going to prove these *people* wrong.

Played badminton and I'm felt rather beat. My legs felt like jelly though, it was hard to focus. By the time I reached the classroom after PE had ended, I'm totally down.

Weird enough, I loved today's Maths periods. Well, alright, I loved the speed tests or whatever it's called. Everyone was supposed to finish 3 worksheets in half an hour. I finished 2 worksheets and was still working on the 3rd. Until now as I'm typing, I wondered how Timmy finished all 3 worksheets in such a short amount of time. Pretty good.

Had a Physics test in the laboratory today. Sadly, the time was insufficient. 25 minutes? I *managed* to finish up all the questions, except for Question 6, the one with two tubes, which most probably is the ditto of our workbook's question. I finished the rest, with no time to check whatsoever. Probably a fail I suppose? If I must go to AP, so be it. I just want Secondary 5 to end quickly.

After school, I went to the canteen with some friends to purchase and consume our lunch. Afterward, we went to gym to work out. I was already so damn tired, I couldn't really lift any weights or do the machines. Weirdly, it was quite entertaining as Boon Keat and Hock Zheng flaunted their *muscles* to the mirrors. Though even if it isn't well build, I wish I had those bodies.. Nevermind! Perhaps in a month or two.. or three.. or four, I'll slim down a bit, cut down on the flabs and do more weight training to prepare for the fitness test coming up in a few months.

Went up to the banding room after our gym session. Plugged and played music on the console, and I didn't know that Chungaik listens to such awesome songs. Kudos. The word game that Chungaik was playing in his phone was quite fun, well, I love English. After that, Mr Leong came. Did some handwork and then went home. It was raining.

I missed the rain. Somehow, it makes me happier. I sat down somewhere at the void deck, where me and Suying used to study at. Weird though, I cried. I hidden myself somewhere nobody could notice me. I realised that I really need someone to care for, but that someone isn't around any more. So I kept crying, with my head on my knees. For the first time, I felt really lonely. My mother was working so hard, morning to evening, that I couldn't find time to actually look at her. My maid understands me the most, but she have her own family problems, don't want to trouble her any more. Unexpectedly, doing homework brightens me up a little, which I feel, is really awesome. Man.. I missed her. Enough of it.. I'm tired.

The elevator broke down, and I had to use the stairs. I walked up slowly, with every part of my body aching badly. When I finally reached my doorstep in like a thousand years, I went to my room and lay flat on my face. I'm happy that I can feel, smell and move in home sweet home.

I'm done for today. I'm done crying, a man should never cry. But it's better to release that bottle of frustrations and sadness away. I missed that boxing sandbag.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you.

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