February 25, 2007

Sundays are the most boring days of my life..
Either my friends got some family outing or they want to sleep thru the afternoon..
The televisions shows on Sundays sucked to the core..
Well, at least my Flyff just leveled up yesterday..
Finally, i can fly using some magical board..
Kinda cool yeah..

Saw a couple of retards this morning while buying some groceries at the wet market..
They were like slapping the hell outta each other..
One was "wielding" a fish.. And the other a drumstick..
Well actually, that kinda made my day.. =P
I almost LMAOROFLWTFBBQ-ed at them..
But i was a good guy yeah, didn't want to disrupt their show..
Oh ya, they were male teenagers..
Embarrassing huh?

I'm still stressed on my Maths marks and the previous Chemistry test..
I thought for second or two..
I already retained yeah..
But why am i still scoring low marks..
Have i even woken up ever since i retained..?

I suddenly recalled everything i did for the last few years..
1. Getting top for English in 2004.
2. Liking a girl for two years.. Please do not crap me up on this..
3. Being a chairman for half a year.
4. Spitting on Yichun's bag in 2005. Still feeling kinda guilty..
5. I remembered sitting at the front of the class during assembly on my first day of school in Sec 1.. I really didn't know that the girls are suppose to sit at the front that time.. Oh well, i DID came from a boys' school..
6. First to write me a testimonial = Charles.. "untouchable, you son of a bitch!".
7. I broke a window while playing passing with Riyas in class before assembly..
8. Remembered how i was bullied in Secondary 1.. Yong Yang and gang..
9. Ever since i joined Scouts, i feel that i'm stronger yeah..
10. Did push-up in the fitness corner while the ground is freaking hot. All because of Moo Teng but i did learn a valuable lesson..
11. Chatting with girls one whole day for a month in 2005..
12. 2006, finally me and "her" got split up in different classes. Didn't want to harm her anymore..

Well, that's all yeah..
Maybe later i'll blog again..

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