February 28, 2007

Some quotes from my personal scheduler:

The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trail - Confucius

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore - Andrew Gide

The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water moulds itself to pitcher - Chinese Proverb

Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress - Mahatma Gandhi

A clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease - Sun Tzu

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them - Aristotle

Whatever is flexible and flowing will tend to grow. Whatever is rigid and blocked will wither and die - Tao Te Ching

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones - William Faulkner

Failure is the only opportunity to begin again more intelligently - Henry Ford

Invincibility lies in the defense, the possibility of victory in the attack - Sun Tzu

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible - Arthur C. Clarke

All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy, and great things in that which is small - Lao Tzu

We can learn from all this values ehh!

Gotta go, seeya!

February 27, 2007

Fark my flu, fark my headache..
It's driving me NUTS!
Everyday blow nose like some mad freak..

Okay, enough of that.. Woke up quite late today, around 5.35am.. While i was just walking out of my house, i suddenly realized that i forgotten to bring along my tie.. And ya, i wasted like 6 mins just finding it.. GREAT.

Went to school punctually, phew yo! As always, sat down and look at the sky.. The sky looks like it's gonna rain in the late morning.. After the assembly, Ms Tay told us to take our temperature at the ARENA?! Then i suddenly realized, my thermometer was spoiled! I was like "!@#$ WHO THE [censored due to extremely offensive content] SPOILED MY FRIGGIN' THERMOMETER!"

Went to Physics lab finally. Unlike Chemistry labs, the Physics lab is rather empty. Out of 27 people, our class only has 8 "survivors"! When it's 8.15am, the class went down to the foyer to take a class photo! I guess i was ugly, so i rather not smile so as to not let others puke.. The informal shot was interesting, everyone was doing a superman pose to the right. Kinda nice i would say! =DD

Went back to the lab again. Did some refraction thingy. Did it before so i kinda remembered everything my previous Physics teacher taught me.

Next was English. For the first time, i see Mr Tan showing a frustrated face.. I somehow feel that he's trying to make the class hate him, or maybe it's just me.. I got 17/80 for my English comprehension.. Fark, i failed.. Better luck next time!

Recess time! Damn, i hate it when Mr Mui takes over TAF. He made us run 10 rounds around the arena! BOO!

Ah ah ah, maths test ehhh! Kinda easy but hard for some.. Hopefully, i'll pass yeah.. Rooting for other people who wants to pass too!

Mother Tongue, Mother Jibai or whatever lah.. I slept during this period.. I'm tired OKAY!

I want to see a doctor but my mother wouldn't let me..
Don't know why..
So i took some Chinese medicine and slept..

How am i gonna submit the excuse letter to HL..

Zzz, guess that's all for today..

Seeya all!

February 26, 2007

Kinda woke up early today. Around 4.30am.. Don't know why thou..
So i just switched on my computer.. And listen music..
Waited for bus at 6am+ and reached school by 6.30am..
What the fark man, why am i doing things faster today?

Assembly started. The parade commander, Kaiyuan, super suave. His commands and his speech while reading out the announcements were very clear.. Thermometer check again. Luckily, i brought mine..

Chinese; the only slack period of mine.
Fark, the teacher wouldn't let me sit down under the fan and do my stuff. If i'm doing my homework, will i even distract the other person? Man, pissed.. FYI, i'm in CLB =PP

Physics; the lesson with no gratitude.
Miss Tay is like, gonna leave the class and let the new teacher take over.. Her name is Miss Leng.. She looks like someone who gets bullied easily.. Think of it for awhile, our class DO get all the best teachers, it's just that you don't treasure them and they feel lousy!

Maths; the doomsday for many.
I got 5/10.. What a close shave.. I went through my paper and i'm suppose to get 3/10. Mr Kung said that he will give marks for minor mistakes like not putting the negative sign etc..

