February 24, 2007

Woke up early again this morning to help out at Yishun MRT station to help Caregiver Counseling Welfare Association (CCWA) for Si Ling Secondary and Northland Secondary Flag Day. They are kind of rowdy and hard to control.. Then i got chosen as crowd controller.. Zzz.. Sian-ed. Then it end at 3pm+..

Went to play basketball at my nearest community center.. Then saw a few of my old friends and played with them! Haha.. Play until 7pm..

Sad lah! I forgot that today is Ching Gay parade.. I want go.. *sigh*

Then watched a DVD named "King Kong".. Damn nice and very touching.. Kinda cried.. Haha!

That's all.. Yeah..

Gotta go.. Seeya!

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