February 21, 2007


Well, well, WELL! I have not blogged for 3 days already. Do you guys miss me? LOL, kidding!

Anyway, i'll just summarize everything i've done for the CNY at the end. For now, i'll just talk about today!

Morning assembly had ended. Then a group of Chinese Opera performers came to our school to perform some sort of a sword dance. Hey, i love sword dances! They were cool and energetic. Until then, i got sabotaged by Zhi Xun! Oh well, i didn't want to make it sound bad thou.. Me and Jaarvis got chosen, to perform some spear thingy. Just to be realistic, who wouldn't be embarrassed in front of the whole school. Went back to my seat, covering my face slightly and super sweaty. I do not know why i always sweat when i get nervous.

Had D&T. Started on my water sensor thingy.. It's kinda cool yeah. When water drips on the sensor plate, it will emit a screeching sound. Kinda useful during rainy days when drenched people comes into your house and thus, soiling the floor. Chiong-ed back to class for Maths lesson.

Well, one glance and i can tell that Mr Kung is in a bad mood. Not sure why, but i predict that it is because of the Secondary 1s. A lot of people were standing today. Some did not finish the holiday homework, some did not know how to a certain question and some i don't know =D. Mr Kung was extremely pissed with Mun Tat, for one of the question in the Maths textbook. After that, Mr Kung announced that there will be a Maths test tomorrow. He further explained that those who fails the test will have to go thru some human torturing machine everyday without fail all they way to 5pm. Okay, i was being sarcastic! xD Mug hard for tomorrow's freaking TEST!

Recess, oh well. You guys should know LAH!

Next was History. Mr Edwin Lim asked us to do some questions regarding some test which is coming soon. Did only the "B" section. Quite slack yeah, chat more with Kaijie and Derrick.

CME period was next. It totally seems like 2 free periods. People were listening to their MP3s and playing their handphones. As for me, i'm just going around disturbing people. We were also told to do some personal stuffs. Mr Lim asked for my blog link, well i don't know what he's gonna do with it. Better watch my language from now onwards! =P

Went to CLB class after school. Slacked..

After that, i went to build the flagstaff along with other scouts. Tomorrow's my Scout Founder's Day, a.k.a World Scout Day. Every countries, will be celebrating it too. So don't ask me why am i wearing the Scouts Full-U again when i already wore it last Thursday.

Here's the completed flagstaff! =D
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

That's all! Now for CNY!

All i did for CNY was just to visit my relatives houses. I collected in total, approx $325. I'm gonna use $200+ to buy a new MP3 since my last MP3 got stolen, then the other $100 will be used by me. Please do not ask me treat you guys for anything T.T!

Monday and Tuesday, well. I did not do much. Went to surf for more interesting online games. These are some of the games i played during this two days.
  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted - Training on drifting during speedbreakers.
  • Fly For Fun (Flyff) - Trained an Assist all the way to Level 18. This game is NICE!
  • AuditionSEA - Still have not reached Level 7. Trained solo most of the time.
  • MapleSEA - Login-ed to help level friends. Feel like quiting already -.-"
  • Hero Online - Leveled up 1 Kyu only.. -.-"
  • Silkroad Online - Cannot play due to full servers! _|_
  • O2Jam - Yeah, jammed with other players!
  • CounterStrike Steam - I was OWNING!
  • Quake 3 Arena - Oh well, i got OWNED!
  • Doom 3 - Fcuk, it scared the daylights outta me! Well, i played it in the afternoon =P
  • Soldier Of Fortune - Man, i just love the violence level!
  • PangyaSEA - Still a Rookie C -.-"
  • Battlefield 2 - Fcuking lagged!!
  • Final Fantasy 9 - Used an emulator to play this game! Never played it for months ever since my Playstation got busted.
  • House Of The Dead 3 - Completed the game with 1 credit! MY NEW RECORD!
  • And the last game, Half Life 2 - Episode 1! This game rocks!
Well, enough of my braggings! Next was reunion dinner.
Did not ate much. Some "Yu something" and chicken rice =P

The "Yu something". Tasted sweet, and i loved the crackers!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Chicken Rice *Before*
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Chicken Rice *After* Damn full already!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Overall, i had an enjoyable CNY this year. Hope that next year i'll receive more ang baos!

That's all, folks! Seeya!

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