To those who failed the test:
Please do not give up! Don't walk in my footsteps.. I kinda neglected Maths for 3/4 of the year and failed terribly for EOY last year. Mr Kung is a great teacher but you still must endure his scoldings. It's also for your own good yeah. Always learn from mistakes! Correct them and make sure you do not commit the same mistakes again!

Social Studies; the most neglected subject ever.
I guess i'll have to do self-study on my own for SS. The teacher doesn't seem to give me any knowledge of SS..

Recess; the daily routine!
Played basketball with Hock Zheng, Peng Zhen and many others. Sweat like mad yeah. Very fun indeed! =D

English; the most interesting of them all.
Fark this man, Mr Tan is leaving us too. Fark fark fark.. He's like, the best English teacher i have ever had. Miss Edna Yap was also one of my fave English teachers but she's out of school.. Fark man, why the class don't want to treasure Mr Tan.. I just don't get it..

Reading; havoc time!
Well, needless to say. It's really pointless to have a reading period. Well, i do read my novels at home. Many people during reading periods are basically just slacking their asses and playing around. I wish this period can be removed and put other subjects in it. I rather improve on my studies than improve in my speech yeah.

Went home straight away after i eaten lunch.

My mother had bought me the mp3 and a new watch!
Yeah, i loved her very much..
Ever since my father left me when i'm young, she's the only person i ever doted on.

Anyway, i've to go now.

All the best for tomorrow's REAL Maths test!
I'm also studying right now! =DD


February 25, 2007

Sundays are the most boring days of my life..
Either my friends got some family outing or they want to sleep thru the afternoon..
The televisions shows on Sundays sucked to the core..
Well, at least my Flyff just leveled up yesterday..
Finally, i can fly using some magical board..
Kinda cool yeah..

Saw a couple of retards this morning while buying some groceries at the wet market..
They were like slapping the hell outta each other..
One was "wielding" a fish.. And the other a drumstick..
Well actually, that kinda made my day.. =P
I almost LMAOROFLWTFBBQ-ed at them..
But i was a good guy yeah, didn't want to disrupt their show..
Oh ya, they were male teenagers..
Embarrassing huh?

I'm still stressed on my Maths marks and the previous Chemistry test..
I thought for second or two..
I already retained yeah..
But why am i still scoring low marks..
Have i even woken up ever since i retained..?

I suddenly recalled everything i did for the last few years..
1. Getting top for English in 2004.
2. Liking a girl for two years.. Please do not crap me up on this..
3. Being a chairman for half a year.
4. Spitting on Yichun's bag in 2005. Still feeling kinda guilty..
5. I remembered sitting at the front of the class during assembly on my first day of school in Sec 1.. I really didn't know that the girls are suppose to sit at the front that time.. Oh well, i DID came from a boys' school..
6. First to write me a testimonial = Charles.. "untouchable, you son of a bitch!".
7. I broke a window while playing passing with Riyas in class before assembly..
8. Remembered how i was bullied in Secondary 1.. Yong Yang and gang..
9. Ever since i joined Scouts, i feel that i'm stronger yeah..
10. Did push-up in the fitness corner while the ground is freaking hot. All because of Moo Teng but i did learn a valuable lesson..
11. Chatting with girls one whole day for a month in 2005..
12. 2006, finally me and "her" got split up in different classes. Didn't want to harm her anymore..

Well, that's all yeah..
Maybe later i'll blog again..

February 24, 2007

Woke up early again this morning to help out at Yishun MRT station to help Caregiver Counseling Welfare Association (CCWA) for Si Ling Secondary and Northland Secondary Flag Day. They are kind of rowdy and hard to control.. Then i got chosen as crowd controller.. Zzz.. Sian-ed. Then it end at 3pm+..

Went to play basketball at my nearest community center.. Then saw a few of my old friends and played with them! Haha.. Play until 7pm..

Sad lah! I forgot that today is Ching Gay parade.. I want go.. *sigh*

Then watched a DVD named "King Kong".. Damn nice and very touching.. Kinda cried.. Haha!

