February 8, 2009

Summary of camp.

Good morning!

Just some pictures..

During SS skill break.

Mun Tat scratched me.

TT madness.

Act only.

Our dinner.

Silver cards.

TT again.

Group 2's sand castle.


The first obvious fault were the timings. It was due to students coming late and Mrs Palan had to restart her lecture over and over until everyone was present. She teaches well, but the concept of it was over-repetitive, because our own SS teacher had emphasized on the skills umpteen times. Still, a refresh wouldn't hurt. Right after that, Mr Siew took over. His lecture was about learning styles. I had no learning styles, based on the class list. I'm a special breed, I suppose?

There were no games, according to the plan. The boys placed their barang-barangs in the back of the hall, and proceeded for wash up. The girls were cooking our dinner, how sweet! (No, they were forced) Frankly speaking, dinner was delicious. It tasted exactly like pasta, not what some boys said, inedible, laxatives and bull like that.

After all that, everyone went to the hall for a briefing on castle building. We had to plan out a design for our own castle, with Sweehong the Captain and me the Vice Captain (Who practically does nothing at all). All of the designs that every group planned were ambitious, not only group 1. Next, supper came. Pizza! I ate one Hawaiian and BBQ Chicken pizza. Delicious, and finally, I'm full. Lights off was at midnight. I was sleepy and having a slight headache. Thing was, I couldn't sleep. The boys outside were making a lot of noises. I ended up not sleeping for the whole night.

The next day, fortunately, I was still wide awake. Washed up and walked around. I had breakfast, bread with chocolate chip peanut butter. It was sufficient enough. After that, had to head upstairs to grab our bags, to store them in the conference room. Next, we headed for East Coast Park for the castle building.

Castle building was fun, but super tedious as hell. Castle builders should have lots of endurance to fight the sun, enough water to keep one hydrated and enough patience to properly execute a sand building. It was fun transporting water from the sea back to the building area! Haha. The final briefing was super stretchy, since all of us were just waiting for the results. My group won the most heart-warming award, sugar cane drinks for all of us! Most of it were because of Sweehong's speech, it's like he can think lightyears ahead and actually put up quite a spectacular speech.

Overall, I was alone most of the time. I can finally understand why. Because I'm a retainee, not because of "that" but the amount of years spent with each other. Afterall, they spent 4 years together as a lower secondary class and me? I'm just someone slotted in between both classes. At least, Mengci and Yen Weng found some loyal friends. I have some, and I'm satisfied. It's difficult being social since I have no confidence in myself to engage in a conversation. Most of the time, if someone whom I'm not close with comes up to me and converse, I would just speak rudely and walk away.

I guess I must socialize with others a little more. How I envy those egoistic and confident people..

That's my summary for school camp. Long and stretchy I know. I almost failed summary, lmao.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!


  1. Hey john! =D

    Haha at least we all do enjoyed the sandcastle part together! =D

    Its really a day I somehow felt I finally experience teamwork between us.

    And yes kudos to Sweehong!

  2. Hey Jiemin!

    Yeah, I guess the most enjoyable part was the sand castle building. Still, everyone looks so glum. Maybe it's the weather? Lol.