That's all.. Yeah..

Gotta go.. Seeya!

February 23, 2007

Finally can wear school uniform! Yay-ness!

Today was freaking godlike! A lot of people, never bring their thermometers to school. Imagine Mr Mui getting frustrated over these tiny matters.. Luckily, i brought mine!

After that, me and the "remaining survivors" went to the chemistry lab. We did chromatography today. I did not perform the experiment well thou.. The markers were either out of ink or the tip is just too small! I already know that my experiment will fail.. Oh well, what to say but EXPERIMENTAL FAILURE!

P.E was next.. Played basketball with a few people.. Kinda boring yeah.. I admit that my basketball skills had gone rusty.. I could not even execute a layout properly.. Or maybe, i grown too fat? Yeah, maybe!

English was next! Congratulations to Jiemin and Jasper for getting top in the English comprehension test! I swear that i'm gonna beat you all, nah just joking! Today's lesson was Narratives and Summary Writing.. And i definitely need to improve on my Narrative, likewise for Summary!

Recess.. Played basketball again.. Feeling hopeless yeah.

D&T was next. Did a lot of things these 3 periods.. I wonder if the POA lessons are boring.. Last year, POA was a compulsory subject for me.. It gets harder after the mid-year.. Mug hard!

After school, there's some Scout HQ registration thingy.. Went to the computer lab and typed in the particulars of my patrol members.. Boring..

Then Mr Chan treated me and my group of patrol leaders to eat "yu sen". Along with Ganesh, Mr Kung, Alex, Samantha and Aixia.. We used our chopsticks to mix the "yu sen"! It's kinda fun haha! After that, can go home already.. And then it started to rain heavily.. The school's drain started to flush out water.. It was my first time seeing this.. Kinda cool but dangerous.. Went home with wet shoes.. Zzz..

Tomorrow i got some Scout C.I.P thingy.. So gotta sleep early yeah..

Thanks for reading my blog and do take care!


February 22, 2007


Me and my unit had a successful flag raising ceremony in the morning. Then went to the speaker's corner for some stuffs. Actually, me and Swee Hong wanted to move slowly, since there is a Maths test going on in the class. I honestly did not revise nor practice on 3.1 in the textbook. In the end, Mr Kung made me and Swee Hong stay back after school to do the test.

Next was P.E. I was bored, wearing a Scouts Full-U disables me from changing into P.E attire. Wanted to play basketball badly, madly and desperately. I'm desperately trying to recall my skills and moves in basketball. I'm like a small kid who can't even dribble with the ball..

And comes the weird-est period arrangement ever. English - MT - English. Just can't understand the time table is set in this manner. I confirmed that i failed my diagnostic test, i did not even do Passage B. Just hope i get last, then a re-test and swoooop all the way to the top to beat the rest! =P

Bleh, recess..

Chemistry test was today. I was unprepared.. I did the test with the best of my knowledge and hopefully get decent marks for it. Quite sleepy yeah, slept during Ms Mah's lesson. Don't know why man..

Social Studies yeah. Speechless.. Could not catch any ball while Ms Joseph was teaching. So i just slack-edddd!

After school, need to meet Mr Kung at 1D classroom for Maths test. Sure dieee, did 7 questions and the other 3 incomplete.. 2 wrong questions and GOOD GAME YEAH! Everyday stay back all the way to 5pm. WOOTS! I'M SO F___KING HAPPY!

And ya, if Mr Kung don't even give Saturday and Sunday a break. I got nothing to say!

Went for C.O.H. Kinda boring, 5pm+ then finish. Freaking tired..

Went to Suki Sakura for Zhao Bin's birthday! Haha, ate until bloated.. Went home with a bloated stomach..

Gotta sleep now! Seeya!

February 21, 2007


Well, well, WELL! I have not blogged for 3 days already. Do you guys miss me? LOL, kidding!

Anyway, i'll just summarize everything i've done for the CNY at the end. For now, i'll just talk about today!

Morning assembly had ended. Then a group of Chinese Opera performers came to our school to perform some sort of a sword dance. Hey, i love sword dances! They were cool and energetic. Until then, i got sabotaged by Zhi Xun! Oh well, i didn't want to make it sound bad thou.. Me and Jaarvis got chosen, to perform some spear thingy. Just to be realistic, who wouldn't be embarrassed in front of the whole school. Went back to my seat, covering my face slightly and super sweaty. I do not know why i always sweat when i get nervous.

Had D&T. Started on my water sensor thingy.. It's kinda cool yeah. When water drips on the sensor plate, it will emit a screeching sound. Kinda useful during rainy days when drenched people comes into your house and thus, soiling the floor. Chiong-ed back to class for Maths lesson.

Well, one glance and i can tell that Mr Kung is in a bad mood. Not sure why, but i predict that it is because of the Secondary 1s. A lot of people were standing today. Some did not finish the holiday homework, some did not know how to a certain question and some i don't know =D. Mr Kung was extremely pissed with Mun Tat, for one of the question in the Maths textbook. After that, Mr Kung announced that there will be a Maths test tomorrow. He further explained that those who fails the test will have to go thru some human torturing machine everyday without fail all they way to 5pm. Okay, i was being sarcastic! xD Mug hard for tomorrow's freaking TEST!

Recess, oh well. You guys should know LAH!

Next was History. Mr Edwin Lim asked us to do some questions regarding some test which is coming soon. Did only the "B" section. Quite slack yeah, chat more with Kaijie and Derrick.

CME period was next. It totally seems like 2 free periods. People were listening to their MP3s and playing their handphones. As for me, i'm just going around disturbing people. We were also told to do some personal stuffs. Mr Lim asked for my blog link, well i don't know what he's gonna do with it. Better watch my language from now onwards! =P

Went to CLB class after school. Slacked..

After that, i went to build the flagstaff along with other scouts. Tomorrow's my Scout Founder's Day, a.k.a World Scout Day. Every countries, will be celebrating it too. So don't ask me why am i wearing the Scouts Full-U again when i already wore it last Thursday.

Here's the completed flagstaff! =D
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

That's all! Now for CNY!

All i did for CNY was just to visit my relatives houses. I collected in total, approx $325. I'm gonna use $200+ to buy a new MP3 since my last MP3 got stolen, then the other $100 will be used by me. Please do not ask me treat you guys for anything T.T!

Monday and Tuesday, well. I did not do much. Went to surf for more interesting online games. These are some of the games i played during this two days.
  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Training on drifting during speedbreakers.
  • Fly For Fun (Flyff) - Trained an Assist all the way to Level 18. This game is NICE!
  • AuditionSEA - Still have not reached Level 7. Trained solo most of the time.
  • MapleSEA - Login-ed to help level friends. Feel like quiting already -.-"
  • Hero Online - Leveled up 1 Kyu only.. -.-"
  • Silkroad Online - Cannot play due to full servers! _|_
  • O2Jam - Yeah, jammed with other players!
  • CounterStrike Steam - I was OWNING!
  • Quake 3 Arena - Oh well, i got OWNED!
  • Doom 3 - Fcuk, it scared the daylights outta me! Well, i played it in the afternoon =P
  • Soldier Of Fortune - Man, i just love the violence level!
  • PangyaSEA - Still a Rookie C -.-"
  • Battlefield 2 - Fcuking lagged!!
  • Final Fantasy 9 - Used an emulator to play this game! Never played it for months ever since my Playstation got busted.
  • House Of The Dead 3 - Completed the game with 1 credit! MY NEW RECORD!
  • And the last game, Half Life 2 - Episode 1! This game rocks!
Well, enough of my braggings! Next was reunion dinner.
Did not ate much. Some "Yu something" and chicken rice =P

The "Yu something". Tasted sweet, and i loved the crackers!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Chicken Rice *Before*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Chicken Rice *After* Damn full already!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Overall, i had an enjoyable CNY this year. Hope that next year i'll receive more ang baos!

That's all, folks! Seeya!

February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Hah, the whole day ah. I'm just playing Audition all the way.. Today finally Lvl. 6 Novice.. Got a tough road ahead.

Ate a lot of dishes today. Duck meat, prawns, vegies, abalone and many more.. Damn full liao.. Suddenly, my mother passed me two ang baos.. One has $10 and the other has $100!! I was stunned!! I'll use $30 on Audition and $70 to buy other stuffs =P

Anyway, gotta sleep now..
Hope everyone get lotsa ang baos tomorrow when you visit your relatives' house!


February 15, 2007

Bleh, today's Total Defense Day. Sian-ed.

Went to school this morning in home clothes cos` i'll be doing a skit. In case you didn't noticed, i'm the guy in full white when the skit was playing. Anyway, i didn't do much. Then after the skit, i went to the toilet to change back into Scout Full-U. Walao, i was like hot and i'm even hotter in my Scout Full-U.

Went back to class and resumed English test in the later periods. I just don't get it. I always get asleep when there is a test going on. I think there's something wrong with me!

And there's a fire drill around English period too. Kinda tiring. We, guys poor thing sia. Sit on the field then butt like khaki colour. Eeeyuck. Lucky, my pants can camouflage the grass colour.

Went to Singapore Polytechnic after school for a seminar on D&T. Kinda boring and interesting at the same time. Me and my D&T classmates were more like into the speaker's voice instead of the seminar. He speaks kind of weird. Product pronounce as Prodook. LOL!

One last thing, i do not favour ANONYMOUS tags. Either you are trying get my attention or you are just messing around in people's blogs. I've banned you. I would rather you go to a LAN shop or your friend's computer to tell me your true identity. Be it spamming my tagbox or scolding me with my friend's names, i can always make a tagbox. But of course, i would advice you not to do, cos you'll be in deep shit. Period.


February 14, 2007


Everyone seems very lovey-dovey today. What to expect from Valentine's Day. Haha! Saw a lot of couples outside my block this morning. Don't know what reason but i hope that it is for the better. Woke up this morning with muscle aches and a cramp on my right knee!! Oh f__k man, hurts so badly. Drank some salt water to relief my knee cramp.

F__k man, people are gonna make of me again. Well, fortunately, my cramp was cured when my friend punched my knee. LOL! I was like "Wtf LAH! You F__KING CURED ME!"

Faris wanted to reach 300 greetings of "Happy Valentine's Day", LOL! Shake hand, kissy-kissy and mushy-mushy. I saw a lot of boxes with cookies in them. I wonder they are made by whom.

First period was D&T, did nothing much. Just completed my design. Maybe i'll post a pic or two of my design =P

Next was Maths, the only period that i can never fall asleep. Finally, i know how to simultaneous equations after like 2 years. I guess i'm a noob. Ahahah, noob!

Recess, blah blah blah..

Next 4 periods, Edwin was like absent again. Went to his blog and saw "TOOTHACHE!!". LOL! Guess that's why he didn't came to school. Did nothing much thou, play Asphalt on my phone and then it blacked out. Zzz.. Mr Tan came to relief us thou, he wanted us to do the class test which was supposed to resume at Thursday. I predicted the class would reject the test and well, i'm correct!

Last period was HECTIC! People were kicking and chipping used water bottles. There was even a bottle which almost razor-ed thru one of girls. I missed my MP3, the sound of kicking bottles was giving me a headache.

After school, i sped all the way to the library for the Lunchtime Concert. But of course, to soothe my ears! Yukai and Dennis were pianists for the concert. They played well and especially Yukai who played Welcome to The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Nice concert!! *CLAP CLAP*

Then went for Total Defense Day Rehearsal. Sian-ed.

That's about it for today!
Gotta go!
Seeya and Happy Valentine's!


February 12, 2007

Well, there's nothing special today..
BTW, i just want to say that Dragon Scouts had done a wonderful job in clinching the GOLD awards for both Tower and Bridge, and getting a Challenge Shield for Tower! Congrats to Roman Catapult too for Silver! You guys rock!

Just wanna discuss a few things..

1) Why do we get praised for doing the wrong things?
Do we? I just don't get it.. Student scold teacher means COOL? Student talk back to teacher means COOL? All this is getting me influenced too. I admit i scolded a teacher before, but i regretted it. Teachers are people who can decide your fate with their own hands. But then, students this days still talk back and bully them. I just don't the meaning of "FUN" in it. Is it "FUN" to bully teachers so that they could not teach the class? All this bad offenses done to teachers are reported in report books or testimonials. Having a bad record is bad enough while having a bad testimonial is worse. To whom ever is reading this, please think twice before talking back to a teacher. Teachers are here to help, not to get bullied. But of course, some teachers are unreasonable and strict. FTW, i still believe strict teachers DO care for their class. For instance, Mr Kung =P

*PS: No flaming please. I writing this from my point of view.

2) Is it better to suffer now, and enjoy at the end?
Is it true or false? To be realistic, it's definitely true. I heard from my graduated Scouts that they neglected their free hours (which is used for playing games etc.) to study for their examinations. Of course, it's the right way. As for myself, i'm still slacking and playing games non-stop. Hopefully, it's time for me to wake up and get serious. The fact is, there is not possible solution to pass "N" and "O" levels without studying, unless you are some sort of intelligence cyborg or whatever. So after hearing this from my seniors, i do feel scared. My aim is to go to JC, but the problem is that i have to pass ALL my subjects, which is L1R5. Guys, please get serious from now. Lotsa teachers are like working there butts off to mark scripts and pass them to the class the next day. Please repay them by completing Secondary education and moving on to a JC/Poly.

*PS: No flaming again. Just my 2 cents.

Although life is unfair, life still must go on no matter what. Hardship and stress are what we experience everyday.

I guess i'll need to buck up for now. It's definitely not time to retain the 2nd time. Better push through and go to Sec 4 next year.


February 9, 2007

Lol. Today super paiseh sia..

After the flag raising ceremony, i was shocked.. I was asked, along with other student leaders, to do a school cheer.. I was like f__ked.. Started sweating like crazy, with everyone looking at me.. Okay, at least i went up.. Then i started to get even more nervous, in front of everybody.. Sigh, whatever la.. Kinda screwed up.. Then, Danial and Zhixun disturb me.. Very common la..

Next was Chemistry..
Nothing special today.. The class did the workbook.. Then did a small experiment.. Danial was doing the experiment with Ms Mah.. Something similar like last week's. In the end, it's all an experimental failure =P

Then PE..
Did nothing much thou.. Played basketball.. How i wish the school got rugby cca.. Just had something on my mind today and did not played well..

Next was English..
Somehow, i loved English lessons.. Watched the 2nd part of "Life is Beautiful". The movie rocks man! I really admired Guido.. He rocks la, he knows how to make people feel happy.. Overall i rate the show outta 5, 4.5/5!

Then, recess..
Daily routine ya.. No recess for me.. Go basketball court, play ball.. I dont know why i feel that the sky is falling on me.. Guess i've got too many things in my head..

Then D&T..
Mr Kwan took us to the Design Studio. Man it was fun! We played with the SketchBook Pro, imagine drawing freehand on a laptop. The colors were sooo smooth and easy to edit..

School ended, i went for Scouts for awhile and went home to see a doctor for my f__king flu.. Yeah, it's real f__ked up..

Gotta go now..
Tomorrow's my Logging competition.. I hope i'll win!


February 7, 2007

Today really suay la.. As in unlucky..

Started off when morning assembly just finished, me and the D&T students were supposed to go up to the 2nd floor to have the lesson.. We tried walking up the stairs near the AVA room, but there were toooooo much people. So we went to the staircase near the Home Economics rooms. Guess what, Mr Goh caught me, Yen Weng, Peng Zhen and Mun Tat. He claimed that we are latecomers and demanded us to go see OM. I was like "wtf?". And it all started, we argued with him. He want to see our form teacher, by all means do it lar.. I also not scared since i never do anything wrong! In the end, you'll be jacked on the face totally! =P

After D&T, maths started.. Then halfway, Mr Kung asked me to answer a question which i did wrong.. Then he call Swee Hong stand up also.. Wa seh, i feel damn guilty.. Then we stood for a period.. At least i did finished all the questions.. But still must see Mr Kung after school. Sian..

Then had recess, Edwin never came again.. So i slacked.. Then saw my previous class, they were like, "Hi JOHN!, Hi hi hi hi!".. LOL.. Nevertheless, i felt relieved..

And ya Edwin never came, so the class had 2 free periods.. Kinda boring, cos i lost my MP3 player.. Sat down and just slept all the way..

After the two periods, we went to the hall for some CIP briefing.. Went there last year alrd.. Might go again, hope that one of the old folks remembers me! Beng Shiang and Hsien Jen were like f__king the hell outta each other.. Boy f__k boy? LOL!!

Then after school, went to the arena for Total Defence Day Rehearsal.. Damn sian la, i'm only a passer-by who will get pushed by the NCC to "back off!"

After that, played badminton with Yiren and Kwan Hong a.k.a busok! Damn fun la, 1 year never play liao and now cannot smack sia.. Sian..

Went home after that..

Gotta go now!


February 6, 2007

Now, die die must slim down liao.. This April, i become Venture Scout le.. Sure very hectic and very stressful one.. Die die must get NAPFA Silver.. Die die must do one pull-up.. Die die must run all 6 six rounds for 2.4.. Too fat lar..

Now need to cope with scouts, studies, tuition and fitness at the same time.. Guys out there, who are stressed, dont give up.. Suffer now and enjoy at the end..

This Saturday is NSPC Competition and i'm in logging.. Logging is chop a log into half la.. I'm a first timer.. Better sharpen my axes into shape and show the other schools what i'm made of..

Anyway, really got nothing to say today..
Tomorrow Total Defence Day Rehearsal.. Sian..


February 5, 2007

These few days i've spent..
Have been the worst of the worse..

My father went to jail two days ago for god knows what..
Logging competition is just a few days away and Felix aint turning up for practices..
Scouts attendance is like shit..
Unable to finish my homework on time due to lack of study time..
Cannot concentrate in Social Studies and History lessons.. How to pass Humanities?
Maths so poor..
Headache and muscle aches aint recovering..
My hands got blisters..
My eyes are always sore..
I got a freaking damn flu and a fucking running nose..
And my scout patrol members KEEP ON PON SCOUTS..

And i get all the freaking punishment..

C'mon la.. I know life's unfair.. Must it be unfair till that extend?

Man, i feel like i can die anytime..

My head is now spinning and spinning..

One word to describe this..


February 4, 2007

Ok.. I went home super late like 11.59pm.. To be exact, 11.59.49s..
I was super, duper tired from the NSPC Practice.. From morning 11.30am all the way to the wee-hours..

Well, some pictures to show what i'm doing.. To tired to type..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The log that i chopped!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Closer look!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My weapons of mass DESTRUCTION! Lol, kidding dudes!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The tower!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The bridge!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
And ya, there will be no NSPC without injuries! Here's mine! All credits goes to Bin Ming for helping me in plucking out the splinter from my palm! Thanks dude!

And totally random pics,

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Amount of A-Cash i spent over 1 and a half years.. O.o

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
A mini book with a bookmark given to me by Mr Low, my former Sec 3 form coach!

Well, i gotta sleep now! And my face is like, totally tanned..